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What Products Should You Use for Scent Marketing

While smell may be casually described as one of the five senses, there is a science behind the work of the nose and the influence different aromas have on an individual. The human nose is capable of differentiating between millions of different odors, thanks to the tiny hairs inside the nasal cavity that send olfactory signals to the brain. As these signals reach the brain, they can impact memory, motivation and emotion. By tapping into the strongest of the body’s senses, scent marketing is a key way to boost sales. To do so effectively, there are several things to know about which scent marketing products to use.

The Science Behind Scent Marketing Products

Scent marketing is a tactic that uses the olfactory sense to target consumers and channel responses toward a desired product or behavior. This isn’t just about the final sale; scent marketing incorporates a company’s entire brand, from the mission statement to its values and identity.

The use of scent has an influence on a person’s emotion, both positive and negative, and companies have long explored the use of smell to persuade shoppers or clients toward a specific impulse or response. These strategies aren’t based simply on assumptions, as research shows the direct impact scents have on individuals.

Early uses of scent marketing arrived back in the 1950s, where Smell-O-Vision and the film industry attempted to lure moviegoers deeper into the storyline of a film through a theatre room infused with scene-appropriate odors. Now, 4DX theatre experiences are moving beyond simple seat shaking and movement to release particular smells strategically throughout the film experience.

The aroma of your store or office can be just as enticing as a movie experience, and in many ways, scent marketing can allow your brand to stand out from the rest of the competition. When a crowded market has slowed your sales, consider the impact of adding scent marketing products into your arsenal.

The National Brands Using Scent Marketing Products

The goal for your scent marketing strategy should be instant and memorable connections between your brand and the buyer. Several companies have been able to do this to their advantage, and taking a play from their books can make scent marketing work for you. Here’s what a few major brands have used:

  • Burger King used the smell of grilled meat pumped through the ventilation ducts in Japanese locations to create a stronger sense of hunger among visors. The scent of the Whopper was used to increase sales.
  • Abercrombie & Fitch is a leader in olfactory marketing, using its own line of scents to drive sales of its intensely popular clothing brand. While employees used to spray these scents by hand periodically throughout a location, the brand has upgraded to nebulizers that distribute the scent throughout all the corners of the store.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts used nebulizers with the aroma of coffee paired with ad spots on the bus radio during morning commute hours in the Korean market to boost their sales by 29%. With the additional stimulation to crave a morning cup of Joe, the sensory overload caused visits to increase by almost 20%.
  • Disney relies on scent marketing to encourage a more complete theme park experience and to drive up sales of its well-loved products. Nebulizers release the smell of popcorn into the street to create a more ravenous appetite among the excited theme-park goers.
  • Cinnabon designs its stores with the ovens closer to the front of the location to allows the tantalizing scent of cinnamon rolls to spread to the surrounding areas. The fragrance lingers in malls and airports, and Cinnabon ensures the smell is always there by baking its cinnamon rolls at a minimum of every 30 minutes.

Don’t Fragrance Your Home Until You’ve Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

In 5 easy steps, we show you how to get your home ready for scenting, so you can be confident it smells the way you want.

5 reasons your home smells and how to fix them.


A Professional Collection of Scent Marketing Products

Candles can be used as scent marketing products.

Nebulizers are a common factor among several of the major brands, as these products diffuse a scent evenly into the air. However, there are other options, and depending on the size of your business or office, you may want to choose something larger or smaller to more consistently deliver the target scent to your consumers.


Unless you are the Yankee Candle Company, you probably won’t be able to get away with using candles to infuse your shop or office with a teasing or inviting aroma. Candles are a safety concern, and many retail or leased spaces don’t allow open flames for the fire hazard and injury liabilities. Electric warmers may be used instead, but they don’t have a broad reach with fragrance dispersion.

Essential Oils

There is a huge interest in essential oils for the natural properties they hold, and they can also be added to a list of scent marketing products to use. These scents are often very strong, and it doesn’t take much before they are noticed. One benefit of using essential oils is the option to mix and match several scents at a time. Scents are usually released through a nebulizer or diffuser. However, cleaning the machines of the oily residue can be time-consuming and messy.

Aerosol Sprays

If Abercrombie & Fitch got its start with employees spraying the intoxicating musk cologne around the store, you can also use hand aerosol delivery to create a unique scent in your place of business. There are fragrances available as air fresheners or colognes, or you can mix your own to craft the blend that best represents your brand. The problem with this method is that the scents can quickly turn overwhelming when not evenly distributed. Chemical air fresheners can also burn sensitive noses if the particle streams are released too quickly near a client or consumer. These are also short-term fragrance options, fading quickly and requiring more spraying.


In choosing the best scent marketing products for your business, you need to consider the size of the space. For areas both large and small, a diffuser is an efficient and effective way to deliver a consistent scent throughout the space. Whole Home Scenting carries a fragrance system that is capable of blanketing your space with the most delicious and inviting scents on the market. Without any residue or overbearing cloud of scent particles, the diffuser can connect to the HVAC to evenly disperse a fragrance throughout the space, or it can be used as a standalone diffusing unit.

