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Top 5 Ways To Make Your Home Comfortable Using an Oil Diffuser

Step up your indoor fragrances with a whole home essential oil diffuser. Whether you’re dealing with unpleasant odors, or you wish to transform your home with a new mood and aroma, find out how an oil diffuser can help. Compare common diffuser options, learn how to install your new equipment and enjoy the best fragrance oils at a great price. Prepare for a comfortable home aroma experience with these five ways to operate a diffuser and improve your indoor fragrance.

1. Understand‌ ‌How‌ a Whole Home Essential Oil Diffuser Works

Understanding how your whole home diffuser works

What is an oil diffuser? There are many different kinds of diffusers available, but at Whole Home Scenting, we use the latest in cold-fusion technology. Understanding how your diffuser style works is a key step in enjoying a comfortable, convenient experience. Here are the basic components of this innovative system:

  1. Diffuser
  2. Atomizer
  3. Fragrance bottles
  4. Tubing
  5. Mounting guide and hardware

Unlike a diffuser designed for a single room, this system distributes an even, efficient fragrance throughout your whole home. Atomized oil is sent into your HVAC system, which allows it to spread to each room by way of your vents. Learn how our system compares with other diffusers, how to choose the best fragrances and how to follow the installation instructions.

2. Choose‌ ‌the‌ ‌Right‌ ‌Diffuser‌

Every diffuser uses either essential oils or fragrance oils to improve the aroma and peace of mind throughout a room or your entire home. Here are the most common types of diffusers available. Each has its own pros and cons so review them carefully before selecting the ideal option for your situation. Most diffuser alternatives can help make your home more comfortable, but some work better than others.

Nebulizer Diffuser

The Whole Home Scenting system uses nebulizer technology for a surprisingly efficient operation. This type of system uses an atomizer to turn the fragrance oil into an airborne, atomized vapor. By breaking it down into airborne molecules, the scent can be easily spread through the air.

Some nebulizer diffusers have their own fan to disseminate the fragrance throughout a room. Others, such as the Whole Home Scenting system, rely on your energy-efficient HVAC blower and air ducts to create an even aroma in every room.

Reed Diffuser

One of the oldest and easiest diffusers to operate is a reed diffuser. This option uses a bottle or glass jar and a few wood sticks or reeds. Simply place the bottle on a tabletop or shelf, pour in some oil and place a few reeds in the jar.

The oil naturally soaks into the wood, and when it reaches the top, it is released into the air. This type of diffuser offers the most subtle aroma. It won’t be immediately obvious in a room, and the fragrance may not reach more than one room. However, it requires very little maintenance and no electricity.

Water Diffuser

Another energy-efficient and affordable selection, a water diffuser uses a basin of watered-down oil. Ultrasonic waves vibrate the water and promote the spread of the aroma throughout the room. This type of system is also recommended for only a single area, but it can create a more powerful aroma around the room of your choice.

Many water diffusers produce a mist that humidifies your room while it operates, combining two helpful features. If your room already has too much humidity, however, you’ll have to use a dehumidifier as you operate your water fragrance system.

Candle Diffuser

Stylish, compact and low-tech, a candle diffuser helps spread an ideal aroma and ambiance. This system uses an open flame to diffuse the oil. A candle can be a fire hazard in your home if not placed properly so use caution with this diffuser. It’s a great choice for a low-tech, all-natural option, but you don’t have any control over the amount of fragrance that’s diffused through this system.

3. Follow‌ Whole Home Essential Oil Diffuser ‌Installation‌ ‌Instructions‌

One of the best ways to make your home comfortable is to use a nebulizing diffuser. When properly installed, these systems are energy efficient, convenient to control and effective at spreading your chosen aroma from room to room. Follow these instructions to enjoy the easy installation and impressive fragrance distribution.

Find the Ideal Location

This style of whole home diffusion requires installation near your HVAC system blower. Familiarize yourself with the location of your furnace and a few components before attempting installation. Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is composed of these basic components:

  1. Air return
  2. Furnace
  3. AC coils
  4. Blower fan
  5. Exhaust
  6. line
  7. Outflow ducting

Never attempt to install a system without properly identifying these components. Consider discussing your fragrance diffuser setup with a licensed HVAC technician before starting. Improper installation could compromise your diffuser or damage your furnace and air conditioner.

Essentially, a blower fan draws in air through your air return ducting, carries it past an open flame in your heater or cooling coils in your air conditioner and then sends it through your outflow ducting. It is distributed throughout your home through air vents placed in every room.

Your whole home diffuser connects a small tube to the outflow ducting, just beyond your furnace and AC coils. This allows your blower to force hot or cool air that’s refreshed with your chosen fragrance.

Gather Tools and Materials

Gather tools to mount your diffuser

Our diffuser system comes with the hardware you need and many of the tools. All you have to do is order a starter kit, grab your drill and get out a measuring tape. The process doesn’t take long or require messy work, but you may want to wear safety glasses and gloves as you drill a small hole into your air ducting.

If you don’t have the right tools, or if you’re not sure about the best placement of your system, don’t hesitate to work with an HVAC professional. A licensed technician can easily locate your outflow ductwork, find a suitable installation point and even install your whole home scenting system for you.

