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Starter Set

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Our starter set is the best way to get initiated to Whole Home Scenting. Choose two fragrances or your choice from the options below.

Each fragrance bottle is 300 mL (lasts 1-2 months based on average customer settings). Learn more about our ingredients.

*Seasonal fragrances are an additional $5.00 each.

Follow our set up guide for installation and troubleshooting.

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Whole Home Scenting Diffuser

Scenting your entire home has never been easier with the Whole Home Scenting Diffuser.

Follow our set up guide for installation and troubleshooting.

NOTE: The purchase of a Whole Home Scenting Diffuser does not come with a fragrance bottle. Shop our fragrances or Starter Set for everything you need.


Amore Fragrance

Brighten your home with notes of starflower, champagne, sandalwood, and sweet musk. A sparkling fragrance you will fall in love with.

Top Notes: Starflower, Champagne
Middle Notes: Sandalwood, Lily
Bottom Notes: Amber

Apple Crate Fragrance

Seasonal - Delight in fresh sliced apples on a crisp harvest morning. Bottom notes of wood and musk bring this orchard hayride scent to life.

Top Notes: Apple
Middle Notes: Wood
Bottom Notes: Sweet Musk

Beach Cove Fragrance

A day in the tropics smells just like this! Top notes of sweet fruits with a hint of vanilla and tropical florals round out this summer vacation in a bottle.

Top Notes: Peach, Pineapple, Orange, Melon, Raspberry, Coconut
Middle Notes: Tropical Floral, Yuzu Flower
Bottom Notes: Vanilla, Sweet Musk

Out of stock

Cactus Blossom Fragrance

Reminiscent of springtime in the tropics. Light, airy floral notes with a hint of coconut and citrus..

Top Notes: Green, Citrus
Middle Notes: Coconut, Floral
Bottom Notes: Musk, Woody

Cedar & Vine Fragrance

Seasonal - Cedar & Vine features top notes of rich, dark cherry, middle notes of heady patchouli, along with bottom notes of cedarwood mingled with musk.

Top Notes: Dark Cherry
Middle Notes: Patchouli
Bottom Notes: Cedarwood, Musk

Eclipse Fragrance

An enticingly fresh swirl of white florals with notes of jasmine, sweet pea, freesia, and sandalwood. A perfect mix of sophistication and fun.

Top Notes: Jasmine, Sweet Pea
Middle Notes: Freesia
Bottom Notes: Amber

Golden Hour Fragrance

A lively and invigorating fragrance perfect for awakening the senses. Fill your home with notes of cedar, white florals, and freesia, a classy mixture with a refreshing twist.

Top Notes: Freesia
Middle Notes: Vanilla
Bottom Notes: Cedar, Musk

Lavender Vanilla Fragrance

Enjoy fresh lavender throughout your whole home. A soothing blend for relaxation with welcomed hints of sweet vanilla.

Top Notes: Lavender
Middle Notes: Vanilla
Bottom Notes: Sweet Musk

Lemongrass Fragrance

A modern mix of lemongrass, ginger, sage, and thyme. An inviting and unique fragrance perfect for all your dinner parties.

Top Notes: Lemongrass, Eucalyptus
Middle Notes: Ginger, Thyme
Bottom Notes: Cedarwood, Sage

Lighthouse Fragrance

Fresh and earthy, a beautiful balance of floral and musk with a salty ocean breeze.

Top Notes: Green, Grass
Middle Notes: Floral
Bottom Notes: Wood, Musk, Amber

Linen and Lilies Fragrance

Imagine freshly washed linens drying in the sun in a field of lilies. A fragrance that makes your entire home smell like a fresh load of laundry.

Top Notes: Jasmine, Lily
Middle Notes: Citrus
Bottom Notes: Chamomile

Paradise Blue Fragrance

Paradise Blue is a bold fragrance with a popular blend of tropical fruits, warm musk, and sugared citrus. Compare to Volcano by Blue Capri®

Top Notes: Citrus
Middle Notes: Lily, Violet, Jasmine
Bottom Notes: Lemon, Musk

Under the Tree Fragrance

Seasonal - Nothing says holidays like the crisp clean scent of pine. This Frazier fir is everything you want, earthy and crisp, along with fresh and warm. A quintessential Holiday scent.

Top Notes: Lemon
Middle Notes: Evergreen, Cedar
Bottom Notes: Fir

Seaworthy Fragrance

Top notes of the salty ocean and fresh air with just a hint of leather and wood smell like a yacht on the Mediterranean. This is the perfect beach scent with a masculine touch.

Top Notes: Eucalyptus
Middle Notes: Spearmint Leaves, Spring Rain
Bottom Notes: Musk

Simply Citrus Fragrance

Bright and refreshing, simply citrus is a sweet mix of lemon and bergamot, with soothing lavender and orange blossom. If you want clean and invigorating, simply citrus hits the spot.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon
Middle Notes: Lavender
Bottom Notes: Orange Blossom

Sleigh Ride Fragrance

Seasonal - A fresh and woodsy fragrance that brings the spirit of the season into your home with notes of cedarwood, vanilla, and sweet musk.

