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8 Benefits of Scent Marketing

The in-store shopping experience is being transformed using scents to create good associations with company brands. Scent marketing is a strategy that employs ambient, pleasing scenting in retail environments to attract consumers and enhance brand appeal.

A recent study showed the benefits of scent marketing on consumer-product engagement when pleasant smells were present. Brand recognition is competitive in today’s market, so finding ways to get an edge is essential.

What Are the Benefits of Scent Marketing for Businesses?

8 benefits of scent marketing for businesses.

A customer’s positive reaction to a brand’s scent improves the shopping experience and converts to sales and repeat business. These are some ways scent branding improves retail bottom lines.

1. Provides a Better Customer Experience

One of the benefits of scent marketing is the ability to target your audience. Many large companies have designer scents specially developed for them to personalize their brands. This is an effective return on investment since companies report large sales increases due to this marketing strategy.

However, small companies get the same ROIs (return on investments) by using fragrance systems and appealing scents. With diffusers, companies can pick from a variety of seasonal scents that people respond to. Due to the strong memory responses elicited from good smells, customers are drawn to stores that evoke positive feelings.

2. Gives Instant Brand Recognition

Ecommerce created big competition for retail stores with the ease of shopping from anywhere with any number of devices. However, retail stores are capitalizing on their strengths to re-establish their brands in the wake of this challenge. One of the significant benefits of scent marketing is highlighting the ambiance of a store by creating desirable smells.

Marketers use scents to link positive associations with brands and create instant recognition. This is a unique advantage over ecommerce. Just like store floor designs are designed to be immediately recognizable, scents have the same marketing advantages. Pleasing scents prompt lasting impressions of a retail space and prompt sales conversions.

3. Enhances Positive Brand Associations

People associate many pleasurable times in their lives through physical senses. When you visit a favorite café, you recall the smell of fresh baked goods and the rich blends of coffee in the air. Individuals like to take in environments with as much sensory input as possible. Therefore, stores are embracing the benefits of scent marketing.

A fascinating fact from a recent study on ambient scents found that people think of retail spaces as socially dense when they react to scents in stores. They sense there are more people around them than are present. Businesses use this information to create spatial perceptions that comfort their customers and create positive associations with their brands.

4. Keeps Customers Interested

Many people still thrive on the entirety of the shopping experience, including the social aspects. Online shopping allows people to easily purchase the same products or new ones with little effort. Businesses have the burden of keeping the interest level up, so people take the time to go to stores and shop.

The benefits of scent marketing are people want to go to places that make them feel connected. You don’t get that perception of warmth and well-being online. During the holiday season, people rush to get pumpkin lattes and enjoy the bustle of shopping around others. Retailers watched this phenomenon and realized how they could employ fragrances and diffusers to enhance this same effect year-round.

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5. Brings in New Customers

Have you wandered a mall and been drawn to the smells in a store that sells candles or body lotions? You instantly want to find the source of those wonderful scents. Your mind is triggered by positive feedback. If you find the source, you are likely to become a new customer.

This is how retailers use the benefits of scent marketing to generate appeal. The concept works for the whole space and not just individual products. Businesses promote new traffic and new customers by using scent marketing to bring people to their stores.

6. Incentivizes Repeat Business

Customer retention is the key to a business’s future profits. Companies that focus on brand perceptions understand the benefits of scent marketing to retain customer loyalty. When customers relate to a brand positively, they want to repeat the same feelings on subsequent shopping trips.

Scent marketing is a tool that can be standardized across store chains or utilized in one shop. Targeting customer perceptions gives stores the advantage of getting customers back for an experience that only happens in their space.

7. Improves Brand Value Perception

Like having the right logo, the benefits of scent marketing are that businesses shape the value of their brands. This is done through neuromarketing. Smell stimulates memory cognition in the brain and establishes new neural pathways that make brands unforgettable.

Researchers refer to this as a cerebral glue that ties together all the sensory perceptions to a particular experience. These experiences are activated in the memory vault when people are reintroduced to the same sensory inputs. In simple terms, scent marketers get people to, literally, smell the worth of their brands. This means happy customers and more sales.

8. Affects Employee Energy

Employees are affected by the benefits of scent marketing, much like customers. A work environment is influenced by smells that produce a positive feedback loop. Diffusing scents throughout the workplace improves performance and productivity and elevates the mood. Employees with lower stress levels and alertness perform their job functions better and have better engagement with customers.

Get the Benefits of Scent Marketing

Reap the benefits of scent marketing with a diffuser.

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Photo credit: Mikael Blomkvist (analytics report), Sam Lion (two women with shopping bags)

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Don't Fragrance Your Home Until You've Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

In 5 easy steps, we show you how to get your home ready for scenting, so you can be confident it smells the way you want.

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