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Travel the World With Whole Home Scents

Mediterranean coast home scents.

Many of the most enticing scents in the world originate in distant locales. From jasmine blossoms, lemongrass, and sandalwood from the Far East and Southeastern Asia to tropical fruits and vanilla, fragrances for the Whole Home Scenting diffuser system capture some of the best aromas found around the globe. Take an international tour by changing fragrances every one to two months or set out in search of your favorite fragrance. This guide to home scents shows how some of the most popular fragrance blends capture the essence of faraway places.

Experience the Far East

Exotic fragrances with essences sourced from the other side of the world can transport your senses. If you are looking for an energizing yet soothing scent for your home, one of the most popular options is a blend called Lemongrass. The primary essence of this fragrance is the lemongrass herb, which is native to India and Southeast Asia and features prominently in regional cuisines.

The namesake herb in the Lemongrass fragrance is flanked by fresh cedar notes, eucalyptus, ginger, sage, and thyme. Cedar trees are native to the western Himalayan mountains and the Mediterranean region, while eucalyptus groves are found across the Australian continent. Ginger is a flowering plant that originated in maritime Southeast Asia, the root of which has long been exported worldwide for use as a spice. Sage and thyme are evergreen Levantine shrubs that complement the primary notes of this fragrance.

Eclipse is another exceptional oriental home fragrance. White floral notes of jasmine, a plant native to Eurasia and Oceania, unite with sweet pea and freesia. Sweet pea is a flowering plant native to the Mediterranean, while Freesia is found in southern Africa.

The unctuous base notes of the Eclipse fragrance are amber and sandalwood. Amber is a fossilized tree resin that has been considered precious for millennia. Although amber exists everywhere globally, the substance was traded on routes that crossed between northern and southern Europe. Sandalwood is an aromatic wood native to Oceania and Southeast Asia that contains precious essential oil.

For another take on white florals, you might want to try the Golden Hour whole home fragrance. This blend of freesia and white florals is softened by vanilla, cedar, and musk. Vanilla originated in Mexico but has been cultivated on islands in Southeast Asia since the 19th century. Plant musks such as Australian muskwood and Indian musk seeds are sources of this and other blends’ distinctive base notes. Eurasian cedar contributes an earthy and woody characteristic to this fragrance.

When you want to get far away from home without packing a suitcase and catching a plane, put one of these fragrance bottles into a Whole Home Scenting diffuser. Each trip can last one to two months, based on average use rates for a 300mL bottle of fragrance. Try out new scents as the seasons change, or spend more time with your favorite fragrances.

Take a European Tour

European tour with home scents.

You can capture the experience of sailing across the pond on a ship and setting foot on foreign soil with the Lighthouse home fragrance. Fresh green top notes float over this fragrance’s floral heart, which rests on a foundation of amber, musk, and wood.

If you prefer to capture a scent that suggests staying at a five-star hotel in a major European city, try the Linen and Lilies fragrance. This clean, white floral blend brings together notes of jasmine and lily. As mentioned above, jasmine is a Eurasian and Oceanic flower. Lilies flourish throughout temperate zones in the Northern Hemisphere across regions in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Venture south to Italy with a home scent named for love. Amore features top notes of sparkling champagne and bright starflower. Starflower, or borage, is a flowering plant native to the Mediterranean region. A heart of lily blossoms and exotic sandalwood presides over a sweet amber base. This fragrance blend is a perfect choice for refreshing the air in your home with an exotic bouquet.

Depending on the season, it is also possible to capture the festive experience of going to northern European Christmas markets. The flavor bouquet of fruit in mulled wine is captured in the Snowed Inn fragrance. Spiced cider brings in more sweet, gourmand notes that are evocative of a French patisserie or German bakery. Under the Tree sets off the rich scent of an evergreen forest with a top note of fresh lemon.

Whether you want to experience the scents of setting sail and docking in major European ports, staying at a luxurious hotel, walking in a flower garden in your favorite destination, or celebrating the holidays overseas, any of these fragrances can bring some of the best aromas you can experience when traveling across Europe at home.

Go On a Tropical Getaway

Whether you want to escape from winter weather or match the scent of your home to the changing season, tropical fragrances are available year-round. Some of these fragrances have oceanic notes, while others focus more on exotic fruit and floral notes. Coconut is a common heart or base note in these scents, as this fruit originated on Pacific islands and coastal regions of the Indian subcontinent.

Beach Cove is one of the most popular tropical fragrances in the Whole Home Scenting library. Notes of sweet fruit combine over a heart of creamy coconut and a sweet base of vanilla and musk. A blend of coconut, pineapple, orange, melon, peach, raspberry, and yuzu combines this delectably ripe fragrance.

This blend evokes fresh tropical fruits that grow in coastal regions and on remote islands and the ingredients in the beverages that are often served at vacation destinations. Yuzu, an east Asian citrus fruit, is the most exotic note in this sweet, ripe blend. Other fragrance blends inspired by equatorial ingredients have more citrusy, floral, or earthy aromas.

