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Welcome to Whole Home Scenting

Welcome to our blog! Whole Home Scenting is a company that uses your HVAC system to scent your entire home. We know the power of smell and what it can do for emotions, memory, and mood. We are so excited that you are here and we hope you stick around to learn a little more about our mission, products, and story.

Unable to find exactly what she wanted in a scenting product, my mom asked my dad and I to help make her dream of scenting her entire home, a reality. She knew there was a better way to enjoy the scents she loved without the messy waxes, dangerous candles, and annoying plug-ins she had all over our house. With her requests in mind, we designed our diffuser with ease and efficiency (check out our diffuser guide if you are new to essential oil diffusers). We’ve carefully chosen the fragrances we knew would please your nose, your desire for safety, and your pocketbook. 

The name, Whole Home Scenting, was decided while on a drive through our home city of Orem, Utah on a rainy afternoon. The windows were cracked just enough to let in the fresh scent of the rain. My parents had been talking about the home scenting unit and they wanted to decide on a company name. We listed one idea after another but nothing felt quite right. After discussing many things the thought came “why not have our name describe exactly what we do“. Whole Home Scenting fit perfectly, and we all knew it. Though that decision was a simple moment in our company’s journey it helped lay a foundation of excitement and anticipation for everything we had in store. 

Our goal is to help make your house a home; a place of comfort and refuge for your family. We believe one way to do that is with scent. Our diffusers fix all of the problems of home scenting that used to drive my poor mom crazy. Whole Home Scenting was created to make your life easier, try us out and be surprised at how easy and affordable scenting your entire home can be.

This isn’t just business for our family, Whole Home Scenting stems from our belief that your home should be a place of peace, love, and happiness. We hope we can give all of those things to you through our products and ideas. Thank you for being here, we cannot wait to be a part of your home.

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