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Pros and Cons of Pet Odor Candles: How Can You Get Rid of Odors for Good?

Pet owners are no strangers to pet smells. When you want a fresh-smelling home, what do you reach for to achieve it? If you’re like some fur parents, you may have considered pet odor candles. Here are the pros and cons of pet odor candles and how you can rid your home of pet smells for good.

Why Are Pet Odors So Strong?

Why are pet odors so strong?

Every pet owner knows dogs and cats have a distinct smell. All pets have an odor, the same as people do! Dogs, for example, secrete a natural oil that protects their skin and fur.
Cats tend to have less of an offensive smell than dogs. Cats engage in constant grooming that combats odor. However, this doesn’t mean your cat doesn’t cause other gross smells into your home. A cat’s litter box can be the source of foul odors, even with the best litter or baking soda combination.
Some pets are even prone to accidents. When you are first potty training your pet, this might be a significant issue. However, some pets may have medical or behavioral problems that make it difficult to house train them.

How Can You Reduce Pet Odors?

There are a lot of different ways to prevent pet odors. On the one hand, regularly bathing your pets may positively affect the aroma in your home. Be careful when using scented soaps, however, because some pets do have sensitive skin.
If you have a litter box, you should try to scoop at least once or twice a day to keep it smelling fresh. Most pet parents wash or empty the litter box at least once a week. If your pet has an accident on the carpet, you may want to steam clean and thoroughly wash the area.
Many people look toward scented candles or diffusers to help counter the pet odor even after the cleaning has been done. There are pet odor candles specifically designed to aid in ridding in the home of pet odors.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Pet Odor Candles?

Advantages of pet candles.

Even after cleaning, you may still want a candle to freshen up the scent of your home. When you burn a scented candle, the wax melts and releases a fragrance. You and any house guests will automatically smell the scent of your candle rather than the smell of your dog. However, there are always going to be advantages and disadvantages regarding pet odor candles.

Advantages of Pet Odor Candles

When purchasing a scented candle, most people think about all of the different advantages. The main advantage is it provides your home with a fresh, new scent. Here are a couple of other benefits.

The Variety of Scents

When it comes to pet odor candles, you can find them in several different fragrances. You may be able to find pine scent, citrus scent, vanilla, and much more. If there is a fragrance you love, you can probably find it in candle form. Additionally, some candles have odor-reducing enzymes.

The Candle Ambiance

No one can deny candles can create a beautiful atmosphere. Candles have a natural calming effect. For centuries people have used them to create a peaceful ambiance in their homes. You may use a candle to get yourself into the right frame of mind. For example, during meditation, a candle may help increase your focus. They can also evoke feelings of coziness and romance.

Disadvantages of Pet Odor Candles

Pet odor candles may serve a purpose, but they are not necessarily the best option for ridding your home of your dog or cat’s scent. There are areas where the pet odor candle falls short.

The Hazards of Burning Candles

Burning candles can turn into a hazard if you are not careful. As candles begin to burn out, their flame may become larger and can set fire to the surrounding area. Furniture, carpets, books, bedding and other flammable decorations can catch fire.
Additionally, if you have pets, candles can become even more of a hazard. If your dog knocks over a table or hits the candle with its tail, this could not only cause an injury to your pet, but it could start a fire.

The Lasting Effects of Burning Candles

A candle doesn’t last for long. Once you blow out the candle, the scent will slowly disappear, and the pet odors will take over the room again. The strong fragrance of the candle will spread out over a large area and into the surrounding environment. When it comes to longevity, candles don’t last for ridding your room of pet odor.

How Can a Diffuser Solve Your Pet Odor Problem?

Solve pet odors with a diffuser.

Instead of a candle, try a diffuser to rid your home of unwanted scents. With a diffuser, you have more control over your fragrances. You can choose the fragrance, the strength of the smell, and the duration of the aroma released by the diffuser.
You can choose from a variety of fragrance oils or essential oils. Everyone has their own unique tastes for scents. Some want scents known to calm the mind, whereas others want to excite or energize themselves.
A diffuser distributes the scent evenly and can disperse fragrance as nanoparticles so the odor won’t build up in one area. Instead, you have a slow and steady fragrance that can linger in the room for months at a time. Your home will always smell fresh.
Some essential oils have antibacterial properties. If you use essential oil with your diffuser, it can fight off the odor-causing bacteria in your home. Not only will your home smell better, but it can get rid of the odors, rather than just masking them.
Every pet parent knows smells come with the territory. If you want your home to smell less like the dog or cat’s house, however, you may want to think twice about pet odor candles. Instead, consider a scent diffuser to make your home smell like a home. At Whole Home Scenting, we provide high-quality diffusers and a range of different fragrances.

Photo credit: Christian Domingues (dog sleeping on the couch), EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA (candle), Sam Lion (woman with her cat)
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