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What Is a Diffuser Used For?

If you want to add a calming atmosphere to your home while enjoying pleasant smells, have you considered using a diffuser? “But, what does a diffuser do?” you may ask. Whole Home Scenting is here to answer your questions and help you get the most out of any best home diffuser you buy.

The Basics

What is a diffuser used for

Diffusers break down various oils and disperse them into the air to add a nice scent to your home or help you enjoy a sense of calm, sometimes both at once. One of the great things about diffusers is that you can experiment with different oils for various effects. For instance, lavender helps promote peaceful sleep and calmness. Because scents can trigger memories, you can use diffusers to remind you of pleasant moments in your life, such as a vacation getaway.

There are also different diffusers, including humidifying diffusers, nebulizing diffusers, and electric diffusers. Each type has unique properties and uses, giving you even more to explore the world of diffusers.

The Different Types

Different spaces and desires determine which diffuser fits you best. If you’d rather not use heat or water for your diffuser, consider a nebulizing diffuser that pressurizes air to spread the oil. Humidifying diffusers use ultrasonic vibrations to shift oil into a mist. Consider this diffuser type to add moisture and a calming scent to your home.

If you’d rather not have a scent that lingers in the air for long, an evaporative diffuser could be a good match for you. This diffuser uses a small fan to turn oil into gas, lowering its strength as it fades into the air. For a silent diffuser experience, look to electric or heat diffusers. One thing to keep in mind with these fan-less diffusers is that heating the oil can either intensify or weaken its strength, depending on the oil’s specific properties.

The Advantages

One of the best benefits of using diffusers is how they add a pleasing smell to your home, but there’s more to enjoy. Essential oils are known for their therapeutic or medicinal properties, so you may want to use eucalyptus oil if you have respiratory problems or feel under the weather.

If you worry about the potentially unhealthy chemicals in air fresheners, use a diffuser to reinvigorate the air in your home. You may also harbor concerns about the fire hazard that burning candles presents, which you do not have to worry about with diffusers.

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Burning certain combinations of oils, such as chamomile and lavender, can help you drift off. The diffuser’s sound can act as white noise to calm your mind, and you can use a timer to shut off your diffuser once you fall asleep.

Tea tree, thyme, and eucalyptus oils can control the growth of harmful bacteria in your home by dissolving free radicals. These oils also help prevent mold build-up.

Would you like more answers to the question, “What does a diffuser do?” Contact us for more helpful information.

Photo credit: Elly Fairytale (oil vials)
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