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The History of the Scent Marketing Industry

The scent marketing industry is growing as businesses realize the powerful effect aromas have on consumer choice. Think about passing food shops in a city and how the smell draws you inside to sample something on the menu.
Scenting in all types of stores works along the same lines. Businesses find a scent that works well with their brand, and this becomes a marketing tool to attract customers into stores and prompts repeat business. Scent marketing is not an entirely new phenomenon, and its history is a fascinating one.

When Did the Scent Marketing Industry Get Started?

When did scent marketing start?

The idea for the scent marketing industry got its start in the 1970s when Mark Peltier, an Air Force technician, realized the power of earthy smells for relaxation. Peltier wanted to harness outdoor scents for use indoors to provide the same soothing experiences he had in nature.

His interests prompted him to devise the first home scenting diffuser and launch the first commercial business of its type. Peltier recognized the advantages of taking plant smells and infusing them into different environments to elevate calmness and improve moods.

He eventually took his ideas to the commercial market, offering systems that scented companies through their ventilation systems and harmonized with the structures and locations of individual businesses. Today the success of the scent marketing industry is remarkable, with worldwide profits of over $200 million.

Where Was Scent Marketing First Used?

The first scent marketing systems were used in hotels and casinos. Managers were convinced that appealing to the olfactory responses of patrons was a winning idea for their brands. It took time before a wider group of companies in the commercial market grasped the power of scent marketing.

Today, companies are seeing an expanding opportunity in using scents for their businesses. Businesses use scented packaging to reach customers through burgeoning online orders. Researchers are quick to point out that the scent marketing industry is a finely tuned endeavor. A company must get the right scent for its brand, and the smell must be calibrated to avoid turning off customers.

Who Did the Initial Research?

Scent marketing research.

Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago conducted the first studies on scent marketing. His scientific research looked at two Nike stores to see how customers reacted to scented and unscented environments. Dr. Hirsch found that participants in a floral-scented room were far more likely to purchase shoes and pay higher prices for the products than their counterparts who shopped in a room with only purified air.

Hirsch did subsequent studies to confirm scents stimulated this buying behavior, and the results were overwhelming that scenting increased revenue for companies. After the publication of his studies, businesses flocked to the scent marketing industry and ushered in a new promotion trend.

Don’t Fragrance Your Home Until You’ve Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

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Why Are Scents Changing the Marketing Game?

In a recent research study on the power of scent marketing, ambient aromas that are compatible with a company’s atmosphere have a substantially positive effect on consumer sentiments and behaviors. Scent branding captures the essence of your product and transfers that feeling to a customer in a memorable way. Here are three strategies for developing a scent brand:

  1. Know your brand DNA: Any type of branding needs a clear vision of a company’s mission, voice and values in the scent marketing industry. This is formulated into a theme that encapsulates the brand experience you want for your customers.
  2. Transform the theme into your scent: A scenting strategist helps your find the scent that works specifically for your brand. Creating a scent from scratch is an expensive endeavor. We have a great scenting system on the market that offers a range of aromas to choose from for your business.
  3. Do some tests: The right scent for your business is identified through testing. Try out a variety of scents to find the right mix. Our system makes it easy to test different strengths to find the right balance.

A signature scent has the power to increase sales, establish brand loyalty and improve customer experience.

How Has the Technology Improved?

Scenting systems have changed a lot over the years in terms of efficiency and advanced scent marketing industry technologies. Our scenting diffusers employ cold diffusion that creates mist through pressure. This advanced nebulization process does not produce heat in the unit, which makes it safer for continued operation inside your business.

Maintenance of modern scenting systems is easier because of their construction and capabilities. One unit diffuses the scent throughout 5,000 square feet of space. Additionally, newer systems are effortless to operate. With our app, you connect to the diffuser through Wi-Fi or hotspot and program the device to your specifications.

How Do Scenting Systems Work?

A scent diffuser uses an HVAC system to turn liquid fragrances into dry nanoparticles that are dispersed throughout your business. You leave the fan running on the system to get a consistent, ambient scent. There is no residue left given the efficient system technology.

With our Whole Home Scenting smartphone app, you program the times, days and scent levels with a few taps. You easily adjust settings as needed.

What Are the Reasons To Consider Scenting in Your Business?

Start scenting your business.

Fragrance systems in the scent marketing industry are powerful tools because they appeal to a customer’s emotions. Scent marketing is centered on keeping customers coming back. It is essential to a company’s bottom line to garner repeat business.

A scenting system is impactful in ways logos and labels are not, because olfactory responses prompt instant reminders about good feelings in people. These strong emotions are drivers of consumer purchasing behavior. This saves businesses a lot of time and effort trying to coax customers to buy products.

Get the Best Products in the Scent Marketing Industry

Whole Home Scenting is a leader in home fragrance systems that are affordable and easy to use. We offer a range of scents that our team personally selects and tests to give our customers the highest-quality products in the scent marketing industry.

You can choose between natural and synthetic aromas and products that are free of parabens, toxins and phthalates. Our systems are used for homes and businesses. Contact us to learn about our scent diffuser’s superior nano-mist technology, smartphone control option and other benefits.

Photo credit: Nur Andi Ravsanjani Gusma (pilot technician), Startup Stock Photos (person looking at researh board), fauxels (business team)
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Don't Fragrance Your Home Until You've Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

In 5 easy steps, we show you how to get your home ready for scenting, so you can be confident it smells the way you want.

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