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Best Products To Use To Achieve a Pleasant Smelling Home

Have you ever wondered what your home smells like to someone visiting you for the first time? It can be difficult to know for sure if your home smells good because you tend to go nose blind in your own house; that is, you get used to the smells around you. One way to ensure your home smells the pleasant way you want is to use the best home fragrance products on the market. While your first thoughts might go straight to lighting a candle, your home may be better off with long-term scenting solutions using fragrance oils, home diffusers, and whole-house HVAC diffusers.

Best Home Fragrance Oils

Oils are an easy way to distribute a specific smell throughout your home. The great thing about fragrance oils is that they can combine various aromas into one complex product. It is important to understand that fragrance oils are not necessarily the same as essential oils, although they still have some of the same great benefits.

Difference Between Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils

The main difference between fragrance oils and essential oils is how they are made. Fragrance oils are typically manufactured in a lab, while essential oils are extracted from a plant source. Some people use essential oils to treat health conditions and enhance smells around them; however, when used to enhance the scent of your surroundings, fragrance oil tends to provide many of the same benefits as essential oils.

Essential oils tend to be more concentrated, so depending on how you use them, they may need to be diluted with water first. This is particularly important if you are using the oil topically, putting it in contact with your skin. On the other hand, fragrance oils are usually reserved only for enhancing the aroma of a product or location. Both fragrance oils and essential oils are generally safe for people to use.

Benefits of Using Fragrance Oils

Oils are an efficient way to move a specific aroma throughout a room. Aerosol sprays tend not to last very long and can be heavy in the air. However, several other devices can effectively move oil through the air in a room or home. The scent of the oil you choose is essential if you are looking for a specific benefit from its use. Different members of your family may like certain smells and wish to avoid others. The type of smell that you choose for your home can also have a secondary effect on how people in a room feel. The use of certain smells to promote health and mental well-being is often referred to as aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy uses fragrances to enhance not only the way your surroundings smell but also boost your physical, mental, or emotional health. While essential oils are typically used for the therapeutics of aromatherapy and may even sometimes hold a medical-grade status, fragrance oils may last longer and provide similar benefits regarding specific scents:

  • Citrus scents such as orange and lemon are energizing, meaning they tend to give you energy and uplift your mood.
  • Woodsy scents such as cedar and sandalwood have a grounding effect and promote balance.
  • Earthy smells such as vanilla and patchouli are calming and aid in relaxation, especially when used as a fragrance base note.

Sure, the right smell may help you relax your mind a little easier, but there are other reasons to make your home smell a certain way. In particular, if you worry about certain smells following family members around after some time at the gym, sports practice, or even just long hours at work, fragrance oils can help tamp out offending odors and give you time to take care of dirty clothes and more before the smells become noticeable.

Perhaps your family is meticulously clean, and you don’t have to worry about foul odors; however, you tend to feel festive around each holiday. Fragrance oils are also beneficial for establishing a specific atmosphere. Floral aromas are perfect for Valentine’s day and springtime. Citrus and fruity scents have a summery feel, while apples and earthy smells evoke autumn, Halloween, and shorter days. Cinnamon and pine conjure memories of the December holidays, while vanilla paired with musky scents can be great for January. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference.

Fragrances To Choose

Whole Home Scenting has a wide selection of fragrance oils and essential oils to choose from, so which one is the best? Consider the following three parts of a fragrance when selecting one of our oils:

  • Top Notes: The top notes of a fragrance are the smells you notice first. They are your initial impression and what you are most likely to recognize about the aroma. However, the top notes also tend to be the first part of the fragrance to fade away. Another name for top notes is headnotes.
  • Middle Notes: The middle notes of a fragrance are the heart of the smell, so it’s no wonder that some people also refer to them as the heart notes. Middle notes usually follow the top notes, so they become more noticeable as the initial aroma fades away. The heart notes are still temporary, though, and while they last a little longer than their top note counterparts, they will also fade over time.
  • Base Notes: The base notes are the foundation of a fragrance. You might get a hint of them with your first whiff, but they become more noticeable as the top, and middle notes fade out. Base notes are more likely to linger around your home the longest.

For example, our Sweet Magnolia fragrance contains fruity top notes that include orange, apple, and melon in addition to our Fresh scent. Its middle notes are more floral with magnolia and iris, as well as a hint of citrus. Its bottom notes consist of sandalwood and balsam.

Our fragrance options range from woody and sweet to spicy, from fresh and fruity to citrus, floral, and natural. The kinds of fragrances that appeal to you may differ from what another person enjoys, so it’s important to test out a few different oils and discover what you enjoy. When selecting a fragrance, don’t discount one just because it sounds strange to you. For example, our Sweet Tobacco fragrance raises eyebrows from some people because of its name, but the fragrance itself is delightfully woodsy with vanilla middle notes.

