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How Your Sense of Smell Impacts Your Mood

The human body is equipped with five important senses: touch, taste, seeing, hearing and smell. Your sense of smell is strongly linked to how you feel. The power of scent is evident when evaluating how smells affect your mood. The sense of smell can trigger both positive and negative emotions, so it’s important to learn more about how to control this phenomenon and set yourself up for success. Here are details about how the mind reacts to smell and what scents you can use to trigger more positive emotions.

Thinking About How Smells Affect Your Mood

How smell affects your mood.

Smell impacts the mind and can affect how you’re feeling. The reason for this is because of how important scent is to each person’s experience. Specific smells often get associated in people’s minds with emotions and experiences happening at the same time. For example, if you had a happy memory of going to a carnival as a child and eating sweet cotton candy, the smell of cotton candy may trigger feelings of joy whenever its scent is in the air. In many cases, these scent memories are formed at a young age and carried on throughout life.
It’s also possible that certain scents may be associated with bad memories or unpleasant emotions. A common scent that many people don’t enjoy is the smell of fragrant mourning flowers or lilies at a funeral home. Although there is nothing hostile behind the smell of these flowers on their own, many people’s memories of this scent are associated with deep pain and loss, and the scent of them, even years later, may trigger sadness. Some negative emotions may come up with seemingly random scents, depending on what early memories are associated with the smell.

Manipulating the Environment and Smell for Good

It’s also possible to use the understanding of how smells affect your mood and optimize your spaces, such as your home, car, and office, to keep those positive emotions going. There may be certain scents that you have associated with happy or exciting memories and recreating them by using scent may be something to consider.
There are a variety of different options when it comes to distributing a scent, such as essential oils or home diffusers. You can create a custom blend of your favorite smells to make your home or office a much more positive space. After identifying your favorites, you can also start being more selective in your shampoo, soap, and personal fragrance products, such as lotion or body spray. Your laundry detergent and deodorant may also play a role. Here are some ways you can use scent to impact how you feel:

Nostalgia Links

As mentioned before, one way how smells affect your mood is through memories, even ones you have forgotten. To do this, you may need to think about your earliest childhood experiences and milestones. Some people have strong emotions connected to the smell of a loved one’s perfume or home. They may also link their sense of smell to a particular place, such as the neighborhood they grew up in or a favorite vacation spot. One example could be a memory of a vacation to Hawaii or another tropical destination, which may be linked forever to the smell of native freesia plants.
Once you have identified the actual scent of a positive piece of nostalgia, you can use it in your space if there is a comparable essential oil. If that’s not possible, you may be able to experience the smell again if it’s a common flower, food item, or household product. Having this little piece of nostalgia ready to go can help give your mood an instant boost.

Productivity Boosters

How scent can be a productivity booster.

Smell is also a factor in your productivity at work and at home. Certain aromas help invigorate the brain and give you a boost in energy. One scent known to have this effect is peppermint. The minty fresh smell may trigger your brain into focusing and thinking more clearly.
Spicy scents like cinnamon and clove may also boost your energy and productivity. Having cinnamon or clove in a room diffuser in the office may help you concentrate more on finishing your projects. They may also assist with preventing mental fog and fatigue during long days at work.

Calming Activators

Another factor that shows how smells affect your mood is when you’re looking for relaxation. Spas, massage businesses, and salons have been using calming aromatherapy practices for many years due to their effectiveness. There’s a reason why people feel so relaxed and refreshed after a spa day, and some of that comes from the power of scent.
The most common scent that is associated with peaceful relaxation is lavender. Lavender is a great choice for people looking to reduce stress and feel more at ease. Another popular scent that helps you feel calmer and less anxious is jasmine.

Creativity Stimulators

If you have a job in a creative field, you may struggle with keeping up with the constant demand for new, innovative ideas. One suggestion to keep your creative juices flowing is to use the power of scent. An option is to choose a lemon scent to stimulate your mind, get clarity for your thoughts and find some inspiration.
Orange is another powerful scent that makes people feel rejuvenated and alive. This smell may also be a creativity booster and give you a self-confidence power-up. Some other scents that may be associated with more creative thoughts and original ideas are juniper, sandalwood, tangerine, clove, rosemary and cypress. This might be the key factor that helps restart your imagination.

Find Out How Smells Affect Your Mood and Get Into Your Happy Place

Get into your happy place with scents.

Want to learn more about how smells affect your mood? At Whole Home Scenting, you can order a set of scent samples to discover your perfect mood-boosting combination. Then, create a space at home, your office or anywhere else you spend a lot of time and use your brain’s sense of smell to heighten your positive feelings every day.

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