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The Power of Paint

You are feeling the little crispness in the air each morning and evening, and are noticing the leaves start to change, your springtime planting is finally paying off. Your outside world is changing in some of the most beautiful ways, but as you look inside your home, it is looking drab and stagnant to you. You’re not alone, and you can do something about it right now!

One of the most powerful tools for quick and easy change is paint. I’m going to give you a few ideas of special types of paint, and where you can use them to update or even just change the look of things already in your home or fun finds from the thrift store.

Spray Paint

Spray paint something in your home.

If you haven’t used spray paint, boy are you in for a surprise! So many things can be changed with a coat of spray paint! YouTube and Pinterest have countless ideas for how you can use it to change just about anything. I’ve spray painted lamps, vases, drawer pulls, and endless accessories. This is particularly satisfying if you still like the shape of an object but aren’t loving the color anymore.

Chalk Paint

This isn’t “chalkboard paint”, rather it is a special paint meant to be used without a lot of prep work. There are many brands, and even additives to make any regular paint chalk paint. I’ve painted several furniture pieces with chalk paint, including some cabinetry in my laundry room.

Each brand will require specific directions, but they are all fairly quick and easy to use and dry very fast. Your local hardware store will most likely carry a few brands, but you can also google “chalk paint” and find lots of options and colors.

Wall Paint

Paint in your home to give it a makeover.

I know it seems really intimidating but painting a wall or whole room can be a do-it-yourself project. While it does have more prep then chalk paint, regular wall paint is best for big projects. YouTube channels offer quick and easy tips and lots of new tools to make a quick change of palette in a room obtainable to almost anyone. In the 15 years I lived in a house, I painted the kitchen 7 times! It usually took about a day, but as a stay-at-home mom, a little change in scenery was much appreciated.

The Power of Paint

Take a little nudge from Mother Nature today and choose to change the color of something in your home with the power of paint!

Photo credit: Sora Shimazaki (person spray painting), Malte Luk (painting on the wall)
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