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Whole Home Scenting Diffuser Set Up

Setting up your Whole Home Scenting Diffuser is A Cinch

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Whole Home Scenting Diffuser white with Cactus Blossom Fragrance..

Step 1: Mount & Install Your Whole Home Scenting Diffuser

HVAC diagram

HVAC Installation Diagram

Reference this diagram to understand the proper placement for your Whole Home Scenting Diffuser.

The Air Return is where the air comes into your HVAC system. The Furnace/AC Coils heat or cool that air (depending on what you’re running).

The exhaust comes out of the heater. DO NOT drill a hole into any exhaust ductwork. This can emit harmful fumes from your furnace into your home. If you are unsure, consult with an expert HVAC technician.

The Outflow Ducting is where the Whole Home Scenting Diffuser will be installed. This is where the air is pushed out from your HVAC system to the rest of the home (your HVAC fan will need to be on in order for there to be forced air).

Anchor for Whole Home Scenting Diffuser mount

Mounting Guide

Place the mounting guide sticker on the wall next to the outflow ductwork. When installing your diffuser on sheetrock be sure to use the provided anchors. If you are mounting on wood, only screws are needed.

Drill and anchor for Whole Home Scenting Diffuser mount


Drill the screws into the x's on the mounting guide.

Whole Home Scenting Diffuser under mounting guide

Match the Holes

Before mounting, insert the cord into the back of the diffuser. Do not plug into a power outlet until installation is done.​ Match the holes on the back of the diffuser with the mounting screws.

Whole Home Scenting Diffuser with nozzle


Place the diffuser on the screws to mount it. Screw the nozzle into the top of the Atomizer.

Pulling out atomizer from Whole Home Scenting Diffuser

Grip the Atomizer

Gently grab and pull the Atomizer straight up. Use the provided keys to unlock the Atomizer if it is locked.

Taking out extra fragrance bottle from Whole Home Scenting Diffuser

Pull Atomizer Out

After unlocking the Atomizer and pulling it straight up, bring it all the way out to change out bottles.

Extra fragrance bottle included in Whole Home Scenting Diffuser

Unscrew Bottle

Hold the fragrance bottle into place and unscrew the Atomizer from it.

Placing fragrance bottle in Whole Home Scenting Diffuser atomizer

Changing the Bottle

Place the dip tube into the new fragrance bottle and align with the Atomizer. Screw the new bottle into the Atomizer until tight.

Whole Home Scenting Diffuser with bottle half way out

Back Into Diffuser

Place the Atomizer and bottle back into the diffuser. Align the Atomizer and the diffuser markings to push back into place. Use the provided keys to lock it.

Whole Home Scenting Diffuser with coiled tube

Attach the Tube

Press the tube into the top of the nozzle.

Whole Home Scenting Diffuser with stretched tube

Stretch the Tube

Stretch the tube so there are no kinks or loops.

Drill hole into HVAC ductwork

Drill Into Ducting

Measuring with the tube, decide where to drill into your outflow ducting.

Hole in HVAC ductwork

Create a Hole

Create a small hole for the tube to be inserted by using a 3/8" drill bit.

Place whole home scenting diffuser tube into ductwork

Insert the Tube

Insert the tube into your outflow ductwork. Be sure to push it in 3 inches. If the tube is too long simply cut with scissors.

Final whole home scenting HVAC set up

Final Details

Plug into an outlet and program your diffuser using the WiFi or Hotspot connections in our Whole Home Scenting app, or manually using the 4 buttons on the diffuser's screen.

Step 2: Download App and Configure

App & Diffuser Set Up

Download the Arôme Homes app from the Apple Store or Google Play store. Follow instructions in this video to connect your diffuser to the app.

Renaming Diffuser

Follow the instructions in this video to rename you diffuser (useful if you have multiple diffusers in you home).

Changing Personal Settings

Customize personal settings including, days to run, frequency, potency, etc. Follow this video for step-by-step instructions and explanation.

Installation FAQs & Troubleshooting

The proper drill size is 3/8″, if you don’t have that size then you can take the drill bit you do have and wiggle it around the hole to slower increase the hole size.

Your diffuser should be mounted to the wall within the tube’s reach of the outflow ductwork.


HVAC diagram

Unfortuantely, if your HVAC is in the attic, it get’s too hot for the fragrances. The fragrances will begin to seperate and you won’t be able to use them anymore. The only option would be to mount the diffuser in the room below the HVAC and install a longer tube through the ceiling into the HVAC.

No, the hole will not effect your ductwork or the efficiency of your system. Most systems already have many little holes because HVAC technicians create them to test your air flow.

Yes! Of course. Just turn off the diffuser, pull the tube out of the duct work, and take the diffuser off the wall and to your new house!

Installation is quick and easy. Most people it takes under 15 minutes.

If your scent is faint no matter what you do then try these quick fixes: make sure all your vents are open and turn your HVAC system’s fan to the “ON” setting. Is the atomizer pushed all the way in and locked into place? Is the dipstick still attached to the fragrance bottle inside the diffuser?

The tube is 3 feet long.

Locking the atomizer lid is the best way to keep the difffuser from getting out of place and not being able to diffuse properly.

The diffuser can also be placed on a shelf or be sitting on the ground. Just make sure it is away from water, heat, children, and pets.

Check to make sure the diffuser is currently diffusing (the working seconds are counting down) and pull up on the atomizer (see picture). Look inside the diffuser to check that the fan is spinning. If your fan is not spinning follow these steps: make sure your diffuser is running (the W or “working” seconds are counting down), touch and hold the “BACK” button on your diffuser until a small fan icon appears in the corner of the screen. This will turn the fan back on. If you need assistance please contact support.

diffuser atomizer removed
Diffuser atomizer removed.
Diffuser fan
Diffuser fan.

Note: If the fan is spinning and you can see fragrance mist, but still unable to smell anything, you may have gone nose blind.

App FAQs & Troubleshooting

If your phone was connected but suddenly disconnected it could be for a number of reasons. Make sure your signal is strong and know that if you restart your router you might have to reconnect. If you no longer see the Aromalink in your phone’s WIFI settings you will need to do a factory reset on your diffuser. Touch and hold the BACK and > buttons on your diffuser to reset. When you reset all your settings will default and you will need to reprogram it. Once your diffuser has been reset wait 5-10 minutes before trying to connect to it. 

On the Device List homescreen, click the (+) button in the upper right hand corner. Select “Search For Devices” on the pop up menu.

If you can’t connect to your personal wifi, connect to the diffuser by using the hotspot. Be sure to follow the instructions in the app manual and begin with a factory reset.

Our Whole Home Diffuser, as many other devices, are compatible only with 2.4 GHz networks. If your phone is connected to a 5 GHz network while you are trying to setup your diffuser, it will not be able to secure a connection. 
Majority of networks use a 2.4 GHz network and will have no problem connecting to your phone. If your router automatically switches back and forth between a 2.4 GHz setting and a 5 GHz you could have an issue keeping the connection to your diffuser. If this is the case we recommend using the Hotspot connection or setting up the diffuser manually. 
If your home has two different networks, a 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz we recommend temporarily forgetting the 5 GHz network while you connect to the diffuser to limit any possible interference during setup. 
Other Whole Home Scenting/Arome Homes App Requirements:
  • Allow Camera Access (to scan diffuser codes and share access to family members).
  • Allow Location Services (the app will be able to tell your proximity to the diffuser while it works to connect).
  • Ensure that you are not using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on the router or your phone.

Start with 25 seconds working (W) and 250 seconds pausing (P). You can go up or down from there depending on your preference.

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