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Whole Home Scenting Diffuser


Scenting your entire home has never been easier with the Whole Home Scenting Diffuser.

Follow our set up guide for installation and troubleshooting.

NOTE: The purchase of a Whole Home Scenting Diffuser does not come with a fragrance bottle. Shop our fragrances or Starter Set for everything you need.

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Robert O.
I recommend this product
Works as advertised, app finicky

The diffuser arrived well-packaged, but without a printed manual or instructions. I reached out and confirmed that this is done intentionally, so they can update the manual as-needed. In lieu of printed materials, they offer a digital installation guide and instructional videos on their website. These resources were more than sufficient to set up the unit and get everything up and running. Installation via our HVAC system only took me about 20 minutes (start to finish). As other reviewers have mentioned, the Arome Homes iPhone app is finicky and would frequently drop the wifi connection to my diffuser. This was a little annoying as I would need to manually reset my unit several times a day (and reprogram my settings each time). My setup seems to match the recommended environment (2.4ghz Netgear router + iPhone with the latest iOS), so I'm not quite sure what was causing the problem. Luckily, through some research, I was able to locate and install the manufacturer's native (unbranded) app from the app store. That app has been significantly more stable and has maintained a consistent wi-fi connection for the past couple weeks. The unit itself works as advertised, diffusing a subtle fragrance throughout our 3,100 sq ft home. It follows the programmed schedule exactly and so far has done a good job at delivering fragrance to our entire home. Our family looks forward to moment the unit turns on each the morning and begins to scent our home for the day.

Whole Home Scenting

Hi there Robert! Thanks for your review! We have tech agents that can help troubleshoot your diffuser and make sure everything is working properly. They can also walk through our app and help you get connected. Have a great day! -The WHS Team

United States United States
I recommend this product
Great product, Poor service, already submitted a review yet they didn't post it because it wasn't 5 star

Product is fantastic for the price. However, I would wait until they improve their software. I spent a lot of time trying to set this up with and Android device to no avail. The support team did not know how to help. They literally only provided me with the instructions in the manual provided. Luckily, i figured out that if you do set up on an Apple device, you can then give permission to an android device after set up is complete. I notified the "support" team of the issue, hopefully they fix it for future users. I was also asked for a review, which i gave my honest opinion, and it never made it to the website. I guess they only accept 5 star reviews. I had rated it 2 star because of poor service but, now only give it one star as they replied to my review saying they did know how to help me but just decided not too I guess.

Whole Home Scenting

Shawn, we’re sorry your experience has been less than satisfactory and that you're frustrated. We know there have been a few technical issues specific to Android users and we’re working diligently to find a solution. As you are aware, we found a short-term fix that our customer service representative suggested you try by using an Apple device to setup the diffuser if connecting to WiFi which then gives permission to an Android user by sharing a QR code to finish the setup. We’ve been using this work-around for a few months now – glad to see it worked for you as well. As to your claim that we don’t post 1 star reviews, we respectfully disagree. Every post received is approved. We’ll only remove a post for vulgarity or explicit inappropriateness – gratefully we haven’t had to remove any thus far, our customers are that great! Just take a look at our other reviews and you’ll see the ratings for different products vary. With your particular review, it is attached to our Valentines Day offer which isn’t listed on our website year-round. You’ll find that ‘one off’ or ‘special deals’ in most, if not all companies function in a similar way. So that you and others know we’re not ‘removing’ or ‘hiding reviews’, your previous 2 Star review will be moved to our main product page under our main diffuser product offering. Also, the owner would love to talk with you and hear your suggestions on how to potentially make this a better product for customers. Please email us at [email protected], leave your number and he’ll be in touch soon.

Shawn D.
I recommend this product
Great product, poor support

The product is just what I have been searching for. There are other similar products on the market but this is far more reasonably priced. However, IT support is a joke. After trying all the recommended options for set up. I was unable to network the product with my phone. The IT support was extremely unhelpful. They only provided me with suggestions that were already in the manual and were unwilling to listen to my suggestions that something was wrong with their app. I have an android phone and turns out that the developer has not maintained functionality of the app for android, only apple software. Luckily, I was able to create a work-around to link my phone to the unit. Hopefully, they take software maintenance more seriously going forward. Love the unit, but i wouldn't recommend it due to difficulty in set up and lack of support.

Whole Home Scenting

Thank you for your review. We always appreciate feedback as we work to improve our products and our app. Our support team members know how to troubleshoot issues and they can help those who can't connect to the diffuser with their phones program it manually with just a few simple steps. Please reach out to our team if you have any questions or concerns. -The WHS Team

A Whole Home Scenting Customer
Cody W.
I recommend this product
Best Purchase of the Year

Fantastic product, we have been wondering how we could keep our entire home smelling good all the time and few finally found the solution.

United States United States
I recommend this product
Absolutely fabulous!!!

I have to say that I absolutely love my Arome Whole Home Scenting system. The installation was super easy, and the on phone app makes it even easier to control. I love when I walk through the front door, the first thing I notice is the subtle fragrance that is diffused evenly throughout my whole house. It is very calming and welcoming. I would happily recommend the product to anyone.

The Whole Home Scenting Diffuser is a compact unit with powerful nano-mist technology and WIFI connectivity. Enjoy entire home scenting that is easily adjusted with the Arome Homes app. With just a few taps you can set time and concentration controls, detect when your scent is running out, and pause the diffuser anytime you wish, experiencing full control with ease and convenience.

The tube included is used to connect with the HVAC to scent your entire home, but the diffuser can also be used as a stand-alone.

All attachments are included

You will need one unit for each HVAC system if you wish to have the scent throughout your entire home.

Weight 90 oz
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