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Why an HVAC Scent Diffuser Is Important for Any Homeowner

As you go throughout the day, do you pay attention to the different scents you encounter? You may not recognize how a certain smell can affect your mood or even your health, but as the strongest of the five senses, the ability to smell guides both emotion and memory. With 75% of your daily emotion attributed to a particular smell, homeowners can create a happier, healthier home through an HVAC scent diffuser.

How Scent Affects Your Wellbeing

There is power in smells, and not just the overpowering urge to run out the door when you smell the rotting garbage or wet dog hairs left all over the rug. Research shows that moods can be altered by as much as 40% when an individual is exposed to pleasant scents, lifting emotions, cognitive function, concentration, and mood. A stinky home isn’t just unpleasant to come home to after work, but it is damaging to your overall wellbeing.

Think about walking into a clean hotel or an office complex. Despite the numerous people occupying the space and the variety of jobs or activities going on, you aren’t usually greeted with an offensive odor at the doorway. A business and hotel will often rely on an HVAC scent diffuser to create a clean-smelling environment, regardless of where an individual may be in the building. Scented areas give off the impression of high class and quality, and when a business depends upon a great experience, a desirable scent can make all the difference.

Your home should be a place where you are comfortable and relaxed. Unpleasant odors are distractions and frustrations that can turn your daily routine or a good night’s sleep into a challenge. Scents can evoke positive or negative emotions, encourage stress relief, or increase productivity. The right aroma can enhance feelings of happiness, sensuality, and satisfaction. On the other hand, bad odors encourage irritation, apathy, depression, and stress. A diffuser that permeates your entire square footage with a well-chosen smell can change the dynamics of your home and improve the mental state of all who live or visit there.

Where To Look for Odors

Regardless of your home or apartment’s square footage, there is a lot of ground to cover when looking for odors. While your HVAC scent diffuser can reach each room or hallway with a good distraction, cleaning up the odor’s source makes your diffuser more effective. Become a stench sleuth and embark on a mission to uncover the stink in your home.

1. Kitchen

This is probably the most obvious place to look for odors. There are so many hiding places for garbage, spoiled food, or dirty surfaces. Mold creates a strong musty odor, and the dishwasher or under the dish strainer should be the first place to check for mold growth and odor. Food particles that get trapped in the strainer or around the walls or racks can start to smell and grow colonies of mold. You can address this problem by running a normal cycle with an extra hot rinse in the dishwater but only using a small bowl of vinegar in the lower rack instead of detergent.

The garbage disposal is like a hidden trash can for your food waste, and it doesn’t take long before a terrible odor can come from old grease or food particles trapped beneath the sink. There are disposal cleaning tablets, but a simple trick to do on your own involves putting a cup of ice down into the disposal, along with half of a cup of salt and running the water and the disposal until all the ice has been crushed and dissolved.

You can’t escape the smells that come from your refrigerator after food storage containers have been left unaddressed for several days. It doesn’t matter if you keep the door closed all day; those smells will come out. In addition to consistently throwing out old food, clean up any spills that occur inside the fridge right away. While some use an open box of baking soda to absorb excess moisture and odor, you can also use activated charcoal bags to get rid of unpleasant smells.

2. Bathroom

HVAC scent diffuser for bathroom.

There are plenty of obvious reasons why the bathroom would be next on the list for stubborn or lingering odors, but there are still plenty of ways to keep the space as free from the stench as possible. One of the more common smells is mildew, as shower curtains, old towels, or dirty laundry can absorb or harbor moisture in the damp environment to fast-track the growth of mildew. Running your exhaust fan during bathing helps pull the room’s excess moisture, but you will also need to clean any moldy areas or articles. White vinegar is an effective solution for removing mold and preventing regrowth.

3. Bedroom

Nothing is refreshing about heading to the bedroom for a good night’s sleep and being assaulted with a strong odor. Terrible smells do nothing for your love life, your relaxation, or your mental health. Your bed sheets are often the culprit for an odor, as the sheets absorb your body’s sweat and oil all night. Bedding needs to be washed in hot water at least once a week to reduce bacteria growth and remove any smells. You can also use a linen spray between washes to keep the sheets fresh.

Your closet can be another source of the odor, as this is the most common place to find storage for shoes, dirty laundry, or any number of other items that don’t have a home. There is often little air circulation into the closet, apart from an HVAC vent, making a Whole Home Scenting diffuser a perfect option for making sure each odor area is addressed. Washing laundry regularly, vacuuming the floor, and storing shoes in a covered bin can reduce the overpowering smell that may be coming from your closet.

Where To Find an HVAC Scent Diffuser

Instead of running yourself ragged lighting candles or spraying fresheners in these areas, call on the scent experts of Whole Home Scenting at 855-SCENTME to choose the perfect HVAC diffuser. With a full line of delicious fragrances, you can turn your home into an environment of comfort and relaxation.

Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska (towels)
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