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8 Reasons Why You Want Your House To Smell Good

Your home’s atmosphere can be customized by the way you set up your space’s décor, the lighting you have, the furniture pieces you buy, the accessories you add, and the way the rooms smell. Scent has an important role in the brain’s perception of a space. A smelly odor has the potential to make your home unpleasant, unhealthy, and unwelcoming. Here are eight reasons to make your home smell good with products like home scent machines and aromatherapy options.

1. Impress Guests With Home Scent Machines

Impress guests with home scent machines.

Scents can make your home much more inviting when you have friends and family members over. Whether you’re planning a big party, a small gathering, or any event, it’s important not to neglect the aroma of your space. It’s common for people who live in a house with strange, unpleasant smells not to notice them after a while. However, guests entering your home may be turned off by smells of must, pet odors, mildew, old cooking aromas, or other unusual scents. People may judge you and think your home is untidy or unhealthy. Consider adding a home scent machine to your space to avoid this problem, so your home always smells fresh and clean.

2. Create a Warm Environment With Fragrances

Having a home that smells pleasant and inviting is also beneficial for the people who live there. Certain scents, such as cinnamon, apple, vanilla, or licorice, may make your house feel cozier and more comfortable. When you’re ready to unwind and relax, a home diffuser or another type of scent product can give your space that extra-cozy appeal. You can also customize your scent choice to match the seasons and weather outside. For colder days, choose warm autumn scents like maple or pumpkin. To give your space a sense of coolness inside during the summer months, choose indoor scents such as cucumber or lemongrass.

3. Keep Your Indoor Air-Quality Healthy With Aromatherapy

A smelly home may suggest that the indoor air quality is poor and unhealthy. Sometimes, even with an air purifier cleaning the indoor air space, old stenches still won’t go away. Breathing in the leftover smell of mold, mildew, cigarette smoke, and other noxious odors can impact your health. Family members with asthma and allergies may have an even harder time in an indoor environment with old scents that linger in the air. Aromatherapy products may help the air smell cleaner and fresher and give sensitive individuals a break. Lemon and other citrus smells are excellent options for a cleaner feeling inside.

4. Maintain the Home’s Property Value With Warm Scents

Home scent machines for property value.

Homeowners attempting to sell their property shouldn’t ignore the power of scent. You don’t want prospective buyers at an open house or a private tour of your home to be turned off by old odors of pets or spicy cooking. Buyers coming into your home want to imagine their own things and lifestyle fitting into the property. One of the best ways to help them enjoy the space and increase the chances of a sale is to set the scene with pleasing scents. You can do this with strategic placement of candles, air fresheners, or diffusers that emit vanilla, pine, basil, or other smells that encourage positive associations with the space.

5. Get More Energy With Home Scent Machines

Scent plays a role in how much energy you and your family members may have each morning. When your brain smells something unpleasant, it can influence your energy levels and make it harder to get up and go in the early morning. Home scent products may help boost your energy levels and give you more motivation to get started on projects, exercise, and stay active while at home. Smells like peppermint, rosemary, orange, spearmint, and lemon have been linked to increased energy levels.

6. Keep Pests Away With Strategic Scents

Smells in your kitchen and bathroom may create a problem with common household pests, such as ants, roaches, mice, mosquitoes, and flies. If your trash can has a lingering smell of old food and garbage, it could attract such pests. Some bathroom scents also may make an inviting atmosphere for bugs or rodents.

The first step to keeping pests out of your home is to do a thorough cleaning and throw away any old food or trash in your kitchen or bathroom. Cardboard boxes and other pieces of clutter should be discarded. Then, consider setting up a home scent product in each of these spaces with lavender, lemon, or peppermint to discourage pests from settling in.

7. Improve Your Rooms and Appliances With Aroma

Stinky smells can permeate different parts of your home and your heavy-duty appliances. Your children’s bedrooms, the basement, the attic, and the dining room may hold onto unpleasant smells from the past. Additionally, it’s common for appliances such as your refrigerator, the dishwasher, the washing machine, and freezers sometimes to have lingering aromas left behind. Doing a comprehensive cleaning of each smelly room and appliance can help dispel some of these leftover odors. Still, you can also use specific fragrances to keep them fresher and cleaner. Lemon and citrus smells are associated with clean spaces, so they are good options for cleaning products and scent diffusers for these parts of the home.

8. Maintain the Beauty of Your Furniture With Pleasing Scents

Your home’s furniture is another place where unpleasant odors may be hiding. Horrible smells may signal a problem or a stain that was left behind and not properly cleaned up. If you want your best furniture to continue to look new and gorgeous, don’t neglect its smell. Use fabric refreshing products enhanced with clean scents to give your room’s furniture a much-needed boost. Wood furniture can further benefit from room scenting products that permeate the air with fresh, clean smells.

Having a home that smells good is beneficial to your health, your home’s value, your energy levels, and the comfort of everyone inside. It also may help keep nuisance pests away and make your furniture and appliances last a little longer. Use home scent machines and diffusers from Whole Home Scenting to get the most out of home aromatherapy products and make your space more enjoyable.

Photo credit: Gabby K (friends eating together), Pixabay (tan home with for sale sign)
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