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What Is Scent Marketing?

Have you ever found yourself transported to your grandmother’s kitchen or your favorite vacation spot after smelling a familiar scent? For humans, it is common to associate smells with memories or feelings because of our olfactory sense, that is, our sense of smell. Our olfactory senses are connected to parts of our brain that evoke sensations and emotions. Many companies use the olfactory senses of consumers to attract customers and drive sales. This sales technique is referred to as scent marketing. If you are wondering, “what is scent marketing?” here’s everything you need to know about this marketing strategy and its benefits.

What Is Scent Marketing and How Does It Work?

Scent marketing, often referred to as aroma marketing, uses a specific smell in a space to drive customer behavior. Businesses use particular aromas in stores and showrooms to increase brand association, create a bond with customers, and make a scent part of a company identity. A particular fragrance is unique to an individual company and is meant to evoke a specific response in customers.
Using scent marketing is a brand’s way of subliminally communicating with clients. There are key categories of these strategies: thematic, ambient, aroma billboard, and signature aromas. A company can create an aroma billboard message using a familiar, pleasant smell at every store location. An example of this strategy is a cookie franchise using the same baked good smell at every site.
Thematic smell marketing is much less precise and involves utilizing a scent to evoke a mood. The goal of ambient smells is to combat unpleasant odors and generally fill up spaces with an enjoyable, subtle aroma. A signature smell is developed to remind customers of a specific brand every time it is smelled.

Benefits of Scent Marketing

Scent marketing is a subtle yet effective way of associating a particular scent with a brand. Aroma marketing can also evoke a specific emotion in customers, making them more willing to buy or linger in a store. These strategies can improve how a company engages with customers in multiple ways.

Smells Can Impact Customer Behavior

Smells can impact customer behaviors.

Aromas can change how consumers feel about a brand and the items under it. A pleasant smell can evoke a positive response, causing customers to spend more time in a store. Research has even proven that pleasing aromas can cause people to spend more money. Experts believe good smells improve customers’ moods and make them more likely to purchase higher-priced items. Research also suggests customers are more likely to make repeat purchases at stores that effectively use scent marketing.

Enjoyable Scents Keep Customers Around Longer

Nobody wants to linger in a store that has an unpleasant or bland scent. Consumers respond well to good smells and are more likely to spend a longer amount of time in stores that use scent marketing well. Particularly if your business is situated in a complex or strip mall, you can set your brand apart by using a distinctive scent.

Smells Create Positive Memories

Our brains are wired to associate memories with smells. Aromas can stay with a customer for weeks after leaving your store, and experiencing the scent in another environment can cause them to think of the brand. Creating a good scent strategy is an effective way of keeping your services and products at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

Pleasant Aromas Can Increase Staff Happiness

Good scents can increase staff happiness.

Pleasant scents aren’t just for the benefit of your customers. Good fragrances can actually make staff members happier, spurring them into better productivity. Research shows that people are less likely to concentrate on complex tasks when an unpleasant aroma is in the air. On the other hand, smells that are generally agreeable can increase happiness and productivity. Staff efficiency is an important component of business success, so retail stores should prioritize scent marketing.

How Can You Use Scent Marketing?

Scent marketing can be an effective way to drive sales and keep customers returning to your store. If you are like many business owners, you may be wondering how you can employ this strategy in your business. Every brand is different and owners should create a scent strategy based on their company identity. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Pleasant ambient scents should correspond to the products or services in a store. Well-received scents can propel customers to purchase more products and spend more money. If a scent does not supplement your brand’s message or identity, it can turn customers off and cause them to leave in a hurry.
  • Keep your desired customer in mind when choosing a scent marketing strategy. Stores geared towards women should focus on “feminine” fragrances to create a positive customer experience. If men frequent your retail location, choose a scent with a more masculine appeal.
  • Incorporate multiple smells into the layout of your store, especially if it is large. Try one scent in one department but change it up in the lobby. Keep customers guessing and encourage them to visit every store department by switching up the aromas.

Keep the seasons in mind when choosing a marketing strategy. In November and December, infusing stores with a peppermint scent along with playing holiday music can produce a positive customer experience. In spring, go for light and airy fragrances, and choose more earthy scents in autumn. Keep things in context throughout the year to reinforce your brand’s identity.

What Is Scent Marketing? Work With Whole Home Scenting To Find Out

Now that you understand what is scent marketing, you can think about how it can help your business. Associating your brand with the right scent can help build brand loyalty and increase sales in retail locations. To find the perfect smell to market your business, contact Whole Home Scenting today. We carry a wide variety of scent solutions for both residential and business use, selling diffusers, HVAC air fresheners, and air conditioner fresheners. Our fragrances are specially formulated to diffuse across an entire space, whether a store, house, or office. Visit our website right now to find the perfect scent for your business or home.

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