Keep in mind that you acclimate to new fragrances over time. If you find that you no longer notice your currently selected fragrance, it may be a good idea to change the one you’re using. Whole Home Scenting offers sample bottles that contain 3 mL of a fragrance to help you choose which ones you enjoy the most. Our full-size products are 300 mL each and can last anywhere from one to two months each, depending on usage.

Best Home Fragrance Diffusers

A diffuser is a device that aids in distributing a specific scent into the air. This broad definition encompasses many different methods, including candles, aroma sticks, wax warmers, and mist diffusers.

Difference Between Mist Diffusers and Other Fragrance Dispersion Methods

The method used to spread a scent throughout your home is important. Candles have been popular in the past, but they create smoke and a fire hazard in general. In fact, if you are currently living in a rental home or apartment, burning candles may even be prohibited by your contract. Aroma sticks offer a rustic appearance but require shelving space and a regular stock of sticks to keep on hand. Wax warmers can be about as efficient as a mist diffuser and require space for placement, a regular stock of wax cubes, and can be limited to areas near an electrical outlet.

Mist diffusers do require space for placement as well as access to an electrical outlet. Still, they have the advantage of being able to distribute their scent with more power than other dispersion methods. You should note if your diffuser uses a dry mist or if it is actually a humidifier, which produces a wet mist. Whole Home Scenting offers dry mist diffusers that distribute the fragrance as nanoparticles, so there is no worry about buildup in the air or anywhere else.

Diffusers vs. Whole-House HVAC Diffusers

When you walk into a hotel or a big store, is the smell the first thing you notice? Have you ever loved visiting a specific building because of its smell? The chances are good that if you have experienced this, you have encountered a commercial scent diffuser. Whole Home Scenting aims to make whole home fragrance diffuser systems easily available for homeowners and residents like you.

If you have heard anything about oil diffusers before, you may first envision a diffuser as a small decorative device that shoots a steady stream of mist into the air. This kind of device is generally limited to scenting a single room, so what if you actually want to spread the fragrance through the rest of your home? That is when you need a whole-house HVAC diffuser.

A high-quality whole-house diffuser, such as those offered at Whole Home Scenting, hook up directly to your HVAC outflow. By diffusing the attached oil into the outflow, your scent of choice can reach every room of your house connected to the vent. You no longer have to worry about which warmers or plug-ins need a refill; connect your fragrance bottle of choice to our diffuser and let it go. You shouldn’t need to switch out the bottle for 30 to 60 days, depending on your settings.

Diffusers To Choose

When looking for a quality diffuser, you need to keep in mind the following:

  • How far can it reach: Where does the diffuser go, and what is its range like? If you want your diffuser to reach every room in your house, it needs to be an HVAC diffuser and not a single machine sitting in only one room. HVAC diffusers are great for spreading the same fragrance throughout your home; you may use a single room diffuser in each room if you would rather every room smell different.
  • How it diffuses the oil: A wet diffuser is a humidifier, which essentially disperses the oil as a fine mist of water droplets. While some individuals benefit from humidified air, it may not be enjoyable to others. If humidifying your home is out of the question, look for a dry diffuser.
  • How long it lasts: How big is the diffuser, and how often do you need to change the fragrance product? The longer you can set it and forget it, the better. However, you also want your diffuser easily accessible so you can change the fragrance when you’re ready for a new scent. Most plug-in diffusers last only a couple of weeks to maybe a month, depending on settings. Whole Home Scenting’s diffusers can last up to twice as long as the longer-lasting plug-ins and warmers.
  • How it’s made: If where a product is made is important to you, then you should find out. What are the ingredients and materials that go into the manufacturing process? What chemicals are in the oil you’re using? Whole Home Scenting uses partners and materials so that our fragrances are made in the USA. Our oils are also pet and family safe, free of parabens and phthalates, gluten-free, vegan, and IFRA compliant. We also use a variety of synthetic and organic natural ingredients.

If you go the route of an HVAC diffuser, make sure you hook it up correctly and not damage your vents. Whole Home Scenting’s diffusers are designed to connect to your HVAC’s outflow and should not cause buildup or other issues in your vents.

Best Service From Whole Home Scenting

The team at Whole Home Scenting has made turning your home into a pleasant smelling paradise easy. Our whole home diffusers are simple to install and don’t require hiring a professional. Our wide selection of oils will easily keep your home smelling fresh for years to come. Check out our products today and contact us online or over the phone at 855-723-6863 with any of your questions.

Photo credit: Vie Studio (eucalyptus), Pixabay (peppermint leaves)
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