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Fragrance oil

Do Air Diffusers Work With Fragrance Oils?

Many air diffusers are designed to work with fragrance oils. The leading whole home air diffuser unlocks a large library of unique fragrances and special seasonal selections formulated with

8 benefits of scent marketing.

8 Benefits of Scent Marketing

The in-store shopping experience is being transformed using scents to create good associations with company brands. Scent marketing is a strategy that employs ambient, pleasing scenting in retail environments

5 scent marketing statistics.

5 Scent Marketing Statistics Based On Research

There has been a lot of buzz about scent marketing backed by plenty of scent marketing statistics. Major brands have successfully used this sensory marketing tactic for decades. Scientific

Ways to get rid of pet odor in your house.

9 Ways To Get Rid of Pet Odor in Your House

Pets bring many wonderful things to your home. The companionship, fun and love that comes with pet ownership are well worth the challenges. Unfortunately, how to get rid of

What every business should know about scent marketing.

What Every Business Should Know About Scent Marketing

Have you noticed foot traffic around your storefront flagging? If so, you may be neglecting a potentially critical element to your marketing strategy: scent marketing. Many people underestimate the

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