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5 features your diffuser should have.

Features to Consider When Finding the Best Home Diffuser

When you consider purchasing a diffuser, you may get overwhelmed by the number of retailers and options available. You may try to narrow your choice …

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Change your home with air freshener

How To Make Your House Smell Good

Your home has a distinct scent, although you may be so accustomed to it that you don’t smell it anymore. For those with pets, children, …

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Health benefits of an air scent diffuser

12 Ways an Air Scent Diffuser Is Good For Your Health

In the not-so-distant past, health professionals frowned upon aromatherapy as a feel-good placebo. Over the years, however, several studies have shown that both essential oils …

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Best whole house diffuser for sick kids

Sick Kids? Help Them Breathe Easier With a Whole House Diffuser

Kids know that it’s no fun to be sick, and parents understand the toll that having a child ill in bed can have on their …

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7 ways to make your home smell amazing

7 Secrets to a Delicious-Smelling Home

Your home should be a welcome retreat after a long day at work, but what if you walk in the door only to be greeted …

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Fragrance oils.

An Introduction to Fragrance Oils

The leading scenting systems use fragrance oils. Fragrances developed in a lab last longer, have more pronounced scents and are less likely to cause allergic …

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Scent marketing research.

Scent Marketing Research That Shows It’s Effective

Scent marketing is not a new concept. There are documented cases of ancient civilizations using scents on everything from ships to pets. However, with improvements …

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Scents that encourage buying.

Hit Marketing on the Nose: Learn the Scents That Encourage Buying

To run a successful business, you have to lure customers into your store and somehow convince them to spend money. One way to boost your …

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