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Everything You Need To Know About Scent Branding

If you’ve seen a few episodes of the Netflix show “Halston” and taken a look inside the famous designer’s intense perfume creation process, you know there is more that goes into choosing the components of a fragrance than picking a substance that simply smells good. A lot of forethought goes into how a scent may be used in the corporate world, too. For example, you may associate your favorite department store with the smell of citrus, or perhaps you find yourself more willing to buy shoes from one particular store.

Fragrances are often used in department stores as well as smaller establishments, but you may not even notice their presence. There’s a reason for the subtlety: Companies often use scent branding as a part of their marketing strategy. When customers associate pleasant feelings with a scent and then associate that scent with a particular brand, they may be prompted to shop at that place more frequently and buy more while they’re there. Discover more about scent branding and how it is often utilized by business owners, marketers, and salespeople to create an environment that customers associate with positive feelings.

What Exactly Is Scent Branding?

What is scent branding?

When you hear the terms “scent branding,” “aroma marketing,” or “scent marketing,” they are simply describing using a fragrance to create an association with a brand. Some scents are famous for the brand association: For example, many people who were teens in the 1990s can immediately bring to mind the fragrance of an Abercrombie & Fitch store. Abercrombie & Fitch used one of its own fragrances for this purpose, but this is often not the case for smaller retailers or mom-and-pop stores that use this strategy to drive sales.

Many scents used for branding are more ambiguous, but they are usually intentional. Companies that sell electronics, for example, may arrange for a clean or crisp scent to waft through the air as customers mill through rows of televisions on display. Coffee shops may cater to their customers’ love of java and increase the smell of coffee in their stores by artificial means. Bakeries often keep items in the oven at all times simply for scent-boosting purposes. Our memories and our noses are familiar with these scents even if our conscious minds are not: Whether we like it or not, the right scents can draw us in and invite us to make a purchase.

Why Would a Company Choose To Use Scent Branding?

There are many benefits to using scent as a marketing strategy. Your customers will associate a particular fragrance with your brand, but this is only the beginning of why you may choose to use scent marketing. Fragrance is a powerful psychological tool that can shape the impression of your customers, alter shopping behavior, and ultimately, drive sales upwards.

We Live in a Visually Overstimulating Environment

When you think about marketing or advertising, what comes to mind? For most people, it’s likely the last ad they saw on social media or that TV commercial playing in the background. It may involve fast-moving images, loud music, and intense color. Often, our sensory experience with marketing includes an over-saturation of the visual and auditory senses.

Don’t Fragrance Your Home Until You’ve Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

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For businesses who reach people when they are watching TV, scrolling through social media feeds, or simply walking down the street and noticing a digital sign, there’s often no other way to get their customers’ attention. Those that use scent branding as a part of their strategy may not be able to reach as many people with the specific fragrance, but the customers they do snag this way may be more likely to purchase their product or linger in their store.

Scent Evokes Memory in a Way Our Other Senses Can’t

Scent is linked to both emotion and memory in the human brain, and most people are aware of the fact that memories that are tied to emotions are the strongest. Why not use a combination of these three factors when selling a product? It’s a psychologically effective strategy and it can often fly under the consumer’s radar. If the customer simply associates positive feelings with a certain store or brand, then the marketers have done their job correctly — and very effectively.

It’s a Proven Strategy for Increasing Sales

Scent branding increases sales.

Using fragrance as a marketing strategy been shown to increase customers’ memory of visual ads, create positive associations of a store or a brand, and drive customers to buy more when they are in a scent-enriched environment. Utilizing the power of scent to create an ambiance, an emotion, or a memory can do wonders for your business.

How Can I Start Utilizing Scent Branding?

You don’t have to be a gigantic corporation or an international brand name to begin using scent branding as part of your company’s marketing strategy. To begin, think about your products as well as the emotion you’d like to evoke when your customers step into your physical store. If you sell cosmetics, maybe opt for an invigorating fragrance that wakes up your customers. If you sell clothing, perhaps a fresh, clean scent will create the association you’re going for.

Remember that keeping the scent pleasant and not overwhelming your customers is key to creating a good experience for them in your store. Scent branding can backfire if you go too heavy on the fragrance or select a scent that is unpalatable to many people. Fortunately, when you choose Whole Home Scenting’s line of scents, you get access to a variety of carefully planned and created fragrances as well as seasonal collections. Choose a scent that represents your company’s intention as well as your preference. Though favorite scents may differ, most people, for example, enjoy citrus, vanilla, florals, and seasonal scents that remind them of their favorite holidays.

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If you are committed to your products and you want your customers to fall in love with them as well, consider using scent branding to elevate your customers’ experience as well as your marketing plan. Contact Whole Home Scenting to try our fragrances today!

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Don't Fragrance Your Home Until You've Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

In 5 easy steps, we show you how to get your home ready for scenting, so you can be confident it smells the way you want.

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