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A Good-Smelling House Made Easy With a Whole House Air Freshener System

Do you find it tiring to try to maintain a pleasant smell in your home? It’s normal for any house to smell less than desirable from time to time, especially after cooking with pungent ingredients or when pets come in from playing outside. That’s why there’s such high demand for home fragrance products.

The problem is that most home scent solutions are only designed to work in small spaces and can’t handle the fragrance needs of your entire home. Fortunately, it’s easier than you may think to make your whole house smell good consistently. A whole house air freshener system sends a fragrance into every room of your home with little effort on your part.

What Your House Smell Says About You

What your house smell says about you.

The way your house smells says a lot about you. Guests are likely to make assumptions about your cleanliness and hygiene based on how your home smells when they step inside. If a pleasant, refreshing aroma greets them, they are more likely to form a positive opinion of both you and your home. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Guests are more likely to think you’re slovenly or don’t practice good hygiene if your house smells like a garbage dump.

To make sure your guests get the right impression of you, it’s important to make sure your house smells good all the time. After all, you never know when someone might show up unexpectedly to visit you.

Even if you don’t get visitors often, you should still try to maintain a good-smelling home for your own sake. You deserve to live in a space that’s pleasant and inviting. When you keep your home full of lovely fragrances, you transform it into a place where you want to spend more of your time.

How a Whole House Air Freshener System Works

A whole house air freshener system is straightforward to install and operate. It can be run up to 14 hours each day, which is more than enough time to let the scent permeate every room in your home. Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing your system.

  1. Locate your HVAC system’s outflow ducting (this is usually slightly above the furnace).
  2. Create a small hole in the ducting.
  3. Insert the tube included with your air freshener into the ducting hole.

When installed properly, the diffuser can distribute scent through your air ducts to infuse every room of your home with your chosen aroma. The system will not harm your HVAC system or leave a residue in your ducting, thanks to its unique consistency and your system’s fan. The liquid formula turns into a dry nanoparticle mist as it’s released into the air.

This innovative air freshener system works with either hot or cold air. However, you’ll probably notice that the scent seems more concentrated and noticeable when the heat is on. This is because hot air dispenses the fragrance more effectively. In the winter, you may want to adjust your fragrance’s concentration level so you can smell it better.

One of the most convenient features of the whole house air freshener system is its built-in scheduler. This helps you manage the time your diffuser is operating, so you don’t have to remember when to turn it off and on. Set the schedule and let the machine do the work for you. The only thing better than a good-smelling house is a good-smelling house that requires minimal effort from you!

Benefits of Having a Fragrant House

Have you ever walked into a house that nearly bowled you over because it smelled so foul? That’s the last thing you want your guests to experience when they enter your home. The tricky thing is that sometimes you get used to the smell in your own house and don’t even realize it smells like the fish dinner you baked up last night.

The nice thing about having a reliable home fragrance system is that you can have confidence that your home always smells fresh and clean. This knowledge can give you greater confidence whenever you invite someone over or have friends or family drop by unexpectedly.

Why a Whole House Air Freshener System Is Better Than Alternatives

Homeowners worldwide rely on fragrance sprays, scented candles, and similar products to make their houses smell appealing. These products generally work, but they have a limited fragrance reach. This means if you want all of the rooms in your house to smell good, you need to buy separate products for each room. Here are a few of the most popular air freshening products, the drawbacks associated with them, and why a whole house air freshener system may be a better option.

Product 1: Scented Candles

A lot of people use scented candles to make their homes smell better. While this product offers some benefits, including fragrance variety and ambiance, it also has a lot of drawbacks, notably:

  • Lifespan
  • Fire hazard
  • Limited spread
  • Smoky scent

Scented candles don’t tend to last very long, so you’ll spend a lot of time and money replacing them when they run out of wax. You’ll also need to supervise them because any fragrance item that comes with an open flame is a potential fire hazard. Add to these drawbacks the limited spread of the scents from candles, and you’ll start to wonder why people use them as air fresheners. Then, of course, there’s the unpleasant poof of smoke that’s released in the air when you blow the candle out.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about any of these things when you ditch the candles in favor of an HVAC air freshener system. This system is built to last a long time, and a little bit of the fragrance oil goes a long way. There is no open flame involved with this system, so it’s not a fire hazard. The efficient system has the capacity to fill your entire house with pleasant aromas, and there’s no foul-smelling puff of smoke when you’re finished using it.

