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Fragrances - Oils for diffuser & essential oils for diffuser

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How To Choose the Right Fragrance for Every Room in Your Home

From stinky gym socks to that bag of apples you forgot on the back of the counter, homes take on numerous odors when they are truly lived in. Of course, nobody wants to try to relax in a house that does not smell very fresh. Aerosol air fresheners add a spritz of fragrance, but it fades quickly. Plug-in designs fade easily as well and often are not strong enough to reach the entire room. Luckily, there are diffuser scents and scent diffusers. These specially formulated oils are used in a diffuser to release their scents into the air and around the room. The hardest part is deciding which fragrance is best for which room.

Think About the Rooms in Your Home

Before you begin buying diffusers and essential oils/fragrance oils to go in them, consider your space. How many rooms are in your home? How are they set up? If you have an open floor plan, a single diffuser situated somewhere between the kitchen and living area will probably suffice in the main rooms. However, if the living room is separate from the kitchen, you may need two for this area.

You will likely want one for each bathroom, your own bedroom, and the children’s bedrooms. A family of five living in a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home with an open floor plan will likely want seven diffusers. For a simpler solution, seek alternatives such as the Whole Home Scenting Diffuser (integrates with your HVAC system to fragrance your entire home).

Know What Ingredients Are in Your Essential Oils

When choosing essential oil blends for a diffuser, it is important to know what you are purchasing and putting out into your home’s atmosphere. When you buy essential oils from the nearest supermarket, you cannot be sure that you are getting reliable scents made with safe ingredients. Purchasing your oils from professionals in the industry helps to ensure you get the experience you deserve.

Our fragrances use a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients that create truly beautiful aromas. Our natural ingredients are safe, pure, and organic. On the other hand, our synthetically made fragrances are just as safe and make it easier for people with allergies to benefit from a clean-smelling home. No matter the scent you choose, you can be sure they are free of parabens, toxins, and phthalates.

We take just as much pride in how we blend our oils as we do in how safe they are to use. Each of our fragrances has three main notes. You smell the top notes first, and they typically consist of sweet fruits or other light scents. The middle makes up the body of our fragrances. These are complex and may be woodsy or floral, masculine, or feminine. Finally, the bottom notes are the longest-lasting and are often musk, cedar, or similar scents. Our high-quality, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients combined with our well-designed scents will help to make your home smell fresh no matter the time of day.

Consider the Season and the Mood You’re Trying to Create

Some scents work better in your home during the summer months, while others smell nicer during the winter months. Consider the fragrances you wear on your body during each season. Your home will work much the same way. Typically, summer scents include florals, vanilla, and citrus fruits. On the other hand, winter fragrances are warmer and may feature vanilla (it’s universal!), warm sugar, pine trees, or other holiday-inspired aromas.

Of course, there are expectations to scenting your home according to the season. For example, some people prefer their kitchens to smell like baked goods all year or like for the bathrooms to smell like a tropical paradise even during the summer months.

The mood you are trying to create matters as well. If you want to feel romantic, skip the cookies and go straight to the florals or musky fragrances. On the other hand, if you are having a holiday get-together, the kitchen fragrances will make people hungry and ensure your baked goods are a hit.

Review a Quick Guide to Fragrances

While most people know that floral and citrus go with summer weather and woods and sweets go with winter months, there are plenty of other fragrances that you may be unsure of how to categorize. This at-a-glance guide will help you determine what is what as you decide how to scent your home:

  • Citrus: These fragrances are bright and zesty. Think lemon, orange, and bergamot.
  • Floral: Florals can be light, such as sweet pea or lilac, or feature heavier fragrances like rose.
  • Fresh: Think water and fresh laundry when you imagine a fresh fragrance.
  • Fruity: These fragrances are separate from citrus fruits because they are sweeter and sometimes heavier. Popular ones include peach, raspberry, or blackcurrant.
  • Green: If you prefer natural scents, try green fragrances. They typically smell like grass, bay leaf, bamboo, green tea, or other plants without florals.
  • Spicy: Spicy scents are warm and often romantic. Cinnamon and ginger, nutmeg, pepper, and other spices are perfect for winter months or romantic bedrooms.
  • Sweet: Sweet scents include vanilla, almond, or anything that reminds you of grandma’s kitchen during the holidays.
  • Woody: Finally, woody scents are often masculine and natural. These musky aromas often feature cedar, patchouli, and sandalwood.
Note: Make sure to change up your scents once in a while. Our noses tend to adjust to what we smell. You may end up nose blind and not be able to smell your favorite scent after a while.

Scent Your Home by Room

When it comes to scenting your home, it is important to know not only which fragrances you like but which ones go best in which rooms.

Consider the kitchen and living areas, for example. This is typically where your family gathers the most, where you entertain friends, and where you spend most of the time that you are at home. For these reasons, you probably want these areas to have scents that remind you of childhood, of family, or simply of being comfortable and cozy. Cookies and cinnamon rolls are perfect scents for people who love baked goods. Apple pie and vanilla are a good choice as well. These fragrances are also comfortable enough for guest bedrooms where you want people to feel happy in your home.

Next, move to where you would prefer clean, fresh scents. Kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms typically have the harshest odors, so they would benefit from the cleanest diffuser scents as well. Think citrus fragrances like lemon and lime, water-based aromas, or those that literally smell like fresh laundry.

Finally, think about the bedrooms and what mood you’d like to evoke. Naturally, you want the kids’ rooms to be places where they feel calm and can sleep at night, so consider eucalyptus or lavender, both of which are calming and soothing. In your own bedroom, you can go with the same fragrances. On the other hand, if you’d like to bring forth thoughts of romance or seduction, switch to heavy floral, musk, or spice-based essential oils.

Remember To Put Safety First

Of course, as with any item that adds fragrance to your home, it is important to use it safely. Although not as dangerous as candles, some diffusers still have special manufacturer’s instructions that you must adhere to. Always read the instructions before setting up your essential oil diffusers, following them closely for the best results.

Whatever fragrances you are looking for, Whole Home Scenting has some of the most affordable, best-smelling fragrance oils and whole home fragrance systems available. Contact us to learn more or to begin your shopping experience!

Written by: Natalie Sullivan

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