Recommended Settings - Whole Home Scenting

Recommended Settings

The Whole Home Scenting app allows you to fully customize your whole home scenting experience. The combinations are limitless with the following options:

  • Schedule which day(s) of the week to run.
  • Two working periods per day (run it in the morning and the evening)
  • Set the diffusion frequency of each working period for fine grain control over how strong you want the scent to be.
  • Choose a concentration level as an additional option for potency control.

Due to the infinite combinations of possible settings we’ve created the following recommendations as a starting point. These recommendations are based on average customer usage. Using the following settings will, on average, make a bottle last 1-2 months.

  • Working Period: 6-8 hours (per day)
  • Frequency: 30 seconds working and 300 seconds pausing
  • Concentration: Medium

Working Time

Working period



Spray Level

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