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3 Ways to Refresh Your Front Door

The entrance to your home is really a reflection of you and your family. What does your front porch say to visitors? Does it say “welcome”, or does it look abandoned and unappealing?

Many of us forget about how our front door looks because we may enter from a garage or back door. Now is the perfect time to use these three steps to freshen the face of your home!

1. Clean It Up

Clean your front door to make a good first impression.

Last years cobwebs and dead leaves need to go. Sweep off that stoop and get rid of the grunge! If you have windows close by, wash them up too. A good power wash would really get rid of the dust and dirt, but even a hose and old towel can make a world of difference.

2. Fix It Up

Is there anything broken or in need of repair? Many of us forget to replace the weather-stripping seal on the door when it gets worn and torn. Not only will it look better, but it will also keep out dirt, dust, and bugs. A fresh coat of stain or paint on a worn and cracking door will protect the door from further damage and make it beautiful again.

A new lock or doorknob would really make a difference, but even a fresh coat of spray paint can make the old one look new. There are many YouTube videos that demonstrate how easy this process can be.

3. Add Personality

Add personality to your front door with wreaths and decor.

A simple boxwood or magnolia wreath adds warmth and welcome to any front door. A simple pot with seasonal flowers is always beautiful. Be sure to take note of what kind of sun you get and plant accordingly. My front porch is always shady, so I chose simple hostas (also known as plantain lilies) because they come back every year and thrive with not much work. Your local garden store associate can help you choose what’s right for your home and area.

Do you love to celebrate the holidays? Try making a wreath for each holiday, Pinterest has thousands of simple ideas to bring holiday cheer.

The Importance of Your Front Door

Your front door is like the smile on your home’s face. Make it beautiful and watch your whole house light up! Make a statement that makes a difference for not just your home, but the whole neighborhood too.

Photo credit: Domenico Bandiera (purple door and window), Karolina Grabowska (towel with gloved hand & wreath)
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