The Simply Citrus fragrance is an uplifting, citrus-forward blend of fruits and florals. Fresh notes of bergamot and lemon lead into a lavender heart rounded out by orange blossoms’ soft scent. Lemons are native to southern Asia, while bergamot oranges are grown in Italy. A precious essential oil requires 100 bergamot orange fruits to produce just 3 ounces of bergamot oil. Orange blossoms are flowers found on orange trees.

Lavender is a flower that grows across Europe and the Mediterranean into south Asia. These flowers are often used in aromatherapy blends for a calming effect. This ingredient rounds out the Simply Citrus fragrance and is featured more prominently in the soothing Lavender Vanilla fragrance. Venture deeper into the heart of Central or South America with the Cactus Blossom fragrance. A coconut-based scent presents green citrus notes evocative of warm temperatures over a floral heart with base notes of musk and wood.

Capture the aromas of a lazy day at the beach by putting a bottle of Paradise Blue into a whole home fragrance system. This concoction unites sugared citrus top notes with floral middle notes of jasmine, lily, and violet. A hint of lemon freshens this scent, which is rounded out by warm musk. Whether you prefer fresh or fruity fragrances, any of these blends can make your home redolent of a pristine beach on your own private island.

Home Scents From the Mediterranean

If you wish you were yachting in the Mediterranean, there are several fragrance blends you should consider. Seaworthy is among the most popular ocean-inspired fragrances. This fresh home scent unites eucalyptus with crisp notes of spearmint and spring rain over musk’s masculine base note. Go on shore leave with the green top notes and rich amber, musk, and wood base of Lighthouse fragrance.

Depending on where you want to dock, you might appreciate the southern European bouquet of soft floral and wood notes in the Amore fragrance or the Near Eastern elements of the Sweet Tobacco fragrance. This sophisticated blend of cacao, tobacco leaf, tonka bean, and vanilla evokes Turkish coffeehouses. A base of dried fruits and wood make this warm, exotic fragrance the perfect port.

Other fragrances that feature Mediterranean elements include Cedar & Vine, which overlays notes of cedarwood, musk, and patchouli with dark cherry, and Lavender Vanilla. Although many exotic fragrances are sourced from ingredients found in this region, you may find these blends to be soothing choices for your home.

Come Home To Comfort

No matter how many fragrance excursions you take in a year, it is always good to come home again. The Welcome Home fragrance by Whole Home Scenting is a balanced blend of citrus top notes over a heart of jasmine and apricot and a musk base.

Welcome Home unites fruits and flowers worldwide in a comforting blend that is suitable for any season. Citrus is cultivated in temperate to warm climates in both hemispheres. The stone fruit apricot was independently domesticated in Central Asia and China and is now grown in dry climates worldwide.

Another comforting home fragrance is Sweet Magnolia. This blend brings together sweet fruits such as apple, orange, melon, and citrus with floral notes of magnolia and iris over base notes of balsam and sandalwood base. Magnolia is native to the southeastern United States, and all of these fruits are now grown in North America. Balsam and sandalwood oil are both precious resins.

A 300mL bottle of any of these fragrances lasts one to two months on average settings. This allows you to set out for anywhere from six to 12 fragrance destinations over the course of a year. A whole-home fragrance system and fragrance bottles are much more affordable than plane fare and accommodations, which may make it easier to save up for your next vacation while savoring the scents of far-off destinations.

Home Scents From Around the World

Home scents from around the world.

To spread any of these scents throughout your home, you will need to install a whole-home scenting system and connect the atomizer to a central HVAC system. Once you mount the diffuser, a tube runs from the top of the atomizer into outflow ducting. The system will need to be plugged into an outlet and programmed with the four manual buttons on the diffuser or through a Wi-Fi or Hotspot connection and the Whole Home Scenting application.

Once a whole home fragrance system has been installed, setting out on a new aroma adventure is as easy as inserting your fragrance choice. Each fragrance bottle is made to fit into the atomizer inside the diffuser unit. Fragrances may consist of a combination of natural essences and human-made aromas.

Pull the atomizer straight up and out of the diffuser unit. Open the fragrance bottle and insert the dip tube before screwing the bottle into the atomizer. Reinsert the atomizer and bottle into the diffuser unit, connected by a tube to outflow ducting on a forced-air HVAC system. When you decide to go to a different destination, remove the atomizer, unscrew the empty fragrance bottle and install a new bottle of home scent.

A mobile application makes it easy to dial in your preferred strength of fragrance. You can also set up a system to run at specified times. You can trust in the safety of a home scenting system that works without heat, hot wax, or open flame. These fragrance formulas are also vegan, gluten-free, and do not contain parabens, phthalates, or other harsh chemicals identified by the International Fragrance Association. The fragrances in each bottle are safe to use at 100% concentration and are non-reactive under normal conditions.

Travel to Europe with the sparkling Amore fragrance set sail with Seaworthy fragrance, or kick back and relax with tropical fragrances such as Beach Cove or Paradise Blue. No matter how many home scents you try, this fragrance system is much more affordable than international airfare and accommodations. Explore the Whole Home Scenting fragrance library to find an aroma for your home that captures the essence of a top destination anywhere in the world.

Photo credit: Dana Tentis (Mediterranean coast), Yovan Verma (Eiffel Tower ), Porapak Apichodilok (girl holding globe)
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