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Everything You Need To Know About Scent Branding

If you’ve seen a few episodes of the Netflix show “Halston” and taken a look inside the famous designer’s intense perfume creation process, you know there is more that

6 surprising ways that smell affects your mood.

6 Surprising Ways Smell Affects Your Mood

Of your five senses, your sense of smell has the strongest direct link to some of the deepest parts of the brain. For decades, researchers largely ignored this link.

The unexpected importance of your sense of smell.

Why Scent Is Important

Most people underestimate the importance of scent. If asked, they would probably say that they consider the sense of smell to be beneficial but not essential. The lack of

Safe for pets

Are Essential Oils Safe for Your Pets?

Scenting one’s home using essential oils is a great and natural way to keep your living space smelling clean and pleasant. Essential oils are affordable and the scents they

5 scent marketing statistics.

5 Scent Marketing Statistics Based On Research

There has been a lot of buzz about scent marketing backed by plenty of scent marketing statistics. Major brands have successfully used this sensory marketing tactic for decades. Scientific

Types of scent marketing to grow your business.

A Comparison of the Types of Scent Marketing

Scent marketing engages customers’ senses and can play a big part in building brand loyalty. It is important to take the right approach to scent marketing and decide on

What every business should know about scent marketing.

What Every Business Should Know About Scent Marketing

Have you noticed foot traffic around your storefront flagging? If so, you may be neglecting a potentially critical element to your marketing strategy: scent marketing. Many people underestimate the

How your sense of smell impacts your moods.

How Your Sense of Smell Impacts Your Mood

The human body is equipped with five important senses: touch, taste, seeing, hearing and smell. Your sense of smell is strongly linked to how you feel. The power of

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