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How To Use a Home Fragrance Diffuser

Fill your home with calming, invigorating, or inspirational scents with a home fragrance diffuser. Unlike a room diffuser, these whole-home devices allow you to connect to your air ductwork for pleasing aromas in every room. Learn how to install your scent diffuser and find out where to order one today.

Find Your Air Duct

Air duct for home fragrance diffuser

Whole-home diffusers are installed in your utility room. They use a small tube to send fragrance from an atomizer to your air duct. Find your air outflow ductwork. It should be after your air conditioner and furnace. Don’t attempt to connect your diffuser to the air intake, as this could damage your furnace.

Use the Home Fragrance Diffuser Mounting Guide

Find a convenient place on the wall near your air duct. Use the included mounting guide to drill holes for the included screws. If you’re installing your diffuser on a surface other than wood, be sure to use the provided anchors for a secure fit.

Be sure your chosen location is close enough to the air duct to allow the included tube to reach it. There need to be about 3 inches of tubing inside the duct, so place your diffuser in an appropriately close location. Next, match the back of the diffuser with the screws. This allows your diffuser to atomize your chosen scent and fill your home with your chosen aroma.

Don’t Fragrance Your Home Until You’ve Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

In 5 easy steps, we show you how to get your home ready for scenting, so you can be confident it smells the way you want.

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Insert a Fragrance Bottle Into the Atomizer

Select a participating fragrance bottle. Check to see if your atomizer is unlocked. Gently pull up on the atomizer to remove it. Insert the fragrance bottle, be sure the dip tube is placed inside the bottle, and then screw the bottle into the atomizer. Replace the atomizer into the scent diffuser and use the included keys to lock it and keep it secure.

Install the Tubing

Your home fragrance diffuser comes with a hose to attach the atomizer to your ductwork. One end of the tube can press easily into the top of the atomizer, while the other end needs to be installed into the ductwork.

Find a place in the outflow ductwork that your tube can easily reach. Drill a 3/8-inch hole into the side of the ductwork. Gently stretch out the tubing, making sure there are no kinks or twists in the line. Push at least 3 inches of the tubing into the ductwork to ensure proper use. If necessary, cut the tubing down to the proper length.

Enjoy a Refreshing Experience With a Home Fragrance Diffuser

Once your home fragrance diffuser is successfully installed, it’s time to program it. Your diffuser has manual buttons and can connect to your smartphone or other device using a WiFi connection. Program your diffuser to enjoy your chosen scent at the perfect levels for your home.

Get started today with a home diffuser starter kit from Whole Home Scenting. Create the indoor aroma you desire for your home using natural fragrances and a convenient scent diffuser machine. Whether you need to brighten up your home or calm down after a busy day, shop for the best home fragrance products today.

Photo credit: Pixabay (reed diffuser sticks and candle), Eric Anada (light bulb), Karolina Grabowska (Jess Bailey Designs)
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Don't Fragrance Your Home Until You've Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

In 5 easy steps, we show you how to get your home ready for scenting, so you can be confident it smells the way you want.

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