Fragrances for Your Scent Marketing Products

As you think about which fragrances you want to use in your space, it is important to remember that your scent marketing strategy is an extension of your company’s brand and overall marketing emphasis. Your scents should be chosen based on what you want your consumers to feel when they enter your store or office and how you want them to feel about your brand. Consider the following popular choices as a starting point for your scent strategy.


Those in the entertainment industry may wish to explore vanilla scents, as this fragrance has been shown to elevate the mood. As well, retail or boutique businesses may find that the scent often encourages calm and simplicity, feelings that make it easier for a shopper to spend more. Whole Home Scenting offers a Beach Cove fragrance for its diffuser, which is a beautiful blend of soothing and relaxation made up of notes of sweet fruits and tropical florals along with hints of vanilla.


A more zesty and invigorating scent, lemongrass promotes high energy levels. Fitness centers, sport arenas, casinos or other high-energy locations can diffuse this scent to awaken the air and energize their consumers or patrons. You can find a mix of lemongrass, sage, ginger and thyme in the inviting blend of Whole Home Scenting’s Lemongrass diffuser fragrance.

5 reasons your home smells and how to fix them.

Be the best smelling house on the block.

Learn what makes the most memorable homes the best smelling. Follow these 5 steps so you can be confident your home can smell great too.



One of the most beloved scent marketing products by businesses everywhere, the aroma of lavender encourages feelings of relaxation and wellness. The scent is said to reduce anxiety and stress levels, having a calming effect on individuals of all ages. As a business owner, having your consumers feel calm and relaxed while shopping or making important decisions could be the key to closing a sale and boosting your daily revenue.
For this effect, use the Lavender Vanilla Fragrance by Whole Home Scenting. One bottle of scent can last between one to two months, delivering an uninterrupted, soothing shopping experience for your customers. This aroma is perfect for salons, spas, dental offices, and medical clinics.

Fresh Linen

The smell of fresh linens evokes positive associations with contentment, relaxation and cleanliness. When you want consumers to know your brand is of top-notch quality, the scent of clean linen and cotton can do the trick. This scent works well for hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, fitness centers, assisted living facilities or managed properties. The Linen and Lilies Fragrance for the Whole Home Scenting Diffuser takes the mind to a field of lilies where freshly washed linens are drying out in the warm sun.


Whether the interior of a new car, a new leather handbag or a pair of luxury shoes, the scent of leather is intoxicating and evocative of opulence. High-end clients who want to be recognized for their status appreciate the use of a leather scent, as it brings connotations of luxury and power. Jewelry stores, chic boutiques, men’s shoe stores or other high-end products have more appeal when the scent marketing products match the value of the brand. Whole Home Scenting comes close to the powerful smell of leather with its sophisticated Sweet Tobacco Fragrance.


Many businesses find that the holidays naturally boost their sales and foot traffic, but using scent marketing during this time can ensure your customers are ready to spend their money with you. One major scent of the season is the earthy tones of a Christmas Tree, with white pine or birch creating the magic of the giving season. Whether a white Christmas is on the forecast or not, you can encourage the spirit of the season with the Whole Home Scenting Under the Tree Fragrance. Nothing sells the atmosphere of the holidays like the scents of fresh Frazier fir and crisp pine.


Brands that are bright and lively and encourage their consumer to fully embrace life can wrap their environment in the cheery and stimulating scents of citrus. Fruit scents that bring feelings of rejuvenation and adventure include orange, lime, lemon, clementine and bergamot. The Simply Citrus Fragrance from Whole Home Scenting is a clean and perfect blend of orange blossom, bergamot and lemon. Cactus Blossom Fragrance combines the fruits of the tropics, like citrus and coconut, with light, floral springtime scents.

Woodsy Notes

Those who love the great outdoors enjoy the earthy smell of the woods, fresh grass and all of nature’s other elements. Woodsy tones like moss, mint, cedar, pine, sage and basil are perfect for sporting good stores, outdoor outfitters and brands that have a commitment to a sustainable future with their policies and products. The Apple Crate Fragrance has a harvest scent with the notes of apple, sweet musk and wood, while the Lemongrass, Amore and Sleigh Ride Fragrances from Whole Home Scenting can also be used as earthy scent marketing products.

The Plan for Your Scent Marketing Products

Decide your scent marketing plan.

Now that you know your options and the benefits of incorporating scents into your marketing strategy, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want your efforts to be successful. While ambient scenting is a great opportunity to cultivate consumer responses to your brand, if a scent is too overpowering, the entire effort may backfire. In scent marketing, less is more. A hint of scent is all that is needed, which is why choosing a high-quality scent delivery system makes the difference. A simple strategy, delivered with excellence, has the best impact.

Whole Home Scenting diffusers provide the quality and assurance you seek for your strategy. You don’t have to mix and match scents to find the perfect blend or worry about excessive delivery of harsh chemical smells. The subtle fragrances that waft through the air are blended from the highest natural and synthetic ingredients to evoke clear and convincing emotions. Browse our fragrance line for the right blend to advance your brand.

Photo credit: Pixabay (candles), Anna Shvets (collaborating team)

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Don't Fragrance Your Home Until You've Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

In 5 easy steps, we show you how to get your home ready for scenting, so you can be confident it smells the way you want.

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