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How To Use a Fragrance Oil Diffuser

A fragrance oil diffuser is a surprisingly easy way to infuse your entire home with the fragrance of your choice. Find out how you can enjoy a calming oasis or invigorating arena for all your daily activities. Use these steps to set up your diffuser from Whole Home Scenting. A whole-home diffuser is a great alternative to room-by-room diffusers, so update your oil diffusion strategy today.

Set Up Your Fragrance Oil Diffuser

Once you receive your whole home oil diffuser, you’ll have to find a suitable place to set it up. These diffusers are capable of being used as a one-room diffuser, but they’re designed to connect with your home’s central heating and air system to spread a welcoming aroma throughout your home by distributing the fragrance to your vents.

Follow the included instructions to install the diffuser in your utility room. You’ll need scissors and a drill to mount it to the wall and connect the hose to your outflow air duct. Improper installation could affect your blower or HVAC system, so be sure to review our instructions carefully. You’ll find convenient how-to images, frequently asked questions, and other instructions online.

Select a Scent

Select a scent for your fragrance oil diffuser.

Order a diffuser with a few fragrance bottles to get you started. Our bottles can last 60 days or more, depending on the level of aroma you desire. Here are a few popular scents to choose from as you prepare your whole home diffuser:

  • Apple Crate
  • BeachCcove
  • Lemongrass
  • Linen & Lilies
  • Cactus Blossom

Our fragrances are phthalate and paraben free, and proudly made in the U.S.A. These fragrances combine essential oils and other high-quality ingredients to freshen up your home or complement your existing room oil diffusers.

Fragrance bottles are easy to change, so you can alter your home aroma day by day or continue to enjoy your favorite scent for a month or two before replacing the bottle. Consider choosing from our sample pack library if you’re not ready to commit to 30 to 60 days of a new fragrance.

Enjoy Manual or Automated Control

Control your fragrance oil diffuser manually or with an automated app.

The ideal level of fragrance in your home can change throughout the day or from day to day. Take charge of your home’s aroma by controlling your diffuser settings manually or through our app. If you’re not interested in downloading a new mobile app, choose to adjust the fragrance scehdule and potency manually with the included controls on the side of your system.

For a more hands-off, high-tech way to adjust the aroma, use a mobile app connected to your diffuser. This allows you to program a daily scent schedule or adjust the scent as you wish. Connect your diffuser with your home Wi-Fi network to monitor and adjust it from anywhere in your home.

Order a Fragrance Oil Diffuser at Whole Home Scenting

A fragrance oil diffuser offers you an opportunity to personalize your home on a whole new level. Shop today at Whole Home Scenting to see how you can greet your guests with pleasing aromas and fall in love with your home in a new way. Explore fragrance oils and order your Whole Home diffuser today.

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