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7 Reasons To Use Scent Marketing for Offices

Using scent marketing techniques in an office is an effective way to build a brand. Diffusing the right fragrance can have positive effects on employee productivity and morale as well as consumer perceptions and behaviors. Office managers and small business owners should consider the best approach to marketing with scents in an office, from the use of subtle, ambient fragrances to bold aroma billboards. Here are seven reasons to try scent marketing for offices.

1. Scent Marketing for Offices Builds Brands

The way an office smells plays an important role in brand building. The most effective branding techniques engage multiple senses. The location and design of an office exterior and interior appeal to the sense of sight, as do business logos and stylized brand names. Advertisements combine sight and sound for more effectual branding.

In an office, the senses of smell, touch and taste can also contribute toward conveying a sense of brand identity. Scent marketing for offices stands to benefit every occupant, particularly when scents are selected based on findings from aromatherapy and scent marketing research studies.

How To Build a Brand With Scent Marketing

The most potent approach to scent marketing involves signature scents. Developing a proprietary scent for a business can costs a lot of money and take time. Scent development typically involves reception studies to dial in the right scent. Companies that want to benefit from scent marketing sooner can choose from existing scents.

Pick a fragrance by considering the effects you want the scent to have in a workplace. An ambient fragrance is the most subtle approach to scent marketing. These scents may not be immediately perceptible except as pleasant aromas. Thematic scents may be stronger. Aroma billboards are the most up-front approach to scent marketing for offices. Most research supports the use of scents at ambient to moderate levels based on office size.

2. The Right Scents Improve Morale

A number of scents have been shown to have positive effects on employee morale. Some of the most popular choices include cheery citrus fragrances, the scents of fresh herbs such as lavender or rosemary, warm spices such as cinnamon or the soft and sweet notes of heliotropin, tonka bean and vanilla.

Studies show that scent marketing for offices can have additional benefits. Lemon and other citrus fragrances create a sense of cleanliness and can boost cognitive function. Warm spices stimulate customer purchases, and floral scents increase dwell time and purchasing at retail locations. Herbal scents have soothing properties and may enhance memory.

How To Choose the Right Scent for Marketing

If you are not sure which scent to use, try polling or surveying employees about the workplace environment. The responses can point you toward priorities to address with scent marketing for offices. It is also possible to address multiple concerns with fragrance blends.

Whole Home Scenting fragrances feature notes that can achieve any desired effects in office settings. Lavender Vanilla unites the calming properties of these fragrance notes and can increase concentration. Lemongrass rounds out the scent of the plant of the same name with notes of eucalyptus, ginger, thyme, cedarwood and sage to reduce anxiety and stress and boost energy levels in a workplace.

3. Scent Marketing for Offices and Productivity

Some scents have been shown to have effects on analytical reasoning, alertness and concentration. A company in Japan conducted a study that involved diffusing scents through an office building. Data entry operators exposed to a lemon fragrance made fewer typing errors. Another study found that individuals tasked with mental arithmetic who were exposed to a floral green aroma experienced less stress activity in the prefrontal cortex than participants in a control group.

The type of work that is being done in an office may determine the optimal fragrances for increasing productivity. Office managers seeking scents that increase accuracy and focus while also pursuing scent marketing for offices should consider thematic fragrances. These blends achieve the desired effects while also giving office locations a cohesive, branded feel.

How Scent Marketing Works in Different Locations

Scents that stimulate purchasing behavior are most effective in retail environments. Fragrances with warm characteristics can increase attention and increase consumer spending. A study published in the Journal of the American Marketing Association found that warm fragrances such as cinnamon and vanilla led customers to spend more because they perceived scented environments as being more dense. Cool scents such as mint do not have the same effect.

Office managers and small business owners should consider the function of an office to determine the best scents to use for branding at these locations. Different scents may be desirable for scent marketing for offices and customer-facing areas, and it is possible to use standalone diffusers to release multiple scents in the same structure. Complementary fragrances are ideal if scents intermingle anywhere in a building.

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4. Scents Reduce Stress Levels

Prioritizing stress reduction can be a beneficial approach to scenting an office. Depending on the nature of a business, the aromatherapeutic or scent marketing properties of scents may be more important. Some of the most popular fragrances with stress-reducing benefits include mint, lavender, lemongrass and ylang-ylang.

The Japanese study referenced above found that jasmine and lavender scents soothed stress levels. These scents also positively affected typing accuracy, though less so than a lemon fragrance. Whereas 54% of typists exposed to a lemon scent made fewer errors, just 33% made fewer errors when exposed to jasmine and only 20% made fewer errors when smelling lavender.

Where Stress Reduction Is Most Important

Offices that serve clients or customers dealing with stressful situations may benefit building occupants and employees by selecting the right scent for stress relief. A study found that the use of heliotropin, a vanilla-like scent, reduced anxiety in medical MRI facilities. The same benefits may apply to offices that provide any services to clients or customers on-site.

