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What Your Home Smell Says About You

While you would love your unique, classy decor or eclectic collection of antiques to be the first thing your friends notice when they walk into your house, these inviting features are often secondary to the smell of your home. You might have glistening hardwood floors, modern art and an impressive floorplan, but you can’t avoid the first assault to the senses that the smell of your home brings. The sense of smell is quite powerful, overriding the other four if it is too unpleasant or overwhelming. Your house smell says a lot about who you are, so it’s best to take control of your home smell.

The Impact of Your Home Smell

Scientists have found that the sense of smell is the most sensitive of the body, and it has a close connection to feelings and memories. The olfactory bulb is the part of the body that directly links the inside of the nose to the hippocampus and amygdala along the bottom of the brain, triggering memory. As memories are played over in the mind, they can be accompanied by emotions like sadness, excitement, happiness, fear and many more. As the home should be an inviting place full of peace and harmony, any odors in the home should be carefully monitored.

Unfortunately, the body quickly adapts to smells and makes it harder to distinguish the odors we are around every day. In just a few minutes, your nose may become so accustomed to a particular smell that you aren’t able to smell it all. The science behind this function is called olfactory adaptation, and while the brain is very good about remaining alert to scents that indicate danger (such as the smell of smoke or burning materials), it is less vigilant with things like the smell of dirty laundry or pet dander. These odor intruders can cause your house to speak volumes about who you are.

The Message of Your Home Smell

The odor of your home communicates a particular message. Certain odors act as repellants, while other scents are attractive and appealing. The right fragrance can be seductive, romantic, impressive or inviting. The wrong scent can be repulsive, depressing and isolating. When guests come to visit, you want your home to speak to who you are and your personality. You want the message to be welcoming and warm. You can even change the smell of your home to create a particular environment or message to match your social life, the seasons, or how you are feeling.

The Smell of Positive Emotions and Feelings

Incorporating fresh and new smells in your home can transform both how you feel and what your guests think about you. Consider the following scents and their impact on eliciting positive emotions and feelings.


Lavender Essential Oil.

Over the last several centuries, lavender has long been used as a medicinal flower with strong healing properties. In particular, this scent has been instrumental in reducing stress and anxiety levels. It can be used on its own and can be used in conjunction with other scents to have a stronger, more positive impact on the environment. Reducing stress levels sends the message that you are relaxed, in control, and able to enjoy life.


This bright citrus has an equally invigorating scent, and in the home, the smell of lemon is clean and refreshing. Many household cleaning solutions include citric acid because it can help dissolve limescale, restore shine and neutralize bacteria. Though the smell of lemon is generally associated with cleaning, it can also be used to improve attitude and add a shot of energy to your performance. A lemon fragrance can also create a home smell that is calming.


If you want your house to spread the message of your love and affection, sweet, musky patchouli is known for having an aphrodisiac effect. Though it can also be used as a calming scent, pairing patchouli with bergamot, sandalwood or cedarwood can heighten the romance in the air. You can make the scent a little softer by combining it with jasmine, rose or vanilla.



For your home to spread a message of holiday cheer, consider bringing in the smell of pine. This earthy tone conjures memories of twinkling Christmas tree lights or warm, cozy fires. You can play up the feelings of goodwill to all by pairing pine with cinnamon, vanilla, cedarwood or rosemary. A seasonal home smell is a great way to highlight your love of the holidays or passing seasons, giving guests a definitive insight into who you are.


Your home can also spread a message of new life and hope if it is filled with floral fragrances. Flowers, on their own, tend to create emotions of happiness, hope and affection, and as spring arrives, they are a sign of new life. The positive emotions that floral scents can bring, combined with the lightness these scents seem to put in the air, make your home a place of joy, optimism and new energy. Use scents like magnolia, rose, orchid, jasmine, lilies or lavender.

The Smells That Depress

Without clear attention to your home smell, you can quickly find yourself overrun with fragrances that are frustrating, unpleasant and depressing. Pay close attention to the common areas where a poor smell is often generated. If your guests take a whiff of these, it can send a message that you are unorganized, unsanitary or simply out of touch.

  • Pet odors from dander, litter box, drool or soiled blankets
  • Overflowing kitchen or bathroom trash
  • Dirty garbage disposal or drains
  • Must and mold
  • Expired food in the refrigerator or freezer
  • Dirty laundry

The Solution for Your Home Smell

Whole Home Scenting can deliver fragrances that will change the narrative of your home. These diffusers are capable of delivering a consistent and uniform scent throughout your whole house, and the scents can be interchanged according to your preference. Choose from a number of delicious and inviting aromas such as Paradise Blue, Lavender Vanilla, Apple Crate or Cactus Blossom. Take control of what your home smell says about you. Order your Whole Home Scenting fragrances and diffuser today.

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