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Take Relaxation To the Next Level With an Electric Oil Diffuser

Having time to devote to relaxation may seem like a distant memory, but it doesn’t have to be. Certain fragrances can trigger reactions in the body that induce a state of calm. Adding an electric oil diffuser to bring those scents into your home or office freshens the air and promotes a zen-like atmosphere. This brief guide covers the basics of how to incorporate scents into your relaxation sessions to take them to the next level.

Understanding How an Electric Oil Diffuser Works

There are several types of powered diffusers on the market today; however, only two are generally recommended for scenting a large area. These are the nebulizing and ultrasonic diffusers.


If you are ready to make an investment in your health and really freshen up your home, then a nebulizing diffuser is a great option. They work by vaporizing oils into tiny nanoparticles that are then dispersed throughout the air. Because of how this process works, there is no need to continuously add water, which makes them low maintenance. Nebulizers are excellent for when you want to add fragrance to a large space. Some models, like our revolutionary oil diffuser, work with your HVAC system to freshen the entire house.

Ultrasonic Electric Oil Diffuser

Using an electric oil diffuser to relax.

These popular units are also sometimes called cool mist diffusers. Oil is added to a water reservoir where ultrasonic waves mix the two and disperse them throughout the air as a soft mist. Even though they use water to expel vapor into the room, cool mist diffusers should not be confused with humidifiers, as they generally do not produce enough moisture to change humidity levels.

Choosing Scents That Help You Unwind

Having an electric diffuser alone won’t help you relax without the right scents. There are hundreds of individual fragrances and blends to choose from, and each one will evoke a unique set of emotions. However, if boosting your relaxation sessions is your main reason for using scented oils, then a good place to start is with fragrances that are widely used to ease tension and encourage relaxation.

  • Lavender: Universally praised as a relaxing and soothing scent, lavender is said to bring calm and serenity when diffused in a home.
  • Lemongrass: Use soothing lemongrass to alleviate headaches and create a spa-like mood throughout your home.
  • Vanilla: Warm and inviting, vanilla can evoke memories of holiday baking, family, and comfort, creating a cozy, relaxed environment.

Using an Electric Oil Diffuser to Boost Relaxation

Boost relaxation with an electric oil diffuser.

Our Whole Home Scenting diffusers and scented oils can completely transform the feeling inside your home. No matter the reason you want to reduce tension and stress in your house, our whole house electric oil diffuser can help change the mood to one of peace and relaxation. It is simple to install and even easier to operate. Contact us if you want to learn more. We are happy to answer your questions and explain how you can use a diffuser to help boost relaxation and make your home more inviting.

Photo credit: Eva Elijas (white oil diffuser with dropper), Andrea Piacuadio (woman in orange shirt relaxing on couch)
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