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Fragrance Sprays—Why We Switched From Fragrance Sticks

Fragrance Sticks

Sample pack

For the past year or so we’ve provided two sample pack options for newcomers and existing customers alike to experience our fragrances.

While we’ve found this to be an effective way of helping fragrance aficionados get an idea of what a fragrance would be like diffused throughout their entire house, we realized pretty quickly that it’s not the most accurate way to represent the true experience and scent.

Not ideal.

It’s pretty easy to figure out that smelling a concentrated amount of something is often different from smelling that same thing misted (in the air). This is why we have people waft the fragrance from the bottle when visiting us in our store or at shows and conventions.

This often creates two different problems.

  • You may not like how a fragrance smells concentrated straight out of the bottle (or on a fragrance stick) but love it lightly misted in the air (diffused).
  • You may love how a fragrance smells concentrated straight out of the bottle (or on a fragrance stick) but hate it lightly misted in the air (diffused).

While these scenarios aren’t super common, they did happen. Suffice it to say that we weren’t completely satisfied.

Fragrance Sprays

Sample Pack

Fragrance sprays were an obvious upgrade.

Now we will provide a 3 mL bottle filled with the same fragrance oil we use in our fragrance diffuser bottles and also a spray cap (mimicking what the scent diffuser machine would do—misting).

You can spray the fragrance into the air and let it fill a small part of the room. This will give you a much better idea of what the fragrance will ultimately smell like when diffused and pushed through your home or office vents.

Experiencing the fragrances this way will help you know how it will be once diffused in your home with the Whole Home Scenting Diffuser.

We can’t wait for you to find your top picks!

Question on Cost

We’ve always felt that purchasing an entire system and two large bottles of fragrances only to realize you don’t like the scent can be pretty frustrating (who loves to ship items back and ask for refunds—anyone? Yeah, we didn’t think so).

It’s too much of a commitment.

This is precisely why we settled on the fragrance sticks in the first place.

Fragrance sticks were a great start, however, as stated above, they just don’t convey the fragrances as accurately as we would like.

Fragrance sprays, while slightly more expensive, are well worth it. Buy your next fragrance and the fragrance after that with complete confidence that you are going to love it.

We recognize that paying more for samples isn’t what you hoped for and that’s why we’re standing by our offer. When you purchase a fragrance spray sample pack you will still receive a coupon that can be applied to the already discounted Starter Set just like you did with the stick sample packs.

In short, you can offset the Starter Set by the value of the sample pack.

Finding the Best Fragrance For Your Home

Build Your Own Sample Bag

As part of the new fragrance spray sample pack launch, we’ve created 6 different options to choose from (each with individual sample fragrance sprays):

  • Customer Favorites (the top 5 most popular fragrances by rating and purchases)
  • Clean and Fresh (a combination of fragrances that will freshen up your home)
  • Light and Fun (liven up your home with these lively and floral fragrances)
  • Sweet and Musky (the warm and invigorating varieties for the fragrance aficionado)
  • Seasonal (a rotation of our seasonal and “limited time offer” scents)
  • Build Your Own (select any 5 fragrances of your choice)

Simply choose the sample pack of your choice, test them in your home, and pick your favorites.

You can’t go wrong with any of these. We’re sure you’ll find something you like!

We can’t wait to be a part of your home.

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