Enjoy Convenient Installation

Start by locating an ideal place to install your system on the wall. Make sure it’s close enough to your outflow ducting to allow at least three inches of tubing to reach into the ductwork. The included mounting guide, screws and drywall anchors help you prepare an ideal spot to mount your diffuser.

Insert the cord into the back of your diffuser before you mount it with the included screws and anchors. Find the nozzle and install it into the atomizer. Next, remove the atomizer and place the dip tube into a new bottle of Whole Home Scenting fragrance oil. Screw it on firmly before replacing the atomizer.

Attach the tube and run it to your outflow ductwork. Verify that you’ve found the outflow line instead of the cold air return before you create a small hole. Carefully feed three inches of the tube into your ductwork. All that’s left is plugging in your fragrance diffuser and setting it up. You can adjust your system using our mobile app or the manual controls on the system.

4. Curate‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Indoor‌ ‌Fragrance‌

Curate frangrances for you whole home essential oil diffuser

Selecting the best diffuser and installing it are easy steps to enjoying a more comfortable home. A more difficult decision is selecting your favorite fragrance. There are important differences between essential oils and fragrance oils, so review these distinctions before finding out which mood and aroma you wish to enjoy in your home.

Essential Oils vs. Fragrance Oils

Essential oils are the most common and oldest type of scent oil for your home. These aromatic oils are made using highly concentrated extracts of plants and herbs. The natural ingredients are said to be homeopathic solutions to a range of minor health issues and moods. Some oils are diffused in the air while others are used as massage oils or cleaning products.

Fragrance oils are focused more on a memorable aroma than any health claims. These oils can be made with similar natural extracts, but they choose a broader scope of ingredients. Fragrance oils can combine natural extracts common in essential oils with other natural or synthetic ingredients.

If you’re concerned with the health properties of your aromatic oil but still want to have a wide range of fragrance possibilities, shop at a store that only uses phthalate-free oils. Phthalates are the greatest health concern for synthetic aromatic ingredients, so choose an all-natural essential oil or phthalate-free fragrance oil to enjoy safe indoor air.

How To Choose the Best Fragrances

Essential oils come in a range of pleasant aromas. If you’re looking for a natural, subtle lavender, peppermint or orange aroma, essential oils may be perfect for you. For household air with a more diverse and memorable aroma profile, shop for fragrance oils for your whole home essential oil diffuser.

A comfortable home uses the perfect fragrance to achieve the right mood. Don’t settle on a fragrance oil just because of the name but carefully consider the mood you wish to achieve. Is your home a blissful walk along a beach or an inspiring oasis of energy and productivity? Understanding the state of mind you desire is a great first step in finding the ideal aroma.

You can shop for sample scents at Whole Home Scenting to find new inspiration for your everyday activities. You don’t have to invest in an entire bottle of fragrance for the first time you try it. Build a sample pack or order one of our pre-made packs to explore your aroma options and find a new way to transform your indoor air.

Fragrances can be calm and comfortable, or they can be invigorating and inspiring. Examine the name, fragrance profile and customer reviews of popular fragrances to see which one matches your mood today or your everyday home inspiration.

5. Maintain Your Diffuser

Keep your diffuser operating at peak performance with a few maintenance tips. Proper operation, cleaning and bottle replacement steps make your diffuser convenient and your home pleasantly comfortable.

Operating Your Diffuser

Connect your whole home system to your smartphone app to enjoy convenient operation. There are controls on the system if you don’t wish to use a mobile app, but this software makes it easy to dial in the ideal aroma and turn your system on and off as needed.

For best use, it’s not recommended to operate your diffuser for more than 14 hours in one day. Consider turning your diffuser off when you leave your home for longer periods of time.

Your whole home system is more energy-efficient than an electric heat diffuser, but it does require electricity to operate. Be sure your unit is plugged in, and your central air blower is operating to spread your chosen essential oil or fragrance oil throughout every room.

Cleaning Techniques

Cleaning techniques for your whole home essential oil diffuser

It’s important to periodically inspect your diffuser and maintain it as necessary. Over time, there may be a build-up of oil in the tube, atomizer or other components of your system. Follow the recommended cleaning tips in your owner’s manual for each individual piece.

Atomized fragrance oil won’t damage your furniture, HVAC system, clothing or carpet, but spilled oil may cause stains or long-lasting aromas. Use caution when cleaning your system and replacing bottles to avoid spilling any fragrance oil.

Replacement Oil Bottles

Keep a fresh, filled bottle of oil in your diffuser for continuous home fragrance circulation. The length of time a single bottle lasts depends on the fragrance strength you choose and how often your blower fan is operating. Consider using only Whole Home Scenting fragrance bottles to enjoy an easy fit and reliable diffusion.

Refresh Your Home With Whole Home Scenting

These five tips can help you enjoy the comfortable operation of your whole home essential oil diffuser. Whether you’re shopping for a more convenient way to delight in your favorite fragrance, or you’re looking to enjoy invigorating household aromas for the first time, it’s a great opportunity to experience an entire home diffuser.

Shop for diffusers today to see how Whole Home Scenting can help you change the way you feel about your home. Select a few scents that appeal to you or build a sample pack to explore our full line of enticing indoor aromas and memorable fragrances.

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