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Scent Marketing Solutions to Make Your Business Smell Good

Lots of research proves that smells will sell. Whether you find yourself suddenly in the mood for popcorn when you enter a movie theatre or really need a cup of coffee when waiting in the line at the bakery or doughnut shop, what your nose takes in can be a subtle push toward purchasing a specific item. This is scent marketing, tapping into the natural way people are wired. If your business sales have been lagging or need to be re-energized, consider the advantages of incorporating scent marketing solutions.

5 Ground Rules of Scent Marketing Solutions

If you operate a beauty salon, you won’t be able to use the trick of freshly brewed coffee or popped popcorn to help clients upgrade their packages to extra services. Scent marketing needs to make sense, and not just on a conscious level. Coffee and a perm don’t really fit into the same pampering category in a logical sense, or on a subconscious level either. The scent needs to pair well with the product and brand. However, you don’t need to run a bakery or only sell leather handbags or organic candles to be able to use scents successfully.

Scent marketing has been widely used in leading casinos around Las Vegas. Floral and fruity scents mask the odors of liquor and smoke in the most glamorous casinos on the Vegas Strip. MGM Grands relies on rose and jasmine, while the Venetian has created a proprietary scent called Seduction, described as being soothing, strong and sensuous. These scents influence the amount of time gamblers spend in the casino and can increase slot machine spending by 44%.

The following guidelines can help narrow down your search of the many scent marketing solutions for the perfect blend for your brand. Take notice of these planning tips before rushing into a purchase.

1. Develop a Strategy

Develop a strategy for scent marketing.

Craft a scent marketing strategy that goes beyond the four walls of your operations but that is consistent among all areas of business. Large hotel chains often have a consistent scent pumped through air ventilation ducts into every area of the hotel, not just the lobby. Your scent plan should have a similar reach.

If you have a small office or retail space, make sure your scent permeates each area. (However, don’t use the same scent in the restrooms, as you don’t want a subconscious correlation between the two spaces.) If you rely on eCommerce to grow your business, pair your physical scent choice with scented mailing materials to further cement your brand in a customer’s psyche.

Here are a few options for scent marketing products that don’t need to remain in the office to be effective:

  • Stress Balls
  • Lotions
  • Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Candles
  • Stationary
  • Hand Sanitizer

2. Create Your Scent

Your brand and company values should be primary influences on scent choice for your scent marketing solutions, but an effective strategy also considers what scent would be most appropriate for the target demographic of the consumer base. Scents appeal differently to different people, and a general consensus of what would be most appealing to the bulk of your consumers should be your starting point. If you aren’t careful in scent choice, you could actually drive away business.

Research carefully to define a scent that will be most effective for your brand. For example, organic scents like sea breezes or delicate flowers are attractive to those who are 40 and older. Millennials are into unusual fragrances and unique notes, such as smoke, cannabis or saffron, and they also tend to lean toward scents that reflect their mood or personality. Keep in mind that your scent should tap into your most likely-to-buy demographic.

3. Keep It Subtle

People shouldn’t actively be aware of the scent marketing solutions in place around them. Your chosen fragrance and delivery method should keep things simple and subtle. Don’t overwhelm the senses or pit strong scents against one another throughout your space.

Consistency between all areas of your business environment is key. It is detrimental to have the lobby permeated with your brand scent while personal offices down the hall have individually selected scents from personal diffusers or misters. Too many things going on dilutes your brand’s scent and creates confusion with your clients.

4. Surprise the Senses

Few people enjoy visits to the dentist or the tire and lube shop. Without even being present, many individuals can vividly remember the smells and experiences from their last dental appointment. For those businesses that can’t rely on olfactory marketing based on the normal business routine of cooking like restaurants can, use scent marketing to surprise customers.

A tire and lube shop can brew quality fresh coffee several times a day. A dental office can use air ventilation solutions to release comforting notes of lavender and other florals through the clinic. A good smell can have a profound positive psychological impact.

5. Get Creative

Scent marketing solutions should be creative and unique but practical. While many people head to coffee shops, bakeries and other food venues for food purchase, offering samples can encourage the consumer to spend more. Combining both taste and smell can be a compelling sales strategy.

Not all businesses serve food, but even if yours doesn’t, you can employ a similar tactic. Scratch-and-sniff cards for a particular product are effective, as is demonstrating and offering samples of lotions, fragrances or cleaning products that have a pleasant fragrance.

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The Options for Scent Marketing Solutions

There are many scent marketing options for your business.

Now that you understand how to develop an effective scent marketing plan, you can evaluate the most efficient way to deliver your brand’s scent. Residential fragrance options may work for smaller businesses, as there isn’t as much square footage or traffic to cover. If you work out of your home or have a limited office space, some of these options may be more practical than others.

Temporary Scenting

For those in the health and beauty sector, misting fragrances for lines of perfumes, colognes or other room sprays can be a way to highlight your product and solidify your brand in the consumer’s mind. Even if you don’t carry these products, aerosol mists sprayed at intervals throughout the day can change the scent of the space.