Product 2: Store-Bought Air Fresheners

Store bought air fresheners.

Growing up, your parents may have used store-bought air freshener sprays because that was the main product available to them. Though they seem to work very quickly and are quite potent (at first), these aerosol sprays don’t come without their negative points as well:

  • Highly localized fragrance
  • Lung irritation
  • Short-lasting aroma

Store-bought aerosol air fresheners create a spray only in the limited area where they are released. This means they aren’t very effective for improving the aroma throughout your entire house. They are also known to cause lung irritation. This may be partly because the aerosol particles are so big and come out in concentrated bursts. So when you inhale them, they can cause coughing fits and general irritation of your airways.

Finally, aerosol air fresheners tend to provide very short-lived fragrance benefits. The droplets are so heavy that they tend to fall quickly to the ground, where they provide minimum odor benefits.

Unlike aerosol sprays, the scented formulas used in a whole house air freshener system become very fine, dry particles once airborne. Because the fragrance is not trapped in heavy aerosol droplets, it can spread more freely throughout the rooms in your home without causing lung irritation. They also provide long-lasting fragrance benefits that keep your home smelling amazing all day.

Product 3: Plug-In Air Fresheners

If you like plug-in air fresheners, that’s OK! A lot of people do. They tend to be affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank buying enough for every room in your home. However, have you ever forgotten to replace a plug-in air freshener after it ran out of fragrance? Also, you probably noticed that you could only smell the fragrance once you got really close to the actual fragrance unit. Here are a few more drawbacks commonly associated with plug-in air fresheners:

Plug-ins are easy to forget about, and you may not notice when they run out of fragrance. So, while you have a false sense of security that you don’t need to worry about the way your home smells, you may not realize that those plug-ins ran out of fragrance weeks ago.

Like other common air freshening methods, scented plug-ins also provide a very localized scent that may not fill up even a single large room. You can always place multiple plug-ins throughout every room in your house, but consider that the cost of replacing them adds up over time.

Another drawback of scented plug-ins is that they take up wall outlets you might want to use for other things. This may not seem like a big deal until you try to plug in your blow dryer or vacuum cleaner and realize there’s no available outlet in the room.

Finally, plug-ins may pose a hazard to your kids and/or pets because they are within easy reach and smell great. The concentrated formulas within these products are not designed to be consumed or to even come in contact with your skin.

The whole house air freshener system provides all the benefits these other products offer but without the drawbacks. It is easy to install and works effectively. Within minutes, it can fill your entire home with your desired scent instead of being limited to just one room. You can also adjust the concentration level to get the exact amount of whatever aroma you desire. You can’t do that with any of the other common home fragrance systems.

How a Whole House System Pays for Itself

Whole house air fresener system pays for itself.

A whole house air freshening system may seem pricey at first glance. However, the system pays for itself in a relatively short period of time when you consider the cost savings it offers. The diffuser itself is highly durable and made to last for years, while cheaper fragrance options are limited to weeks or perhaps months.

Also, since a single diffuser can work for your entire home, you don’t need to worry about buying multiple fragrance products for each room in your home anymore. To get a great deal on your home fragrance system, consider buying the starter set, which offers the best value and comes with two fragrances of your choice.

Indications You May Be a Good Candidate for a Whole House Air Freshener System

There are many reasons to get an air freshening system that fills up your whole house with good smells, but this type of system may not be ideal for everyone. To help you decide if you should give it a try, here are a few indications that you may be a great candidate for a whole house air freshener system:

  • You cook highly fragrant foods (such as seafood, vegetables, and spicy foods) regularly.
  • You have indoor pets.
  • You have a baby, children, or babysit frequently.
  • You are getting ready to resell your home soon.
  • You have a home-based business that people visit regularly.
  • You live in a humid area or a climate that frequently receives rain or snow.

These are all great reasons to get a reliable fragrance system that can handle the needs of your entire house. You may also want to consider such a system if you have a sensitive nose and always want your house to smell welcoming.

How To Acquire Your System

It’s easy to get your hands on one of our renowned Whole Home Scenting diffusers. To get started, select your diffuser bundle and choose your preferred fragrances. When your system arrives, you’ll find instructions inside the box that walk you through the process of installing and mounting your diffuser. If you aren’t sure what fragrances you’ll like, you are welcome to select one of our sample packs, which includes a variety of sample-size aromas. When you order a sample pack, we’ll send you a $15.00-off coupon that you can put toward your starter set once you know which fragrances you prefer.

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