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Whole Home Scenting Diffuser


Scenting your entire home has never been easier with the Whole Home Scenting Diffuser.

Follow our set up guide for installation and troubleshooting.

NOTE: The purchase of a Whole Home Scenting Diffuser does not come with a fragrance bottle. Shop our fragrances or Starter Set for everything you need.

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Donell M.
System in the attic

Can't use it unless we install it in the attic. Which then would mean we'd have to get up in the attic quite frequently to change out the scents. Called to see about lengthening the tube so we could get to it closer to the opening of the attic and that would cause it to waste a lot of the scent and need to run more to work...so haven't tested it out and giving it away. Sad because I really would have like to try it.

Tom H.
Machine Good - App unacceptable

My opinion only. The machine works well if manually programmed or you are fortunate enough to get the non intuitive App to connect and stay connected. So basically, if don’t mind trying to step through the programming manually, or are ok with a clumsy and frequent need to reset the machine to factory settings in order to use the app, it works well. But, if you would like to activate, deactivate or change settings using to app, then this isn’t for you. It’s unfortunate since the basic functionality of the machine itself is good (if you don’t need to connect using the app). Customer service very friendly and understanding but seem to have little leverage with the app developer or software team. If they fix this basic problem I would recommend the product but can not recommend at this point in time. I will update this review if things change

Whole Home Scenting

Thanks for all your feedback! Our app can only connect to a 2.4 GHz router and can experience trouble staying connected when their is interference or another network signal competing for connection. Feel free to reach out to our team if you would like to offer any addional input or concerns. We are happy to help!

Shara S.
United States United States
Fresh, Clean Scent

I’ve had my diffuser for several months and LOVE the fresh, clean fragrance that fills my house. It’s so easy to use and pop in new fragrances to try. I used to spend too much on scented candles that never lasted very long and only really filled one area. Now I have a refreshing fragrance all the time throughout my house. I work from home and enjoy it all day long. My favorite fragrance is Cactus Blossum. I highly recommend this product!

Clayton T.
United States United States
Phenomenal Product

This diffuser itself was super easy to setup and the fragrances I have so far smell amazing!! I look forward to discovering the other scents that they have to offer. 10/10 could not recommend enough.

Karyn P.

So far good. The only issue is the app not being able to work it.

The Whole Home Scenting Diffuser is a compact unit with powerful nano-mist technology and WIFI connectivity. Enjoy entire home scenting that is easily adjusted with the Arome Homes app. With just a few taps you can set time and concentration controls, detect when your scent is running out, and pause the diffuser anytime you wish, experiencing full control with ease and convenience.

The tube included is used to connect with the HVAC to scent your entire home, but the diffuser can also be used as a stand-alone.

All attachments are included

You will need one unit for each HVAC system if you wish to have the scent throughout your entire home.

Weight 90 oz
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