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Feeling Out of Sorts? These 10 Mood Enhancing Scents Can Improve Your Day

Have you ever noticed how a particular scent automatically brings a smile to your face, makes you feel a little lighter or brings back fond memories? Our olfactory system depends on 300 different genes, and we can differentiate between thousands of chemical molecules associated with smell. These scents can significantly affect our way of thinking, behavior, and, yes, even our mood.
Sometimes, the way we respond to a scent is personal, based on past experiences and associated odors. However, some fragrances are known to lift the spirit. When you’re feeling down, try infusing your home with these 10 mood enhancing scents that are known to boost a person’s mood.

10 Mood Enhancing Scents

1. Lemon

Lemon is a mood enhancing scent.

Next time you slice open a lemon, take note of how you respond to the fragrance. It’s a light, clean smell, and you may associate it with a spic-and-span house. This association is itself often a positive one, but the mighty lemon does more for your mood than that. The smell of a lemon raises your spirit, helps you focus and gives your energy levels a lift. After a long day at work, our Welcome Home fragrance may be just what you need to improve your night.

2. Lemongrass

Lemongrass has nothing to do with lemons, other than the fact that they have a similar smell. This herb is good to use when your stress levels are high. If you have a tension headache, it may ease the pain. Inhaling this fresh, light scent has the power to lower anxiety and make your day seem much brighter. Our Lemongrass fragrance gives you the additional benefits of the mood enhancing scents eucalyptus, ginger, thyme, cedarwood and sage.

3. Orange

Oranges are another citrus fruit that has the power to make you feel lighter and happier. When you need to calm your mind, the bright and cheery orange can help. This scent produces a relaxing effect and can even lower feelings of aggression, making you feel more positive about whatever you face in your day. We’ve included the tranquil scent of orange in several of our essential oil fragrances for diffusers.

4. Sandalwood

Citrus scents aren’t the only fragrances that have a powerful impact on how we feel. Sandalwood is an earthier smell. This essential oil is extracted from the Santalum alum tree and has been used in alternative medicine for centuries, making it one of the most valuable trees on the planet. You may find that the smell of this oil makes you feel grounded and peaceful. If you are feeling anxious and agitated, sandalwood is a favorite among the mood enhancing scents.

5. Lavender

Lavender is a mood enhancing scent.

Who hasn’t felt the positive effects of lavender? This herb is highly effective in providing a sense of calm amid the chaos of daily life. Many people use it to help them relax and fall asleep at night. It eases anxiety and melts away tension. When you find that stress has your heart pumping faster than it should, lavender can help you slow it down. This soothing scent is a pleasant whole house smell any day — or night — of the week.

6. Jasmine

Jasmines are fragrant flowers with a potent olfactory chemical compound. It is an uplifting smell that has the power to improve feelings of optimism. It can also provide a boost to self-confidence. When you’re feeling on the low side, let the scent of jasmine go to work on your mood. Diffusing an oil that includes a hint of this potent flower can help get you back on your game in no time. You’ll feel recharged and revitalized with mood enhancing scents that contain jasmine.

7. Grass

Maybe you don’t care for the chore of mowing the yard (or perhaps you love it!), but what do you think of the smell of fresh-cut grass? That scent can bring to mind sunny and carefree summer days, family picnics and walks in the park. The smell of grass can calm your nerves and increase feelings of joy and happiness. The good news is that you don’t have to mow the lawn to reap the benefits. Our Lighthouse fragrance does the trick without breaking a sweat.

8. Vanilla

Vanilla is more than just a good coffee flavor. When this aroma is infused in mood enhancing scents, it provides a potent calming effect. These seedpods give off a sweet scent that calms you down when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. When you inhale the smell of vanilla, it may also make you feel happier and more joyful. It can calm you before you hit the pillow at night, leading to a better night’s sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for your day.

9. Apple

Apple is a mood enhancing scent.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but did you know that the smell of apples is also good for your mood? If you have a headache or carry tension in your neck, head to the orchard for relief, or simply infuse your home with our Apple Crate fragrance. Short of baking an apple pie or going for a hayride on a crisp autumn day, it’s the best way to reap the benefits of the soothing scent of apples. Who knows? It may leave you wanting to make that pie, too!

10. Cedarwood

Another earthy scent to add to your collection of mood enhancing scents, cedarwood has a calming effect on frayed nerves. It can reduce anxiety and help you sleep at night. Oils from this tree may help you feel grounded and balance your emotions. When you come home after a hectic day at the office or a busy day running errands, the smell of cedarwood centers you so that you can unwind and enjoy the rest of your day.

Lift Your Mood With a Whole Home Fragrance System

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Photo credit: Ryan Baker (lemons), Anastasia Shuraeva (girl with lavender basket), Elizabeth Tr. Armstrong (apple tree)
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