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What Does a Diffuser Do? A Comprehensive Guide to Fragrance Diffusers

Fragrance is a wonderful way to make your house feel more relaxing and welcoming. However, there are hundreds of ways to bring scent into your home, and not all of them are created equal. If you’re concerned about the risk of flames and smoke from candles, incense burners and wax melts, fragrance diffusers are a clean, safe, and easy way to scent your home. If you haven’t stepped into the world of essential oils and home fragrance before now, you might wonder: What does a diffuser do?

Diffusers all serve the same function, but with so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to select the right one for your needs. Learn more about what diffusers are, how they work, and how to select the diffuser that’s best for your home.

What Does a Diffuser Do?

Although diffusers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are all used to evenly spread fragrance into the air in a space. Depending on the size of the diffuser, that space could be as small as around a table in one corner of your living room or as big as your entire house. You can use either a blend of essential oils or a single fragrance in diffusers to create a different atmosphere.

Diffusers are popular for how they can maximize the benefits of aromatherapy. Because they frequently refresh scent as it circulates through an area, diffusers provide a more continuous fragrance experience than scented fabrics or body products. This allows you to experience calming, uplifting scents for a longer period of time.

What Types of Diffusers Are There?

If you’re like many home fragrance enthusiasts (learn how to choose the right fragrance), the diffusers you’re most likely familiar with are small, tabletop-sized options at natural food stores. Most of these are water diffusers, which combine water and an essential oil in a small vessel and disperse the scent as a mist generated by ultrasonic waves. Some of the more elegant models are terracotta diffusers, which don’t need electricity; you simply add the oil to the basin inside the diffuser, cork the diffuser and let the fragrance seep out through the porous terracotta.

Other types of diffusers include:

  1. Electric heat and candle diffusers, which warm the essential oil to spread its fragrance through the room
  2. Reed diffusers, which propagate scent by placing a bundle of wooden sticks in a basin filled with essential oils, allowing the fragrance to seep through the wood
  3. Fan-style diffusers, which use a fan to blow the scent of essential oils placed in a tray or basin around a room

Most of these diffusers aren’t capable of dispersing fragrance over a significant distance, even with larger units. You’ll also have to clean them thoroughly every time you change the fragrance to avoid scent mixing and oil buildup.

Nebulizer diffusers have become more popular in recent years, as they offer a number of benefits. Using a pump to generate pressured air, these diffusers turn essential oils and fragrances into a fine mist, undiluted by water. The small particles contained in the mist can then spread more easily throughout a room and can be inhaled more deeply. The small components of the pump in a nebulizer mean that they can be more difficult to clean, but if you want to enjoy scents in a larger area, they’re often your best choice.

Our Whole Home Scenting Diffuser is a nebulizing diffuser capable of gently dispersing the fragrance of your choice throughout your entire home. If your home uses central air, it can even be plugged into the HVAC system to take advantage of the ductwork you already have. It’s also one of the easiest nebulizer devices on the market to clean and maintain.

What Type of Diffuser Should You Buy?

The right diffuser for you depends on a host of factors, in particular, what you hope to accomplish by adding fragrance to your home. If you’re more interested in creating a relaxing ambiance in a corner of the house that you plan to use for your own wellness pursuits, like mindfulness, yoga, or journaling, you may appreciate the timeless appeal of a reed or terracotta diffuser that doesn’t need to be plugged in or powered on to disperse scent.

Similarly, if you want to use fragrance only on occasion, a tabletop water or fan diffuser might be the best choice. For office workers who want to enjoy the focus-enhancing benefits of certain essential oils at work without insisting that the entire building smell the same way, a small water diffuser is ideal. If you work at home most of the time, but your partner or children don’t like the idea of home fragrance, a personal diffuser can let you enjoy scents and minimize conflict. Heat and candle diffusers offer some of the same benefits, but because they’re also heat sources, they can create a risk for burns or fires.

Nebulizers and whole home diffusers are most appropriate when you want to manage odor throughout the house and add scents that you enjoy. Homeowners with children or pets, or those who live in older houses that aren’t well-ventilated and retain odors, can benefit most from a whole home solution. Large fragrance machines can also be a more economical solution for home fragrance. Instead of buying dozens of scented candles, electric plug-ins, or reed diffusers, you can connect a fragrance machine to your existing HVAC system and scent your home with one 300 mL bottle of fragrance, which can last up to two months.

So, what does a diffuser do? These devices provide a clean, safe, and easy way to transform the atmosphere in your home by spreading pleasant fragrances and covering odors you’d rather not smell. You can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy whether you opt for a small reed diffuser or a larger nebulizer system. However, if you’re interested in a whole home fragrance solution that can make every room of your house smell relaxing and rejuvenating, contact us to learn more about how our whole-home nebulizer diffuser works and how fragrance can transform your home.

Photo credit: Pixabay (living room)

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