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What Are the 7 Best Smells for Home?

How your home smells sets the mood for how you will feel while you’re there. While the air in everyone’s home can get a little stale now and then, it doesn’t have to stay that way for long periods of time. A quality air freshener paired with the right scent blends is one of the easiest ways to get the best smells for home.

What Are the Best Smells for Home?

At Whole Home Scenting we offer a wide variety of fragrances to try in your home. With all the choices available, you may find yourself torn between different options. Choosing the best smells for home is all about finding something that fits your preferences while also setting the mood you want. Some strategies are selecting specific smells that go along well with different rooms, selecting fragrances based on the season, or looking into aromatherapy. Check out seven of our versatile types of smells to get you started.

1. Relaxing Fragrances

Odors can appear in dreams.

A great choice for bedrooms or living rooms, relaxing fragrances can soothe worries and help you unwind at the end of the day. Using aromatherapy has become increasingly popular during recent years, and it’s easy to incorporate it into your life while also refreshing the smell of your home. Scent blends that contain lavender can be especially good at soothing anxious feelings and creating an atmosphere of relaxation. Jasmine is another option that can work similarly while also offering a lighter aroma that can help you feel content.

2. Energizing Fragrances

Just like aromatherapy can help you relax, it can also increase your productivity. Energizing fragrances are great choices for home offices or any space where you need to get work done. Fragrances containing rosemary can work as a pick-me-up that helps you feel more alert and shake off any sleepiness. Cinnamon or peppermint are also good options that can help with focus, deep concentration, and even brainstorming.

3. Clean and Fresh Fragrances

Whether you’re doing a deep spring cleaning or simply want to add that final finishing touch after tidying up, clean-smelling fragrances can go a long way toward refreshing your home. Citrusy scents are often associated with cleanliness. Look for scent blends that contain orange, grapefruit, or lemongrass to make a space smell fresh and tidy. These can also be good options for covering up stubborn scents, such as lingering pet odors, after you finish cleaning.

4. Fall Fragrances

As the seasons start to change, many people transition from spending a lot of time in outdoor spaces to being inside more and take the opportunity to switch things up around their home by changing up the decor. The way your home smells can change right along with the weather to create a cozy feeling that pairs well with your changing activities during the fall season. We offer a variety of fragrance oils centered around the best smells for home to remind you of fall fun. Look for scenting options that contain notes of apple, cinnamon, and cedar to bring to mind images of falling leaves and sweater weather.

5. Holiday Fragrances


The sense of smell is tied to memory in the brain, and certain scents have a way of reminding people of good memories they’ve made. You can create a nostalgic and festive atmosphere with holiday fragrances. During the winter holiday season, everyone spends a lot of time indoors, and it is more likely that you’ll have family and friends over to visit. Choosing a special holiday fragrance blend for this time of year keeps everything smelling good and sets the right ambiance for a winter celebration. Look for blends with a lot of spicy, complex aromatics, such as cedar, evergreen, orange, or rosemary.

6. Nature Fragrances

There are many fragrance oils inspired by the natural world that can be some of the best smells for home if you want to create a fairly neutral but still wonderful-smelling atmosphere. These can be great for the summer or for any time of the year that you don’t want to use scents that may be more heavily associated with specific holidays or seasons.

Scent blends such as our Cactus Blossom, Cedar and Vine, and other fragrances combine different scents into appealing new combinations. Depending on what you decide to try, you can bring anything from bright tropical scents to earthy forest-like aromas into your home.

7. Nautical Fragrances

Similar to nature-inspired fragrances, nautical fragrances are a good choice for fairly neutral smells, and they can work especially well for summer months. These types of scent blends are generally meant to be reminiscent of the fresh, breezy air that comes from being near the ocean. Rather than smelling salty or fish, however, they focus only on clean notes, and florals are often a highlight. Some nautical options have tropical notes, while others focus on deeper scents such as cedar and musk. It is a good idea to read the descriptions to know what to expect from fragrances that may not have obvious scent notes in their names.

Using the Best Smells for Home

Pleasant scents are important for your home.

Once you have a better idea of which fragrances will be the best smells for home, it is time to look looking into the way to properly distribute them. Our fragrances come in the form of oils that can be used in a diffuser. To get the right fragrances in your home, you’ll need to decide if you want one fragrance dispersed throughout your whole home or if you prefer different fragrances from room to room. We sell diffusers that tie into your heating and cooling system and are powerful enough to disperse our fragrances throughout your entire home. This can save you the hassle of having to juggle multiple diffusers, candles, or other devices in every room.

Whether you’re interested in whole-home diffusers or simply want to purchase new scents, you can view our entire selection of fragrances and diffusers in our online store. Take a look at our products to find all of the best smells for home discussed above and more.

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