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5 Qualities To Look For in Your Whole House Oil Diffuser

Are you tired of constantly lighting scented candles to try to make your house smell good? Maybe you’re done investing in home fragrance sprays that don’t last and have to be re-sprayed every hour for best results. There are many different scented products out there, but most of them have their drawbacks. Fortunately, a whole house oil diffuser makes it easy to keep your house smelling fresh with minimal effort on your part.

If you’re wondering how an oil diffuser can possibly fill your entire home with fragrance, here’s what you need to know about how these systems work and the five top qualities to look for in an oil diffuser for your whole house.  

How a Whole House Oil Diffuser Differs From Other Fragrance Products

How can you create a pleasant home with scents?

Most scented products are only capable of working in a small space. Have you ever noticed that the smell from a scented candle never seems to make it into any of the rooms adjacent to the one it’s placed in? Scented sprays and plug-in products work similarly. They may be able to improve the aroma in one area of your house, but if you want your entire house to smell good, you have to place or spray these products in each room.

A whole house oil diffuser, on the other hand, is designed to reach every inch of your home. It’s able to do this because it uses your HVAC system to distribute the smell of scented oils to every room in your house.

Benefits of a Whole House Oil Diffuser

The smell inside your home can have a surprising impact on your mood. It can also influence your quality of sleep, dreams, and stress levels. When your home is full of pleasant aromas, you’re more likely to feel calm, happy, and in control of your life. On the other hand, if your home smells bad, you’re more likely to feel anxious, stressed, and chaotic.

Additionally, if someone shows up at your house, the last thing you want is to be embarrassed because your living room smells like a dumpster. If you think keeping your house smelling good all the time requires your constant efforts and attention, think again. When you install a whole house oil diffuser from Whole Home Scenting, it’s easy to make your house smell good all the time without even thinking about it.

Top Qualities To Look For in a Whole House Oil Diffuser


New diffuser design changes.

Before you invest in a whole house diffuser, you should know there are different systems out there. To make sure you get the best system money can buy, here are five qualities to look for when shopping for the perfect whole house diffuser.

1. Ease of Use

If you’re like most busy homeowners, you probably don’t have the time or the desire to figure out a complicated fragrance system for your home. The easier the system is to use, the better. Fortunately, our whole home scenting system is intuitive and user-friendly. It comes with clear and detailed user instructions to walk you through the process of installation and operation.

If you happen to misplace your user guide or accidentally throw it away, don’t worry! You can find, download or print the entire guide online. The guide includes:

  • General information about the contents of your whole house oil diffuser box as well as the tools needed to install it.
  • App instructions to sign up to the user-friendly mobile app and manipulate the settings as desired.
  • Installation steps, including recommendations for diffuser placement and mounting and drilling instructions.
  • Manual setup steps for manual programming of the diffuser screen.

As you read the guide, you’ll discover just how easy it is to set up the whole house diffuser system with minimal experience or tools. You’ll also learn how to begin the process of sending pleasant fragrances through your entire home using the oil diffuser app on your phone or other mobile devices.

2. Efficiency

Most home fragrance products aren’t very efficient. They may be able to change the aroma in a single room (or corner of a room), but they can’t make your entire place smell good. The best whole house oil diffuser, on the other hand, is highly efficient at making every room in your home smell amazing. It is efficient and gives you peace of mind that you’ll never be caught off-guard with a stinky house.

3. Quality Ingredients

A lot of home fragrance products use cheap ingredients that can be harmful to health. Fortunately, you can count on Whole Home Scenting fragrances to have high-quality ingredients. All fragrances are phthalate-free and paraben-free and made in the USA. They are also compliant with the International Fragrance Association guidelines.

4. Affordability

Think about how much you spend on home fragrance products every year. Is it hundreds or thousands of dollars? When you add up each scented candle, spray, or plug-in, the total cost may surprise you. It’s little wonder that the home fragrance market is projected to reach over $27 billion by the year 2027. People are willing to pay a lot of money to make sure their homes don’t stink.

The best whole house oil diffuser should be affordable. You shouldn’t have to take out a loan to invest in a quality product that will keep your home smelling good for years to come. Our whole home diffusing systems are priced to fit comfortably within most homeowner budgets.

5. Simple Installation Process

You don’t want to buy a whole house diffuser that’s difficult to install (especially if you plan to do the installation yourself). Fortunately, our whole home scenting system is easy enough for the average person to install without difficulty. Just follow the included installation instructions to hook the diffuser up to your HVAC system within minutes.

Get Your Whole House Oil Diffuser Today

There has never been a better day than today to stop worrying about the way your house smells. We make it easy to get started with a whole house oil diffuser system. Just add the diffuser to your cart, pick out your favorite scents, and get ready to live in a home that always smells fresh and clean.

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