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Eliminate Pet Odors Using a Home Fragrance System

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Any pet parent knows how easy it is to become attached to the four-legged friends who roam the house. You may be used to the presence of your pup or kitty, but incoming visitors may walk through the door and get a whiff of an unmistakable pet odor. To leave your house smelling fresh and inviting, even when your pet is sprawled out on the rug, consider the assistance of the best home fragrance system on the market.

Why Do I Need the Best Home Fragrance System?

If you are going to be honest about the smell in your home, you have to understand that a cheap fix isn’t a lasting solution to pet odor. There are several things pet owners commonly use to disguise what is going on scent-wise indoors, but as you will see, none of them offer a comprehensive solution to pet odors. Consider these four less-than-effective fixes.

1. Candles or Tart Warmers

While the flame can be pretty, the scent of a candle only masks the odor in a particular area. If your pet has access to numerous rooms in the house, a candle doesn’t have enough coverage. It is also a temporary fix. The scent of a candle or warmer only works when the wax is melted, leaving you with a very short window of fragrance. It is also a fire hazard to leave these items burning for long periods of time or unattended.

2. Carpet Freshener

There are several brands of carpet freshener specifically marketed to address pet odor. Depending on which product you buy, odor elimination involves liberally sprinkling the carpet of your home with the powder, letting it sit for a few hours or overnight, then thoroughly vacuuming the carpets. There are also deodorizer foams that work to neutralize the odors stuck deep within the carpet fibers. These are a temporary solution to odor, and cleaning experts warn that consistent use of freshening powders can lead to damage in your vacuum cleaner.

3. Pet Products

Many pet owners hope that liberal applications of pet fragrance products can keep down the natural smell that comes from their furry friend. Scented shampoos, conditioners, or deodorant sprays can act as a temporary odor block, but this doesn’t take care of the molecules trapped in the upholstery or carpet. As well, you run the risk of irritating your pet’s skin and dulling the fur if you constantly turn to application products to address the smell. Though bathing your pet does help, too many baths can dry out an animal’s skin and create discomfort with your four-legged family member.

4. Aerosol Fresheners

If you have company coming over, you may grab the bottle of air freshener and spritz it through the house to mask any unpleasant odors. Don’t feel judged; this last-minute effort can be effective. However, it is a temporary solution. You may only have a few minutes before the odor starts to creep back into the room.
If these have been your go-to fixes for pet odor problems, you should turn to something better.

What Is the Best Home Fragrance System?

Though there are decent short-term options for dealing with pet smells, none of these are able to comprehensively eliminate the odor throughout the house. These solutions are isolated, working in one area or room at a time. To really deal with a smell that has permeated the entire square footage of the house, you need a home air freshener system.

Not just any home air freshener will work, though. You don’t want to pump fragrances into the house that are full of toxic parabens or phthalates. You also don’t want a haphazard amount of fragrance released to the point that the scent is suffocating and off-putting.

The Whole Home Fragrance diffuser system is a solution to messy wax candles or tiny bottles of air freshener. It is an effective alternative to carpet powders or lavender-scented dog shampoo. Though these all have their place, a whole home diffuser system gives you an even distribution of high-quality fragrances throughout your entire house.

You aren’t limited in fragrance options, either. For bright, vibrant olfactory notes, try the Golden Hour fragrance. Looking for something more subdued? Try the crisp, clean smell of the Linen and Lilies fragrance. You don’t have to worry about the effect of the scent diffuser on your pet friends, as Whole Home Scenting relies on a delicate combination of natural and synthetic ingredients that are toxin-free.

What Else Can I Do for Pet Odor?

Cat paws

A whole home air freshener (via your HVAC sytem) will definitely change the smell of your home, but you may still want to do something about the origin of the odor. Your four-legged pal has a unique scent, and the smell can become problematic if you don’t follow some general pet hygiene tips:

  • Clean your pet’s paws. This is an important step if your pet is allowed to go in and out of the home freely. You don’t have to give your dog a complete bath, but using pet-safe baby wipes or moist wipes can remove the dirt or particles from paws that can get trapped in the furniture or carpet. These particles can lead to odor throughout the house. This step also helps keep your floors and furniture clean.
  • Be sure to groom your pet every day. Speak to a veterinarian about how often to bathe your pet, but consider using grooming wipes to remove odor and dirt from the fur. Brushing your cat or dog every day can remove loose fur and dander. Vacuum after brushing to avoid letting the debris sink into the furniture or carpet. Pet breath can get into the furnishings of your house, so don’t forget about teeth-cleaning dog treats or personally brushing your pet’s teeth.

Your fun-loving pet can be a bright spot in your day, but the funky smell can be a real downer. Stop wasting your time with temporary fixes. Invest in a whole home fragrance diffuser and kiss pet odor goodbye. Whole Home Scenting has several fragrances to bring new life to your air quality, making the home a more enjoyable place to hang out with your furry friend.

Photo credit: Ivy Son (cats on couch), Monica Silvestre (cat paws)

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