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Sample Pack

Find the perfect Scent for your home

Experience before you buy – sample set options

Choose a sample pack below or simply build your own with the “Build My Own” sample pack. Each sample pack comes with 5 fragrance sprayers (3 mL each).

Order your Sample Pack, test your fragrances, pick your favorites, and then order your top picks with a Starter Set (get $15 off the already discounted) Starter Set when you purchase a sample pack).

  • Build Your Own Sample Pack
  • Customer Favorites Sample Pack
  • Clean and Fresh Sample Pack
  • Light and Fun Sample Pack
  • Seasonal Sample Pack
  • Sweet and Musky Sample Pack

Looking for the sample sticks? Read why we made the switch.

Whole Home Fragrance System With Two Bottles

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We can’t wait to be a part of welcoming you home.

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