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Aroma scent marketing.

How Aroma Scent Marketing Affects Customer Behavior

Creating emotional connections and memorable experiences is vital for brands competing in today’s competitive marketplace. Smell is the strongest and most intensely emotional of the five human senses. A

Smell affects the brain in many ways.

How Smells Affect the Brain

The sense of smell is much more important than many people realize. This is evidenced by the fact that the sense of olfaction, which is the act of smelling,

Smell and sleep facts.

Four Fascinating Facts About Smell and Sleep

The relationship between smell and sleep is dynamic and has yet to be fully elucidated. While there are proven benefits of aromatherapy on sleep, more studies need to be

Scent marketing examples.

8 Scent Marketing Examples

One of the easiest and yet most overlooked aspects of marketing involves the sense of smell. Olfactory marketing, or scent marketing, is a powerful tool that every business owner

Scent marketing in healthcare facilities.

Why Healthcare Facilities Use Scent Marketing

Medical facilities around the world have participated in research on scent marketing in healthcare. Studies have found that, from pediatric to elder care, certain ambient scents positively affect the

Scent marketing in the USA.

How To Increase Sales Based on Scent Marketing USA

Ecommerce has hit storefront and brick-and-mortar business locations hard, with online purchases accounting for nearly 21% of retail sales during 2020. As more consumers prefer to shop from the

Your nose benefits your life with your sense of smell.

3 Reasons to Thank Your Nose

Our five senses are powerful and essential ways we connect with our world. Touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell. All these senses are incredibly important as they guide and

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