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Features to Look for in Scent Marketing Diffusers

Businesses around the world use a variety of approaches in scent marketing, from diffusers to the natural aroma coming from cooking or baking. For your scent strategy to be effective, the type of fragrance and diffusing technique need to be given careful thought. Too little and the smell is unnoticed, while too much can act as a repellant driving consumers away. Scent marketing diffusers can provide the ideal balance for your business.

The Options for Scent Marketing Diffusers

A diffuser permeates a fragrance throughout a space via a liquid reservoir that dispenses essential oils or other fragrant particles into the air. Reed diffusers may also come to mind, as these were popular during the late 1990s. However, reeds aren’t able to handle the demands of a large commercial space, so aren’t a great option for scent marketing.

The most commonly recognized diffusers come in four basic types: heat, ultrasonic, nebulizing and evaporative. Each diffuser has a unique way of releasing a fragrance into the air. The Whole Home scenting diffusers are nebulizers and work by breaking up scented oil into nanoparticles.

For a large commercial space to be adequately and tastefully blanketed with a precise amount of fragrance, the diffuser selection is important. With a carefully chosen scent, you can transport patrons, clients, employees or consumers to a different time or place, one that is comforting, energizing or stimulating. A diffuser that consistently releases a fine aromatic mist throughout a space can create a positive link to your business brand and visitors’ overall experience.

The Branding Needs With Scent Marketing Diffusers

Brands can use scent marketing to increase sales.

Not every diffusing option can be beneficial for your business. Small household diffusers may be OK for a personal office but won’t do much to create a consistent scent across the building or commercial space.

To build your business brand, your diffuser needs to supply your chosen fragrance to your entire specified area. This may be in the lobby of your office building, inside a retail shop or throughout a hotel. Your branding campaign is therefore only as effective as the diffuser you select. Not only that, but the scent you need to cultivate a better consumer experience needs to be available for use within your selected diffuser. Here are key features to look for in a diffuser.

The Right Matching Products

The goal of a scent marketing plan is to attract and retain consumers, increase their positive associations with your brand and encourage them to respond to a prompt. The fragrances used in scent marketing diffusers should have a contextual meaning to both the environment and the product being sold. The scent must be supported by the shopping environment, simple and easy to recognize. For example, diffusing the aroma of freshly baked cookies wouldn’t achieve much success in a sporting goods store. However, an outdoor or woodsy scent can draw consumers in and subtly encourage more spending.

Not all fragrances can be used across the different diffusers on the market. The chemical composition may not disperse evenly throughout a space when you try to use a scent that isn’t specifically prepared by the diffuser’s manufacturer. The properties of the wrong scented liquid may also damage or erode the internal components of the diffuser, rending your marketing strategy ineffective and creating costly repairs or replacement. The Whole Home Scenting has a wide range of fragrances, spanning seasonal, citrus or calming influences.

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Easily Adjustable Balance

A pleasant smell creates an agreeable perception of a location and makes positive associations with the surrounding environment. However, the intensity of a fragrance influences how pleasant a consumer finds a scent to be. With scent marketing diffusers, less is more. It doesn’t matter how delightful an aroma may be; surpassing optimal intensity creates an unpleasant fragrance that consumers turn up their noses at. This can hurt your brand’s image.

The diffuser should be able to deliver the selected fragrance uniformly throughout a location. There is little time during a busy workday to put off your long lines of consumers to fiddle with a diffuser and adjust the level of scent coming through. The machine should be reliable but also easy to control. Whole Home Scenting carries reliable diffusers that can be managed from the Whole Home Scenting App. It is easy to monitor or adjust the level of fragrance coming into your space. The scents are also carefully crafted to provide subtle tones and fragrances rather than an overpowering stench.

Maintenance-Free Operation

Business owners have a lot to manage, and the pressure to keep up with every little detail can cause your hair to fall out early. Scent marketing shouldn’t be an added worry. After all, the sense of smell of the strongest of the five senses, and taking in a scent is a natural part of life. Your hardest task should be deciding on a fragrance after determining which of the scent marketing diffusers is right for you. You don’t want to also be wondering if the machine will break or how long a fragrance will last.

The Whole Home Scenting diffuser is worry-free. It is simple to install, easy to maintain and delivers your selected fragrance for up to two months. It works by turning the chosen scent into a dry mist released into the HVAC system. This cold-diffusion technology won’t damage your ventilation systems, and without heat involved, it guarantees safe operation in your commercial location. One system can cover around 5,000 sq. feet with consistent, perfectly blended fragrances.

The Fragrances for Scent Marketing Diffusers

Best fragrances for your scent marketing strategy.

With Whole Home Scenting, you have over a dozen phthalate-free, paraben-free, vegan, skin safe and IFRA compliant fragrances to choose from. Unique blends like Cloudy Skies, Cactus Blossom, Welcome Home or Lavender Vanilla are more than just enticing to your consumers. They are safe to inhale as well.

The Best Option Out of Scent Marketing Diffusers

For a diffuser that has desirable features and outperforms other scent marketing diffusers, turn to Whole Home Scenting. Give your brand a unique scent that keeps customers coming back for more.

Photo credit: Christina Morillo (marketing team), Anete Lusina (woman smelling a candle)
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Don't Fragrance Your Home Until You've Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

In 5 easy steps, we show you how to get your home ready for scenting, so you can be confident it smells the way you want.

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