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To Our Amazing Customers,


Regrettably, we inform you that Whole Home Scenting will be closed for 3-6 months. Like most small businesses across the country, we have felt the painful, lasting effects of the pandemic. We weathered the storm better than most but eventually succumbed to supply disruptions and manufacturing challenges that ultimately resulted in our difficult decision to halt operations until we can once again have product in stock. It has taken much longer than anticipated.


We want desperately to be a part of scenting your home so that Comming Home Never Smelled So Good®. We thank you for your patience while we overcome this small business struggle.


Your Whole Home Scenting Team.

Sample Pack

Find the perfect Scent for your home

Experience before you buy – sample set options

Choose a sample pack below or simply build your own with the “Build My Own” sample pack. Each sample pack comes with 5 fragrance sprayers (3 mL each).

Order your Sample Pack, test your fragrances, pick your favorites, and then order your top picks with a Starter Set (get $15 off the already discounted) Starter Set when you purchase a sample pack).

Looking for the sample sticks? Read why we made the switch.

Whole Home Fragrance System With Two Bottles

Get your own Smart Diffuser and two Fragrances today!

We can’t wait to be a part of welcoming you home.

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