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Why we redesigned our diffuser.

New Whole Home Diffuser—Why We Changed

Due to the many global supply chain issues, you may have noticed that our diffusers have been out of stock. Instead of waiting for product and pushing back timelines,


How To Choose the Best Home Fragrance Machine

A delightful fragrance transforms a house into a home. Consumer-grade fragrance products often involve risks, such as burning candles or using scents that contain substances you do not want

Create your dream home.

How to Love Your Home

Maybe you’ve been blessed to have your dream home and it fits your family and expectations perfectly. If that is the case, you’re probably one of the very few

Dangers of scented candles.

The Dangers of Scented Candles

With its warm, flickering light and sweet fragrance, a scented candle may seem like the ultimate home accessory to promote relaxation. However, if you knew about the hidden dangers

Give your front door a makeover.

3 Ways to Refresh Your Front Door

The entrance to your home is really a reflection of you and your family. What does your front porch say to visitors? Does it say “welcome”, or does it

Hand touching lavender

How To Use a Home Fragrance Diffuser

Fill your home with calming, invigorating, or inspirational scents with a home fragrance diffuser. Unlike a room diffuser, these whole-home devices allow you to connect to your air ductwork

Fragrance oil

Do Air Diffusers Work With Fragrance Oils?

Many air diffusers are designed to work with fragrance oils. The leading whole home air diffuser unlocks a large library of unique fragrances and special seasonal selections formulated with


Everything You Need To Know About Scent Branding

If you’ve seen a few episodes of the Netflix show “Halston” and taken a look inside the famous designer’s intense perfume creation process, you know there is more that

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