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What Message Does Your Home Scent Send?

When someone walks into your house for the first time, the scent is one of the first things they will perceive. If the scent is something unpleasant, this can be to your detriment. Home scent machines can help you make a positive first impression on your guests and make your house more livable for you and your family on a day-to-day basis.

When you purchase a scent machine for your home, you have many different fragrances to choose from. But which profile is right for you? Which will make the best impression on others? To answer that question, it helps to know how people associate certain smells with certain emotions.

Floral Scents Are Part of a Larger Language of Floriography

People during the Victorian era, especially those of the upper class, were discouraged from expressing emotions directly to one another. Floriography was a “language” of sorts in which different flowers were assigned different, particular meanings. Therefore, by the flowers that you chose to carry or give to someone else, you could send a very explicit message without saying a single word.

Now that communication is more open, people no longer need to send each other coded messages through flower bouquets, and the language of floriography is all but forgotten. However, certain floral scents may still serve to send a more generic message. For example, roses’ scent may still contribute to a romantic atmosphere due in part to the flowers’ long association with love.

Certain Fragrances Can Evoke Specific Feelings When Used With Home Scent Machines

It is not only floral scents that evoke specific feelings in those who encounter them. Foods and drinks, spices, fruits, and other plants can all evoke specific emotions. Even when different people perceive certain scents, the sensation they produce can be very similar. Here are some examples of effects produced by certain fragrances, floral and otherwise:

  • Invigoration: Coffee or mint
  • Calm: Lavender or vanilla
  • Mood Uplift: Citrus fruits
  • Cleanliness: Green plants
  • Hominess: Spices, especially those common in holiday cooking, such as cinnamon

When you know which fragrances are likely to produce which feelings, you can combine them for the desired effect. For example, if you want home occupants to feel happy and calm, you might want to consider a blend that combines citrus scents with vanilla or lavender.

While it is not always entirely clear why certain scents tend to provoke specific feelings, it is known that the sense of smell is closely related to memory. This is because the centers of the brain that control each is located near each other. A familiar smell may produce a sudden, strong memory that was previously all but forgotten.

The Best Fragrances for Your Home Scent Machines Aren’t Necessarily the Strongest

When scenting your whole house, it is tempting to go overboard and saturate the air. However, fragrances are usually more effective when they are subtle. At Whole Home Scenting, we offer sample sets of fragrances so you can test them out before purchasing them for home scent machines that you can then adjust to the desired level. This allows you to make sure that you can live with the fragrance and send a positive message about yourself to others.

Photo credit: Vie Studio (eucalyptus), Pixabay (peppermint leaves)
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