While there are literally hundreds of spray scents to choose from, the problem with human efforts misting a fragrance throughout the store is the lack of scent longevity and consistency. Spraying a chosen scent leaves an uneven delivery of particles in the air and throughout the day.

Unreliable Scenting

While commonly used in households, candles and wax warmers aren’t good options for scent marketing solutions, either. There are many fragrances, colors and decorative presentations with candles or wax tarts, but many commercial spaces prohibit the use of open flames or warmers out of safety and fire hazards.

Leaving unlit candles or tarts around can diffuse a subtle fragrance, but this won’t reach into every corner of your business and can easily be masked by the scent of your products or consumer fragrances. Outlet plug-ins have the same problems, in that they aren’t able to cover enough square footage to be a reliable scent marketing plan.

Cover-Up Scenting

Small diffusers are a way to permeate a space with a unique fragrance, whether it’s an essential oil brand or uniquely crafted compounds for specific lines of air purifiers and diffusers. In a small diffuser, there is the option to change the scent frequently, but this generally isn’t ideal for a branding strategy.

Some small diffusers have a timer and programmable features for when mists or vapors are released, but they still can’t keep your scent wafting through the air for long periods of time. The initial bursts mask immediate smells in the vicinity but fade unless re-released. Such diffusers aren’t able to address the square footage needs of a large commercial space.

Commercial Scenting

Unlike other more limited scent marketing solutions, commercial scenting products are designed to address both the consistency and size needs of a business installation. Large corporations use scents pumped through the ventilation systems to achieve a uniform scent blanketing the entire building or desired spaces.

Commercial grade diffusers or air freshener machines typically work through the heating and air-conditioning system and ventilation ducts. Scents are controlled and delivered according to a schedule, presenting the perfect balance of fragrance at key moments throughout the day.

Your chosen machine should be able to adequately handle the square footage of your business or operating space. If you need good coverage and are working with 3,000 to 5,000 square feet, a Whole Home Scenting diffuser is perfect. You can also add additional units to subsequent central air systems to target a bigger area. Whole Home Scenting relies on air pressure to turn the chosen scent from the reservoir into nanoparticles that are pushed through HVAC airflow into your space.

The Fragrances for Scent Marketing Solutions

Fragrances for scent marketing results.

Just as research has identified the effectiveness of scent marketing, it has also discovered which scents have the biggest impact. In food venues, good aroma choices can be all over the board, but few can deny the motivating smell of brewing coffee. Even non-coffee drinkers enjoy inhaling the dark, invigorating tones of ground coffee.

Scents are compelling when carefully selected and delicately overlayed into the business environment. Simple scents are more effective for inspiring immediate action with shoppers, as they are don’t require cognitive effort to conjure up relative images or memories associated with the scent.

Influence Emotions

Odor molecules travel immediately to the limbic system in the brain, the same areas where emotions, moods, feelings and memories are processed. To cultivate an emotional representation with your brand, try focusing your fragrance in the following areas:

  • Tonka bean inspires sensuality.
  • Fig and citrus conjure summer memories.
  • Bergamot draws images of light and water.
  • Lemon influences positive moods.
  • Lavender reduces stress.
  • Mint brings feelings of clarity and innovation.

Create Inspiration

Your brand’s scent should speak to the consumers and motivate action, whether to make a purchase, spend longer in the store or reaffirm their loyalty to your brand. Jasmine is a scent that can stimulate feelings of energy and positivity. Patchouli has had favorable results for reducing the anxiety shoppers feel toward more costly purchases and gives people a renewed sense of confidence.

Seasonal scenting, such as cinnamon, pine or clove, tends to work well with increasing purchases, as these winter fragrances evoke memories that customers desire to recreate.

Develop an Experience

Successful scent marketing solutions create an experience that customers are less likely to forget when compared to an office or store that doesn’t target this vital sense. To create a calming and pleasant experience, use scents like lavender and delicate florals and warm scents like cinnamon and vanilla. Remember, your scent needs to be consistent if you want brand recognition. However, it may be possible to adjust certain aspects of a scent according to the season without ruining the base tones of your brand fragrance.

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The Choice That Excels for Scent Marketing Solutions

Whole Home Scenting offers a fragrance machine that will meet all of your scent marketing needs. In addition to an easy installation process, there is an entire line of uniquely blended fragrances ready to go. Each bottle of scent can last between one to two months, depending on the settings you select for the machine.

From fun and casual to sophisticated and calming, you can find a scent that conveys the values of your business and encourages your customers or clients. The fragrance options are paraben and phthalate-free and completely IFRA compliant, so your customers will be breathing in scented air without the harmful additives commonly found in aerosols or other misters.

Your Answer to the Question of Scent Marketing Solutions

From the types of devices that work well in a commercial setting to the fragrance options that will have the most profound effect on your consumers, you have all the information needed to make your choice in the area of scent marketing solutions. A Whole Home Scenting diffuser can create a unique olfactory experience for your brand by delivering fragrances that please and inspire.

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Don't Fragrance Your Home Until You've Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

In 5 easy steps, we show you how to get your home ready for scenting, so you can be confident it smells the way you want.

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