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Mother’s Day At Whole Home Scenting

The idea for Whole Home Scenting was born from a proudly self-labeled “stay at home mom”, Angie Sullivan.

Everything begins with a frustrated Angie tirelessly searching for an easy and efficient way to scent her home amidst all the million other things on her never-ending to-do list. Changing wax melts and plugins, blowing out candles, and using short-lived room sprays were just not in the cards as she ran from play practices, PTA meetings, and soccer games.

Talking with her husband and daughter about her frustration, they all began to brainstorm. Angie quickly became the voice and passion for Whole Home Scenting and was the driving force of all its success. Making decisions, giving input, and choosing all of our best-selling fragrances, Angie was (and is) a powerful founder of Whole Home Scenting.

Not only does she serve as a master of fragrance-naming, but also as a grounding and mothering voice when the team needs it most. Angie has offered hugs and words of encouragement through all the road bumps of a young, startup company.

With never-ending optimism and kindness Angie is sweetly referred to as “the company mom”, a title better than any other corporate status.

Angie, our team wants to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! You’ll never know how much we all appreciate and love you. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your talent, savvy, and heart!

Happy Mother’s Day all! We hope you’ll take the time to celebrate today in whatever way resonates with you.

With love, the WHS Team

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