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How To Make Your Business Smell Good and Why It Matters

Customers are likely to spend more time and money at businesses that smell good. The answer to the question of how to make your business smell good is more complex than simply picking out a fragrance you like and think customers may appreciate. Businesses that are perceived as smelling good tend to use scents that are relevant to the products and services available for sale and the identity of a brand.

Start by selecting a fragrance that corresponds to the type of business you run and the location. The method you use to release a scent is also significant. Fragrances should be noticeable without becoming overpowering at any point. Learn how scent diffusers can improve the smell of your business.

How To Make Your Business Smell Good

Make your business smell good with a diffuser.

It is possible to improve the scent of practically any business location by using a diffuser. Your approach to scenting a location may depend on the surroundings, which may introduce less appealing odors to a business. Businesses that operate in shopping centers or malls may need to overcome ambient odors, while freestanding operations can focus on creating an immersive sensory experience for customers.

Assessing the current scents immediately outside and inside a business is an important step toward deciding how to make your business smell good. It is also worth noting whether certain parts of a business location are prone to be invaded by smells that could have unexpected effects upon mingling with your chosen fragrance or call for additional odor modification. The best diffusers make it possible to set operating times and preferred scent strength.

A diffuser that connects to the outflow ducting of central air in a commercial building is the most reliable way to spread scent throughout a commercial location of any size. If you want to use distinctive aromas in different departments, you may need to situate freestanding diffusers in each area. Business owners should take care that intermingling scents have a pleasant, transitional effect.

Based on the strength of fragrance you choose to dispense and how long diffusers operate on a daily basis, it may be necessary to replace fragrance bottles every one to two months. Once you decide on the right scent for a location or area, you can swap out empty scent bottles for full bottles of the same scent. If you are still experimenting with scents or you plan to use seasonal essences, you can also take this opportunity to switch out the fragrance.

Why Commercial Locations Should Smell Good

Commercial scents may strike some business owners as being an unnecessary luxury, but businesses that smell good tend to make more sales. A research study by Samsung found that consumers exposed to a company scent significantly underestimated the duration of their shopping time by 26% and visited three times as many product categories or departments. Other studies suggest that pleasant odors can also increase customer spending.

In addition to improving purchasing behaviors, a business that smells good can also raise employee morale. Pleasant aromas with stimulating qualities can increase morale and the efficiency with which staff members solve problems. Employees who are in a better mood and customers who are likely to have longer dwell times and spend more can combine in favorable ways. Recognizing the power of scent over everyone who is present in a commercial environment is an important step toward deciding how to make your business smell good.

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Use Pleasant Ambient Scents

A study conducted in a Nike store found that the majority of 400 customers surveyed after shopping reported that a pleasant ambient scent improved their opinion of the store and its products in addition to increasing the likelihood that they would shop there again. The crucial element in this study is the presence of a pleasing scent at an ambient level.

Ambient scents are detectable in a space in which a diffuser is running but are not too pronounced. In addition to focusing on finding an aroma that is a natural fit for the products and services for sale and has positive effects on the occupants of commercial spaces, it is also important to ensure that the diffusers in use have scent strength settings and controls, such as timers. Even pleasant scents can have the opposite effect on customers and employees if too much fragrance is released in a business location over a short period of time.

The Best Scents for Your Business

Choose the best scents for your business.

One of the most important decisions for how to make your business smell good is the type of fragrance you use. Start by brainstorming fragrance notes that are associated with the products or services you sell. Most scent marketing studies indicate that consumer and employee behaviors are affected more positively by scents that make sense for a certain type of business.

A wellness business, for example, could take several approaches. The energizing effects of citrus scents have been shown in a Japanese study, as have the soothing effects of lavender and vanilla. A business could achieve either effect by using Whole Home Scenting’s Simply Citrus, Lemongrass or Lavender Vanilla fragrances.

Stores that sell household goods might prefer to present customers with a clean and pleasant aroma that combines fresh fragrance notes with pleasant florals. The Linen and Lilies fragrance could be a good option for this type of retail environment. The comforting yet invigorating blend of citrus and florals found in the Welcome Home fragrance is another good option.

The geographic location of a business might also affect the type of scents used in businesses. For example, a store or service that is located in close proximity to the ocean might consider a fragrance that incorporates elements of this environment, such as the Whole Home Scenting Beach Cove, Lighthouse or Seaworthy fragrances. Another approach to how to make your business smell good involves considering the emotional triggers associated with particular fragrance notes and selecting a scent that captures the essence of your brand.

