Scent Diffuser & HVAC Diffuser for Whole Home Scenting

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Scent Diffuser & HVAC Diffuser for Whole Home Scenting

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Scent Diffuser for Whole Home Scenting

When you first step into your home, what do you notice? If you have a beautifully scented home, you will probably notice that first. Smell is the most evocative sense both in terms of memory and emotion. The right fragrance in your house can make it feel truly like a place where your family can be at home. A scent diffuser can help you achieve that sense of home.

The common products for home fragrance include candles, plug-in outlet diffusers and potpourri. All of these items have a simple drawback: They only affect a small area. What if you could have a whole home diffuser instead? Whole Home Scenting has the solution you’ve been seeking.

The Whole Home Scenting Diffuser

The Whole Home Scenting Diffuser from Whole Home Scenting is an HVAC diffuser that can distribute a scent throughout every room of your house. It is one of the simplest and most effective ways to manage the fragrance in your home.

Whole Home Scenting diffusers work by turning a fragrance liquid into a dry nanoparticle mist that is sent throughout the home by the HVAC system. They can also be used as standalone diffusers, covering a large area around them.

Compared to more conventional home fragrance solutions, our home diffuser is easy to use and maintain. Rather than having a diffuser or candle in every room, you can have one diffuser connected to the HVAC system. There is no need to worry about making sure every room is stocked with a scented product.

Advantages of Whole Home Scenting’s Diffusers

If you want to make your home smell welcoming and fresh, look no further than Whole Home Scenting scent diffusers. These are just some of the benefits of our products:

  • Advanced Nano-Mist Technology: The diffuser turns the fragrant liquids into a mist of nanoparticles. This mist is dry, so it won’t leave a residue in your HVAC system or on your possessions. The only effect it will have on your home is making it smell great!
  • Cold Diffusion: The system uses pressure to create the mist. This process is called nebulization. The benefit of this is that the unit doesn’t heat up, making it safer for your home.
  • Easy Smartphone Control: With the Whole Home Scenting app, you can easily control the diffuser from your smartphone. Simply connect the diffuser to your Wi-Fi or the diffuser’s hotspot and you can have complete control.
  • Simple Maintenance: Rather than maintaining multiple diffusers throughout the home, manage only one per HVAC system. A single unit can diffuse a scent up to 5,000 square feet of your home.
  • Easy Installation: The installation process is fast and easy. Anyone can do it as a DIY project. Alternatively, schedule a short visit from an HVAC technician to take care of it for you.

It has never been easier to ensure that your home smells great. Create a more welcoming space with a whole home fragrance system.

Full Control With the Whole Home Scenting App

The Whole Home Scenting app provides multiple useful functions to make your life easier. With just a few taps, you can turn the diffuser on or off, set timers, manage the concentration settings and even monitor the status of the fragrance oil. Once it is connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can just set it and forget it. Whole Home Scenting Whole Home Scenting Diffuser is so easy to manage, anyone can do it.

Save With the Starter Set

To get even better value, try our starter set. This includes the diffuser plus two fragrances of your choosing.

Pick from “Cactus Blossom,” “Boardwalk,” “Cloudy Skies,” “Lighthouse,” “Spanish Moss,” “Sweet Magnolia” and other fragrance options. We have scent options for every season. You can have the perfect smell every month of the year. Whether you want to use the system as a standalone or HVAC diffuser, this is the ultimate way to make your home smell great.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Diffuser Damage My Furniture or Home?

No, the diffuser creates a dry mist of nanoparticles. These will not leave a residue around your home or damage any of your possessions. However, the oil can stain or damage things before it is turned into a mist. Use care when handling the bottle.

Does It Take Long To Start Working?

No, the home diffuser will start distributing the fragrance immediately. You should be able to notice this within minutes in every home in your house. Try adjusting the concentration level if you cannot notice the scent and make sure your HVAC fan is set to the “ON” setting and not the “AUTO”.. If that does not help, contact our customer service team.

Does My Fan Have To Run for the Diffuser To Work?

To achieve the full effect of the HVAC diffuser, the fan should be running. This will help the fragrance to be properly distributed throughout the home. Otherwise, it will stay in the ducting close to the input site.

How Do I Install the Diffuser?

Installing the diffuser is easy and only takes a few minutes. Mount the diffuser on the wall near your HVAC outflow ducting. This should be slightly upstream of the furnace. Make a small hole in the ducting and connect the included tube. A mounting guide and hardware are included with your scent diffuser.

Will the Diffuser Damage My HVAC System?

No, the home diffuser will do no harm your HVAC system if installed properly. The nanoparticle mist will not leave a residue in your ducting and will not damage your HVAC. Additionally, it should be installed in the output ductwork, further preventing any damaging effects.

Does the Diffuser Work With Hot or Cold Air?

The diffuser can work with any setting of your HVAC. As long as the fan is running, the scent will diffuse with either hot, cold or room-temperature air. Warmer air will tend to make the scents stronger. Consider adjusting the fragrance concentration in the winter.

Can I Leave the Diffuser on When I Am Not Home?

Yes, the scent diffuser can run when you are not at home. It does not generate heat when running and is safe to use. However, it is best to shut the diffuser off with the app if you expect to be gone for an extended period. Consider using the app to schedule the diffuser to automatically turn on before you return home each day.

How Long Can I Run the Diffuser For Each Day?

The diffuser can be run up to 14 hours per day. This should be more than enough to ensure a pleasant scent throughout your home. Use the diffuser’s built-in scheduler to manage when it is on.

Get Started Today

Get started managing the fragrance of your home with an Whole Home Scenting HVAC diffuser. It is the simplest way to ensure your house always smells like home.

For a great deal to get you started, choose the starter set. This includes a diffuser and two fragrances of your choosing at a special price. Alternatively, if you only want the scent diffuser, you can purchase that separately. If you have more than one HVAC system in your home, you will need one diffuser per system.

Get your Whole Home Scenting diffuser today and enjoy living in a truly welcoming and fresh-scented space. Once you get started, you will never want to return to dealing with a different diffuser in every room. This is the ultimate home fragrance solution.

Written by: Natalie Sullivan

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