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The Proper Care of an HVAC Scent Diffuser

The main function of your HVAC scent diffuser is to disperse wonderful aromas throughout your home. These whole-house diffusers are great for people who enjoy coming home to fresh fragrances any time of the day — even if there are unwashed dishes in the sink and dirty laundry piling up in the kids’ rooms! Your new diffuser will take some extra care and knowledge on your part to work perfectly.

What To Know About Your HVAC System

What to know about your HVAC diffuser.

Before considering how to care for your HVAC scent diffuser, make sure that you understand the purpose of your HVAC system as well as what it does for your home. HVAC systems are a combination of heating, venting, and air conditioning — hence the acronym. Instead of supplying your home with one air-conditioned temperature, these units are able to cool it down, heat it up, and keep fresh air circulating through your home all year long. Why is this important? Before hooking up your new whole-home scenting diffuser, you should know what’s happening to the scent and where it goes.

How To Care For Your Diffuser

If cared for properly, each bottle of fragrance should last one to two months and your diffuser should last for years. Here are a few tips to help your HVAC unit and your diffuser have a happy, drama-free relationship.

1. Make Sure to Keep Your Fan On

Remember that acronym? The “v” in HVAC stands for ventilation, which you can switch on by flipping the toggle into the “on” position instead of “auto.” If your fragrance is not circulating enough, or if it seems to be shutting off randomly, it could be that your HVAC system is not running continuously. Make sure that it is switched “on” to keep the fan running — and to keep your scent circulating at a constant level throughout your home — at all times.

2. Use Fragrance Oils That Work With Your System

HVAC systems, and whole-home HVAC scent diffusers, can be difficult to maintain if they are not used in conjunction with the right products. Use off-brand oils or fragrances you find at the dollar store at your own risk! Our fragrances were specifically formulated to work with our diffusers, and you can be sure that they will not damage your diffuser. Feel free to change your fragrance based on the season or pick your favorite one to use all the time. We have quite a few scents to choose from.

3. Clean With Rubbing Alcohol

Because the oils are undiluted, it’s important that you use rubbing alcohol to clean any spills near the unit. Other cleaning products might have ingredients that clash with your HVAC scent diffuser or contain potentially toxic chemicals that could cause damage to the surfaces.

As long as you use the correct fragrances with your device, you should not have a problem. If you have questions or concerns about your unit or the maintenance of the HVAC system that it is connected to, get in touch with us today.

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