Top Notes: Cedarwood
Middle Notes: Cashmere, Sweet Musk
Bottom Notes: Vanilla Bean, Sandalwood

Snowed Inn Fragrance

Seasonal - A warm crackling fire, sweet spices, and fresh snow melting next to the hearth. A perfect fall and winter scent.

Top Notes: Orange
Middle Notes: Pear
Bottom Notes: Rosemary

Spiced Cider Fragrance

Seasonal - A quintessential fall mix of delicious pumpkin, fragrant nutmeg, and cinnamon, and a base of sweet vanilla will make this a favorite for years to come.

Top Notes: Pumpkin
Middle Notes: Nutmeg, Cinnamon
Bottom Notes: Vanilla

Out of stock

Sweet Magnolia Fragrance

Melons and citrus play well with sweet magnolia and iris along with the grounding aroma of sandalwood and musk. Clean and earthy with a hint of sugar to keep it sweet.

Top Notes: Fresh, Melon, Apple, Orange
Middle Notes: Magnolia, Iris, Citrus
Bottom Notes: Balsam, Sandalwood

Sweet Tobacco Fragrance

A perfect mix for any home, tobacco, vanilla, and cocoa intertwine to create an unforgettably warm and sophisticated scent. Compare to Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford®

Top Notes: Spices, Tobacco
Middle Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Cacao
Bottom Notes: Dried fruits and Wood

Welcome Home Fragrance

Fresh citrus top notes balanced with amber and musk to create a scent that combines fresh and clean with warm and welcoming.

Top Notes: Lemon, Citrus
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Lily, Apricot
Bottom Notes: Musk, Amber

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Karen K.
I recommend this product
Nice idea but needs improvement

We decided not to actually try the diffuser because there is no way to sinc the release of scent with our fan kicking on. We keep ours set on auto. If it runs constantly to disburse the scent then it would add to our electric bill at least $50 a month. Thats not worth it to us. Again, I like the concept but the fan would have to run constantly to set the diffuser at different times. Totally my fault but pay attention to the 15% restocking fee! I didn’t

Whole Home Scenting

Hi there! Thank you for your review and feedback! The fan needs to be on while the diffuser is running to help disperse the fragrance throughout the entire home. Most of our customers have not run into the issue of having an increase in their electricity bill because when their fan is on the HVAC system doesn't need to call for heat or AC as often. Let us know if you have any questions! The WHS Team

Frederick T.
Wasn't able to use the item

Unit Didn't work

Whole Home Scenting

Hi there! Thanks for your input. If you are having issues with your diffuser please give our great team a call at (855)-723-6863 and they can help you troubleshoot the issue and get you taken care of. We look forward to hearing from you, The WHS Team

Nora L.
I love this so much.

Works so well, love the scents so much.. I’m so incredibly happy with this.

Erica F.

I have emailed to return. the scents are too aggressive and give us all headaches.

Whole Home Scenting

Hi there! Our diffusers are designed to have you in complete control of your Whole Home Scenting experience. With access to intensity, potency, and schedule settings you can create the level of fragrance into your home to your liking. If your fragrance is too strong we recommend changing your Working and Pausing seconds (W:20 and P:280). If you have any questions or would like help from our customer service team, please reach out by emailing [email protected] or give us a call at (855)-723-6863. Happy Scenting!

Mark R.
Withheld info

No mention In all your promotional info nor on your website about having to run your furnace blower 100% of the time. That is an energy wasting problem. The app is too difficult and not intuitive. Have to reconnect to WiFi every time you use the app. Hard to set the machine to the right level of scent. Kind of disappointed. And don’t think I’m some old tech scared man. Your system just isn’t easy to adjust. If the App was better it would go a long way.

Whole Home Scenting

We apologize that you have been experiencing some issues and that you're not satisfied with the best Whole Home Scenting diffuser on the market. We have always wanted to be transparent with our customers and have had the question about the fan being 'ON" in the FAQ's. It's also on the first page of the installation manual. To help clear up a major misunderstanding - it is not an energy saving problem for customers to run their fan. Certainly one can find articles to the contrary online, but talk to a certified HVAC technician and they will tell you that an HVAC system is meant to have the fan running to help circulate the air in a home to reduce the hot and cold spots thus reducing the amount of time your actual Air or Heat is running which is a cost saving benefit. We have found this to the case with our customers with homes ranging from 1,000 sq ft to 15,000 sq ft in nearly all 50 states. Granted if a customer has an extremely old system there might be some additional costs, but most systems are equipped with a 'variable speed' fan so when the thermostat fan is turned 'ON' its not the blower fan speed but a slower speed that helps to circulate the air.  As for the app, we do realize that there are limitations which is why we have made it so any diffuser setting can be programmed via the app or manually on the diffuser in just a few steps. By changing the W and P seconds you can completely customize your settings and get the exact fragrance intensity that you are looking for. Our team is currently in the process of developing a new app that will provide an improved interface that will be launched the beginning of next year. We hope you'll reconsider using our product and will reach out to our support team if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your feedback. Happy Scenting!

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