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Why Your Son’s Room Stinks and What To Do About It

If you have one or more boys living under your roof, you may be familiar with the experience of musty, sweaty, and otherwise unpleasant odors wafting from your child’s bedroom. You may ask, “why does my son’s room stink?” Depending on your son’s age, there are several reasons for unpleasant odors to develop. Here are the most common causes of bedroom stinkiness, as well as some things you can do to make sure your whole home remains habitable for all who live there.

What Are Common Causes of Household Smells?

It is possible, of course, that your son isn’t at fault for the smells you perceive as emanating from his room. Some common reasons for household smells include:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Insect infestations
  • Dead mice or rats in walls
  • Improperly stored shoes
  • Pet odors
  • Old carpeting

If you can confidently state that none of the above are causing an odor in your home, you can start to explore the other reasons your son’s room smells.

Why Does My Son’s Room Stink?

Most of the scents present in a bedroom are caused by organic materials interacting with your inorganic, physical space. What this means, essentially, is that the biological materials that cause unpleasant odors are being rubbed off on your nonliving possessions. While scents often become airborne through a variety of means, the air itself in your home can easily be recycled from outdoors. To eliminate smells permanently, you need to address the root of your problem.

He Is Leaving His Dirty Laundry Out Too Long

Don't leave dirty laundry out too long.

Used clothes begin to smell when bacteria are allowed to grow on sweaty, damp surfaces. Using detergent and drying at high temperatures is an effective way to kill bacteria that cause odors. The longer clothes sit out, the more bacteria are likely to develop. Boys can be naturally stinkier and sweatier than girls, so you should have your son do his laundry no more than a few days after being active.
Obviously, boys who participate in sports make more dirty laundry than those who don’t. If your son is part of the soccer, football, or track team, staying on top of laundry is especially important. Because having sweaty clothes around is virtually unavoidable in these cases, you should have a hamper on hand that seals laundry and its odors from the air around it.

His Sheets Aren’t Cleaned Often Enough

Humans who sleep properly spend more than a third of their life in their beds. While most people aren’t very physically active during this time, their skin tends to remain in contact with sheets and bedding for hours at a time. Even when wearing thick pajamas, your scents can rub off on sheets over time and cause unwanted smells. You can think of sheets and comforters like outer-layer clothes. You don’t need to wash them every day, but you should probably wash them around once a week.

Odors Are Clinging to Carpets and Bedding

Carpets and mattresses retain smells just like clothes do. Though they are generally better protected from direct skin contact, over time, they can accumulate lots of nasty sweat, dirt, dust, and bacteria. You should vacuum carpets as often as you clean your sheets. For mattresses and lingering carpet smells, periodic steam cleaning can kill odor-causing bacterias that have managed to hold out.
For a long-term solution, consider replacing your home’s carpeting with hardwood floors. This can be expensive, but it often makes cleaning a lot easier, as sweeping is a much more efficient means of removing common household particles than vacuuming. If you don’t already, use mattress protectors for all of your house’s mattresses.

You Have a Dust Problem

Avoid dust problems in your home.

Dust can look innocent enough, but it is actually made up of things that you don’t want sitting around in your home. These can include:

  • Dead skin cells
  • Plant matter
  • Pollen and other allergens
  • Mites
  • Dead insect matter
  • Dirt
  • Plastic

When you can’t pinpoint the source of a smell, dust is often to blame. Dust or have your son dust regularly to keep mysterious scents away.

What Can You Do About Odors?

Staying on top of cleaning is the most important thing you can do to minimize unwanted smells in your home. You should understand, however, that some amount of odor is unavoidable in most situations. You may also face pushback from your son when trying to encourage him to do his laundry, dust, and vacuum. While your methods of parenting are of course up to you, using a home diffuser can lessen tensions over minor cleanliness issues.

How Home Diffusers Work

A home diffuser can connect to your home’s ventilation system, diffusing a pleasant odor throughout your entire home. By drilling a small hole into your ventilation system, a device can atomize, or make airborne, a liquid fragrance in a container. Some diffusers are programmable and controllable through an intuitive app, so you can set the intensity and frequency of the scent to be diffused throughout your home.

Choosing a Fragrance

Choosing the right scent for your home can be an important decision. Different fragrances evoke different emotions in different people. Of course, you can experiment with different fragrances before landing on the one you plan to use regularly. Think of pleasant memories you share with your entire family. What smells would have been present in the air then? The possibilities are unlimited. You can even opt to change scents at different times of year or for special occasions.

Re-Scenting Your Home

So, “why does my son’s room stink?” you ask. There are probably many different reasons. Mold, dust, dirty laundry, bedding, and sweat are all likely contributing factors. By cleaning up frequently, you eliminate the bacteria that build up on surfaces in your home and cause odor. While this involves some work and communication on your part, the results should be worthwhile in the end. As well, using a whole home diffuser can mask minor smells and establish pleasing fragrances in your home. Installing a diffuser can help you enjoy your space by emotionally linking pleasing smells with good experiences. Shop diffusers and fragrances today.

Photo credit: CottonBro (little boy doing laundry), Karolina Grabowska (someone dusting a light)
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