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What to Look For in the Best Pet Odor Eliminator

If you have pets, you know how much joy they add to your day. For many people, pets are valued family members who bring happiness and share in all the special moments in life.
One thing you might not love though is the odor. Even if you have indoor cats or a dog who doesn’t like to get wet, all living things have some type of odor, including our animals. Learn more about the best pet odor eliminator and how you can make it work for your household.

What Should You Look For in the Best Pet Odor Eliminator?

When you are seeking something to get rid of pet smells, you want to make sure it is safe for you and your family. Besides being successful in helping you to get rid of the smell, you want an odor eliminator that is clean, long-lasting, and won’t simply mask the scent. If possible, make sure you get a chance to test out your odor eliminator since you want to make sure it can do the job correctly the first time and that the smell is something you will enjoy having throughout your home.

Why You Might Need To Search For the Best Pet Odor Eliminator

If you are trying to manage pet odor within your house, it’s necessary to figure out what is causing the smell, first. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your dog need a bath?
  • Is there pet urine on the stairs?
  • Is your pet using the bathroom somewhere they shouldn’t be, contributing to the odor?
  • Is the smell from their food?

Try doing one thing at a time first, such as bathing your dog to see if that helps, or arrange for your home to be carpet cleaned if you believe the smell is lingering on the floors somehow. This might seem tedious, but approaching the problem in this manner can tell you exactly which smell is to blame and give you a better idea of how to handle it.

Once you’ve identified the cause of the odor, it’s time to make sure you have done everything you can to get rid of it.

How Can You Eliminate Pet Odors?

The best way to get rid of the majority of pet odors is by cleaning. Determine what exactly was affected, such as your carpets or furniture, and then figure out how you plan to tackle getting rid of the smell. There are several ways you can clean your home that can help you get rid of the urine, feces, or vomit smells your dog or cat leaves behind.

If you have especially stubborn stains, using an enzyme removal product might be helpful so your pet doesn’t double-back and try to defecate in the same areas again. This can put a stop to the problem and help your home stay cleaner for longer.

What Are Different Types of Pet Odor Eliminators?

Once you’ve got your home clean, you’ll still want to use the best pet odor eliminator you can find so that it stays that way. Take into account your own preference when it comes to scent, but also think about the setup of your home and what would be an ideal way for you to manage the odor you are trying to control.

There are several different odor eliminators on the market. Here are some of the most popular that can help you manage smells and feel better about taking care of your home.

Carpet Cleaners

Once you’ve gotten any long-standing odor out of the carpet, you might look for a spray or powder that you can apply to help you keep the smell fresh. If you are using a spray, you can usually apply it after cleaning. If you have a powder, those can often be vacuumed up after a specific time.

The drawback to these methods is that powders are often not pet-friendly. Your dog or cat might step in the powder or even try to eat it. While using a spray can provide the home with instant odor control, it usually dissipates quickly, meaning you’ll need to find a new solution that lasts longer than a day.

Sprays and Fabric Refreshers

If you have couches, chairs, or other types of upholstery, you might find a fabric refresher or similar type of spray useful. These products are safe for carpets and upholstery items and can even be used to give the air in your home a quick refresh. Usually, they come in a variety of scents, and you can change them up as often as you would like.

The downside to using these methods of odor control is that you usually have to reapply them often and do so manually. The spray often doesn’t go through the whole house, making this a time-consuming method of erasing pet odor.


Diffusers allow you to pick an essential oil of your choosing and release it through the air. You can pick a variety of different scents and even get diffusers that are intended for whole-house use. This means you don’t need to go through your home and reapply the scent, making it the best pet odor eliminator you can find.

If you want something that is natural and can help you manage your dog’s or cat’s smells in the long run, consider this your best match.

Get the Best Pet Odor Eliminator for Your Home Today

Controlling your pet’s smell can be simple if you treat the origin of the scent right away. Using a whole-house diffuser can help you take away the smell and keep the air fresh, with a scent of your choosing.

If you’re ready to upgrade how your home smells, we can get you started with the best pet odor eliminator that is natural and easy to use. We make it easy to get started and find the right diffuser to meet your needs, along with samples of different essential oils so you can find the best match for your home.

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