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Why Do Teenage Bedrooms Smell? 5 Ways You Can Deodorize It

Every parent knows how quickly a home can devolve into chaos when teenagers are involved. You may find yourself picking up dirty sports equipment at the door, reminding them to put their dishes in the sink or wondering how to get them to tidy their bedrooms. For some kids, it’s easier to keep things looking orderly. However, the parents of even the tidiest kids will tell you that it’s hard to beat the odor coming from their bedroom. Why do teenage bedrooms smell so bad? Don’t worry: We have the answer and the solution.

Why Do Teenage Bedrooms Smell?

Teenage bedding can smell.

Teenage bedrooms most often smell because of one simple fact: Teenagers themselves smell. When kids are going through puberty, hormonal changes cause them to sweat more. In addition, their bodies produce more oil. When you smell a foul odor when someone sweats, it isn’t from the sweat itself. Instead, it’s from the oils mixing with the sweat and the skin’s bacteria breaking down those oils. Your children spend a lot of time in their bedrooms. Their odor becomes trapped in their bedding, curtains and carpeting.

Additionally, not all kids are good at keeping their rooms clean. They may allow dishes to stack up or old food to be left in the bedroom. Once you understand the source of your child’s bad-smelling room, you can start to fix it. In fact, most parents have success with just a few simple tips.

How Can You Deodorize Their Bedrooms?

All parents want their children’s rooms to smell better! If you’re stuck in a losing battle of smells, here are some tips to deodorizing your teen’s room and saying goodbye to bad odors for good!

Wash Bedding Once a Week

Teenage bedding is often a mess. Adolescents going through puberty tend to smell worse than adults, sweat more, cough more and sleep in dirty sheets. Make sure that the bedding is washed at least once a week.

Another way to combat the smell is not to have your child make his or her bed right after waking up. When you don’t make the bed directly after waking, the sheets and blankets have time to air out. This helps keep bacteria growth at bay between washes.

Clean Laundry With a Sports Detergent

Use sport detergent to get rid of odors.

Heavy-duty sports detergents exist for a reason. If you have a child who is active or involved in sports, you need a heavy-duty detergent. Your teenager’s clothes collect sweat and dirt that your standard detergent may not be able to clean. Be careful not to use fabric softener because it can lock in the odors.

Use a Home Diffuser

A home diffuser can fill your entire home with pleasant aromas. The diffuser connects to your ductwork and you can control the amount of fragrance and type of fragrance spread through every room in your house. If your teenager’s room has a sour odor, choose a fragrance that you and your child agree on. Home diffusers can use essential oils or fragrance oils to disperse scent.

Open the Windows

A lot of smells build up in teens’ rooms, and they often get used to it. Even though you notice a foul odor, your child could be nose blind already. If teenagers can’t smell what you do, why would they air out the room? Open the bedroom windows and doors regularly to create circulation.

Say Goodbye to Carpet

If your teen’s room has carpeted floors, you may want to consider pulling up the carpet. There are various flooring options, including hardwood, that are easy to clean and do not soak up foul odors with every spill. Instead of carpet, you can use machine washable rugs over the flooring.

How Can You Get Your Teen on Board?

If you want your teen to help with the overall solution to why teenage bedrooms smell, you need to engage in an open conversation. Don’t just instruct your child on how to keep a clean room or help with chores. When you respect your teen and make him or her a part of the solution, you often have better results.

Form Clear Expectations


Always keep in mind that teens are growing into adults. They have their own personalities and exploring their independence is important. Sometimes you will have to adjust your expectation and compromise with your teen. Open the door to negotiate, but also be clear about what you expect. Your kids may have a different idea of what a clean room looks like. Describe the different objectives of a clean room, rather than expecting them to know what you mean.

Be Willing To Compromise

Take into consideration that your teen has a different personality than you. There will be some battles that you can’t continuously fight. You need to set priorities when it comes to cleaning. If you put too many tasks on teens, they may become overwhelmed and it might be hard to get them to do any of them. For example, dishes going into the sink should be a higher priority than making the bed every morning. There may be some things that you should consider letting go of.

Be Careful Not To Micromanage

Once teens understand the expectations, it’s time to back off and let them take care of it. You set the task and deadline and follow it how they see fit, as long as the task is carried out. For example, if you ask your son to do the dishes every evening but he carries it out slowly or inefficiently, don’t push him to do it any other way. When you keep butting in, kids may become more prone to conflict.

Let Whole Home Scenting Help You Solve the “Why Do Teenage Bedrooms Smell” Riddle

If you’re haunted by the question of why do teenage bedrooms smell, it’s time to be proactive about it. Your teens are growing up, and it’s time for the smells to change, too. Since 2008, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making homes smell just as amazing as hotels and retail establishments. If you’re ready to say goodbye to the smell coming from your teen’s bedroom, contact Whole Home Scenting to install a home diffuser.

Photo credit: Lina Kivaka (bedding and curtains), RORDNAE Productions (laundry detergent), Karolina Grabowska (mom and daughter talking)

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