Other factors can also affect how customers experience a scent in a commercial context. The size of the location, use of an HVAC-connected diffuser or freestanding diffuser, and other odors that are also present may affect the performance of a particular scent. While a business may prefer to use scents that are formulated with natural ingredients, these essences may be more likely to cause allergic reactions than synthetic fragrances. All of these factors can be significant when selecting scents.

How To Pick the Right Scent

There are many elements to consider when selecting a scent. Owners and managers who want to know how to make your business smell good should not disregard their own personal preferences, but it is important to be aware that the aroma you choose can affect customers and employees. The right scent dispensed at a suitable strength can improve the mood of building occupants and enhance social and purchasing behaviors.

Scent marketing studies show that customers appreciate fragrances that make sense in the context of a given commercial environment. The scents you choose should correspond to the products or services that are offered for sale. Furthermore, any fragrance you choose to contribute to an environment should either blend in with or cover up other odors.

You might also consider how certain fragrance notes can evoke the values of your brand. For instance, green fragrance notes can create a perception of freshness, while citrus is energizing and invigorating. Floral fragrances that are perceived as pleasant and not too strong have been proven to increase customer dwell time. Woody bottom notes can create a grounding effect that brings any enterprise back to its roots.

Introduce a New Scent

Once you find a fragrance that matches your business, you may want to slowly introduce a scent in selected areas before diffusing a scent throughout a structure. Some businesses start using new scents in employee areas and gradually move to customer areas. You can also schedule a special event to seek opinions from long-term customers in a setting that is more like a focus group with rewards or discounts for offering feedback on fragrances.

It is generally a good idea to seek input on a new scent from employees and repeat customers. Both of these groups are likely to have a better frame of reference and an interest in improving the shopping or service experience at a business location. These individuals can also rate the perceived strength of scents to help you dial in the right concentration.

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Why Use Scent Diffusers In Commercial Locations

Use scents in commercial locations.

When considering how to make your business smell good, you should start by factoring in the size of a commercial space, the types of products and services for sale and the identity and values of your brand. The next step is to figure out the best mode of dispersing scents.

It is possible to spread a scent throughout a location by connecting a diffuser unit to the HVAC system. Businesses that have multiple departments may want to set up more than one standalone diffuser. These diffusers can release different fragrances that correspond to the products for sale in each area of a store or different services that a business offers.

Scent diffuser systems enable business owners to control the type and strength of the fragrance released in a facility. This is the case whether a diffuser disperses scent through the outflow ducting of an HVAC system or as a standalone unit. Businesses should use diffusers that are simple to set up through a dedicated application or manually with buttons on the unit.

Should your business relocate, you can uninstall a diffuser connected to the HVAC system and reinstall the system at a new location. After a short set-up process that involves drilling a hole in outflow ducting and inserting a tube that connects to the fragrance bottle inside the diffuser unit, you will be ready to spread scents throughout a new location.

Diffusers give business owners more peace of mind than other scenting methods. These systems release fragrances in a controlled way that should not risk overpowering occupants, which could result in the opposite of the desired effects on customer behavior. Proper use of a diffuser device is more efficient and effective than other ways to spread aromas.

Tips for How To Make Your Business Smell Good

A diffuser connected to an HVAC system works best while the fan is on. The recommended working time for a diffuser system is six to eight hours a day at a frequency of 30 seconds working followed by 250 seconds pausing. Medium spray level should be sufficient for an ambient scent that is noticeable without being overpowering and that can also cover competing odors.

Based on these settings, a diffuser system can provide one to two months of scent from one 300 mL bottle of fragrance. You can then install a full bottle of the same scent in each unit or change the scents to experiment with new fragrances or shift to seasonal or holiday fragrances.

If you want to release distinctive scents in each department of a larger business, you may prefer to use scent diffusers in standalone mode. These systems release scent into the surrounding area rather than the main airflow. If you choose to use multiple scents in the same structure, these fragrances should be complementary and should not clash.

There are several ways to determine which fragrances might work well together. In addition to selecting scents that match the products or services in each part of a commercial location, it is a good idea to look for fragrances that have a few middle or bottom notes in common. This can provide customers with a more consistent scent experience throughout a location.

These suggestions for how to make your business smell good can apply to most types of businesses. Whether you sell products or services, your bottom line may benefit from increased customer dwell time supported by positive sense experiences at a business. Using a scent diffuser or multiple diffuser units can make it easier to control scent levels throughout a commercial location.

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Don't Fragrance Your Home Until You've Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

In 5 easy steps, we show you how to get your home ready for scenting, so you can be confident it smells the way you want.

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