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Daily Cleaning, Made Easy

Let’s talk about your everyday cleaning routine.

Don’t panic if you don’t have one, because most of us don’t, but when we put one into play, our home life improved significantly!

A daily routine for cleaning sounds like a drag, but if done every day, your deep cleaning will be a breeze, and your home will always be comfortable for you, your family, and anyone who drops by. Giving yourself a routine can help you have less stress throughout your day and keep your to-do list short and simple. Wouldn’t that feel nice?

What Should Your Daily Routine be?

First, identify what your most important rooms are. They are the places that get used the most and have the most wear and tear from the family. For us, we have three spaces we focus on daily to keep the house under control (or as close as we can get to under control!)

We have an acronym we use for our three spots. GRABB: Great Room And Beds and Baths.

Our great room includes our kitchen and family room. This is the most used (and abused) area of our home, so it needs daily care. We really like to make our bed (thanks to the Fly Lady for that, give her a google for more information on all things cleaning) and fresh bathrooms are really important.

Your list may look a little different from ours. Maybe you couldn’t care less about the bedroom, but your laundry room is in plain sight and needs to be picked up and have a load running every day. Perhaps your kid’s playroom is overwhelming if you don’t keep a close eye on it. Choose your “must clean” spaces and make them your daily priority. If you are a bit nerdy like us, feel free to give it an acronym too.

The Benefits of a Daily Cleaning Routine

Here is the beauty of doing those things every day:

  1. They never get completely out of control.
  2. They are much quicker to clean if you do it daily

Give a daily schedule a try for at least two weeks, and we promise you will feel so much better about your home. The first day or two might be a little tough and will probably feel more time-consuming, but this will be quick and much simpler to complete within just a few days.

If you want to take your home to the next level of cleanliness and infuse the whole house with the scent of fresh linen (one of our favorites), click here.

Photo credit: Skitterphoto (kitchen)
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