It is possible to combine the benefits of workplace aromatherapy for stress reduction with scent marketing for offices. The Whole Home Scenting Seaworthy fragrance brings together notes of eucalyptus, spearmint, spring rain and musk. Lavender Vanilla is a great choice for stress reduction. Our Lemongrass fragrance is another great choice for relieving stress, as are blends that contain jasmine notes, such as Eclipse, Linen and Lilies, Paradise Blue and Welcome Home.

5. Scents Minimize Workplace Mal-odors

Certain areas in a workplace may be prone to developing undesirable odors. Break rooms, bathrooms and locations where trash is gathered for disposal are three of the bad odor culprits that are common to most office locations. Additional factors may affect the odor modification needs of some offices.

Very strong odors may compete with a fragrance diffuser, making it harder to experience all of the benefits of scent marketing for offices. If you are trying to use scents to freshen stale air or cover stubborn odors, it may be worthwhile to pursue odor modification through ozone, hydroxyl, thermal fogging or other restoration treatments prior to using a fragrance diffuser.

How To Use Clean Scents in an Office

The scents that are commonly associated with cleanliness tend to have aldehydic, citrus, marine, powder or white musk notes. Whole Home Scenting offers a variety of clean scents. The Linen and Lilies fragrance features notes of white florals, citrus and chamomile. Simply Citrus or Lemongrass are good choices for a fresh and clean fragrance, or you can choose from a variety of ocean-inspired scents such as Paradise Blue, Lighthouse and Seaworthy.

Odor neutralization can go hand in hand with scent marketing for offices. Whole Home Scenting fragrance bottles are designed for use in diffuser systems that make it simple for office managers or business owners to set the strength of a fragrance and a schedule for scent release. You may prefer to use a standalone diffuser in odor-prone parts of an office or create an ambient scent by connecting a diffuser to the HVAC system in a building.

6. Scents Improve Public Perceptions

Studies undertaken at retail locations and casinos suggest that scents can affect consumer behaviors in ways that are beneficial for businesses. A test in a Samsung Experience concept store found that customers exposed to a pleasant scent spent longer in the store and visited more product categories. A study done in casinos found that gamblers in scented areas spent 45% more money than average guests.

Consumer-facing offices may want to select a scent based on the desired effect on clients, customers or other visitors. In addition to shaping brand perception, scent marketing for offices can also influence consumer attitudes and purchasing behaviors. Warm scents such as cinnamon and vanilla have been found to stimulate purchasing based on perceptions of social density and spatial crowdedness alongside cultural associations with comfort.

How Scents Can Affect Consumer Perceptions

Pleasant floral scents have been found to have positive effects on consumers in a number of studies. Businesses may experience better results from scent marketing for offices by using scents that are thematically related to the location of an office or the products or services sold by a business.

Prominent scents that are unrelated to the environment may be distracting and not contribute toward successful branding. An unsuccessful 2006 “Got Milk” advertising campaign involved the installation of advertisements with the scent of fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookies at San Francisco bus stops. It is important to select the right scent marketing for offices.

The use of an office should factor into scent marketing. Employee morale and productivity can be the driving factors for scenting an office that is not open to the public. Branding is still important for employees, as the right scent contributes toward cultivating an office environment that reflects the values of a company.

7. Scent Marketing for Offices Is Safe

Whole Home Scenting fragrances are made with ingredients that comply with safety standards set by the International Fragrance Association. These Category 11 air fresheners are safe and easy to use at 100% concentration. Whether you decide to connect a diffuser unit to the outflow ducting of the HVAC system in an office building or use one or more standalone diffusers in offices, you can trust that our fragrances are the safest scenting option.

The fragrance blends formulated for use in Whole Home Scenting diffusers feature a blend of synthetic and natural ingredients. Synthetic ingredients are generally less likely to cause allergic reactions than natural substances. These substances are also more stable and not as prone to degrade in terms of the strength or quality of the scent.

If you are interested in pursuing scent marketing for offices, you may want to select a single scent to use. A signature scent is most effective in terms of marketing. The notes of a fragrance can have effects on office occupants and make a lasting impression. It is also possible to switch out fragrances based on the season. A business may retain a cohesive branded element by selecting several fragrances suitable for different seasons that contain similar notes.

Scent Marketing With a Fragrance Diffuser

The Whole Home Scenting diffuser system works with 300-milliliter fragrance bottles. Each bottle can scent an office for one to two months, based on floor area and average use. To connect this system to the HVAC system in an office, install the diffuser and run a tube into a hole drilled in the outflow ducting. Diffusers can also be used in standalone mode if you only want to scent a limited area. You can adjust the potency and schedule of fragrance release by using the buttons on the unit or through the Whole Home app.

Scent marketing for offices can be effective in most industries. Employees and customers can benefit from the use of stimulating scents, such as citrus or ginger, to increase alertness and focus. Other types of offices may be better suited by soothing scents of lavender or vanilla. Whole Home Scenting offers a wide selection of indoor air fragrances and diffuser systems that can disperse scents throughout any office.

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Don't Fragrance Your Home Until You've Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

In 5 easy steps, we show you how to get your home ready for scenting, so you can be confident it smells the way you want.

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